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Interview with Colette Chrétien of La Fille Colette

Our team sat down with Colette Chrétien the founder and designer of La Fille Colette, a Boston based fashion brand. La Fille Colette is very proud to be made in the United States and prioritizes socially and environmentally responsible practices. We obviously had many questions related to their beginnings, the inspiration behind the brand and their […]

Canada Day Outfits

Happy Canada Day! Luevo works with designers from around the globe, but not many of you may know that we are in fact a Canadian company. Our offices are in the trendy Toronto neighborhood of Liberty Village and we were born from the ideas of two Canadian entrepreneurs. Being Canadian does come with some advantages: […]

How to win a business competition

Our team is just settling into a brand new office in Liberty Village, Toronto. How did we get here? A week ago we spent our last day at Digital Media Zone and on Saturday we were participating at a demo competition at Regus offices in Liberty Village. We won the first prize ( 6 months free […]

John Oliver’s take on fast fashion

Just a few days ago, John Oliver talked about fast fashion brands like Joe Fresh and the Gap on his show. He called out these giant retailers and brands on their lack of supply chain management and for using child labour in their overseas factories. People take one of two stands on this issue: either they condemn […]

Fashion Branding – the case of Patagonia (part 1)

What is branding? Branding is creating a unique name and image for a product or range of products in the consumers’ mind. Branding focuses on influencing the perception of customers as an image or impression is built in the mind of customers. The idea of branding came up when the product itself was not enough in the midst […]

Spreading the love with EVOLI’s Jahi Fitzgerald

When you ask emerging fashion designers about the start of their careers, their stories are very similar.  They range from getting an early start during youth to being discovered after pursuing a fashion design education.  During this interview, I want to share a different story.   I want to introduce to Jahi’ Fitzgerald of the label […]

Step into Spring: 2015 Footwear trends

Spring has sprung and with it comes a set of trends specifically those in footwear. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out or just need a little refresher I am here to help. Check out my rundown & some options on how you can make them your own. Let’s get started. Flats Now […]

Getting to know fashion designer Elizabeth Castellon

As a designer of both womenswear and menswear which do you find to be more challenging? Elizabeth Castellon: I find menswear to be more of a challenge, because there’s only so much you can design in menswear compared to womenswear. I think in womenswear you have more freedom to explore. With menswear you are limited, […]

Finding manufacturers for your clothing line (part 1)

As a designer you cannot create your label without going through the process of production. Set aside the fun part (the designing part of course!) and think seriously about production. You can have a concept, a design, a brand, but ultimately your success is based on one thing: the product itself. In this two part article I am going to […]