Toronto Fashion Events

Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in North America, and has gained a reputation for being one of the most liveable cities in the world. Aside from the high real estate prices, Torontonians enjoy their city’s arts & cultural scene, including an emerging fashion movement.

Toronto has an official “fashion week” twice a year, sponsored by World MasterCard and it is part of the IMG conglomerate, but more importantly the city holds events throughout the year supported by different local organizations, that in return support local talent. I couldn’t find an official fashion calendar for Toronto, so I put together what I thought were the important upcoming fashion events this Spring/Summer, and if you know of any others, let us know!

Fashion Art Toronto is an annual event that each year focuses on a different theme and celebrates the expression of art through fashion, photography, fashion film and art installations. This year the 5 day event is once again held at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St East) and $40 gets you a full day of events.

This year, from April 21st to 25th, 100 artists will explore the #MADEINCANADA theme in one of the 5 sub-themes, with a different theme being presented each night: Great Wild, Cold North, Group of Seven, Northern Lights and Global Village.


Keeping in line of the made in Canada theme, Inland takes place May 2nd to May 3rd at  the hip 99 Sudbury location in Liberty Village. The 2 day event takes place twice a year and it is basically a pop-up event for Canadian emerging fashion talent. The location offers a very fun, relaxed shopping experience, and with 80 designers showcasing from clothes to jewellery and shoes, there is something for everyone!

Inland is the perfect platform for local designers. It is much more affordable and inclusive than a traditional fashion week and it allows for a personal interaction between designers, consumers and retail buyers.  Tickets are sold at the door for $5, see you there!


In Toronto there are also many fashion design schools, one of them is part of George Brown College where I have the honour to teach Social Media for Fashion Marketing. This end of year’s fashion show is held at the schools’ waterfront campus (can’t wait to see it – wonderful architecture!) on April 21st. I’ll probably meet a lot of my previous students and I look forward seeing our local aspiring fashion talent showcase. Tickets are free and you can get them on Eventbrite.

If you are in the mood for an elegant evening spent with everyone’s who’s someone in the Toronto Fashion industry, then you must attend this year’s #FajoSocial Spring event held in the heart of the city on May 12th. There will be local vendors, music, cocktails, crazy outfits, swag bags, an auction and so much more!

The list couldn’t have been complete without the New Labels Show organized by the Toronto Fashion Incubator. While the general admission tickets are all sold out, if you have deep pockets you can indulge in the VIP experience with a premier ticket for $175. Year after year, this Spring event has showcased some of the country’s best talent, and on May 4th you are invited at the prestigious One King West location for cocktails and fashion.

Finally, I’d love to mention an event that we are supporting, the MSH District‘s first hackathon. The MSH District is a space dedicated to the development and launch of new ideas and products made of fabric. The hackathon is a three day event from April 16th to the 19th and I look forward mentoring the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs through this much needed new venture.

This article was written by our co-founder Ana Caracaleanu.




3 memorable moments form the 87th Oscars

I personally really enjoyed the Oscars last night. For starters, I was finally on the same time-zone as the celebrations, so I didn’t have to wait till the AM hours to learn which movie won the big award. Then, there were the speeches. These guys have a whole lot of influence and even if TV viewers were less engaged than last year (12% less viewership). tens of millions watched  and millions took their reactions to social media.

Here are some of the highlights from the 87th Oscar awards that captivated most of us:

1. “Call your parents. Don’t text them” – JK Simmons, award winner for an actor in a supporting role (Whiplash). This was his message and the first speech of the evening. My takeaway from this is that no matter what industry you are in and  no matter how hard you work – don’t forget your loved ones, because they are the ones you go home to.

jk simmons

graham moore

2. “Stay weird”- Graham Moore, best adapted screenplay for “The Imitation Game”. I hope his message will resonate with everyone that feels like an outsider; Choose to be different than standard.



3. Women equality- Patricia Arquette, award winner of best supporting actresses for “Boyhood” Gender inequality is a hot topic from Hollywood to the suburbs of Detroit and Delhi. We must acknowledge that these issues take place in our backyard too, not only in third world countries and we can’t be ignored.

patricia arquette

And there was more. There were speeches that talked about suicide, Alzheimer’s, and politics. And then there were the crazy outfits and personalities from Lady Gaga’s rubber gloves to Travolta’s creepiness. Like I said, the viewership may have been lower this year, but the messages were strong and the show was entertaining. Let’s not forget the red carpet and the beautiful dresses that dazzled everyone, which one was your favorite?


This article was written by our co-founder Ana Cara, marketing consultant and social media professor. The red carpet images are courtesy of

Best American Fashion Weeks for Emerging Designers (part 2)

Fashion weeks are happening across the globe. If this year’s events haven’t already commenced then the final steps are being set in motion.  Turning to America you have traditional fashion weeks like NYFW, Miami Fashion Week and many more that captivate fashion lovers.  Presenting your collection at any of these events is the dream and goal for many designers. It means that you have made it after all your hard work not only to yourself, but also to the fashion world.

Let’s have a look at some of my top picks for fashion week events in the U.S. that actually support emerging fashion designers. In my previous post I highlighted Fashion Week San Diego and DC Fashion Week. I am moving  further up  the East Coast to Brooklyn.  I had the chance to talk with Colleen Armstrong, Media Director of Fashion Week Brooklyn.

FW Brooklyn: When asked about their origin

Photo courtesy of Fashion Week Brooklyn©

Photo courtesy of Fashion Week Brooklyn©

“Our event, formerly called Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, and now known as Fashion Week Brooklyn, launched on May 10, 2006. The event was created to support and launch emerging designers, while showcasing Brooklyn as a creative borough and ultimately as a fashion destination. Our next Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection show begins April 16-19, 2015.”

Photo courtesy of Fashion Week Brooklyn ©

Claire Consigny SS 2015 Highlight-002 Photo courtesy of Fashion Week Brooklyn ©

FW Brooklyn: Greatest challenge facing emerging designers and brands

“Many of our emerging designers are based abroad. One of the main challenges they face is finding a platform to showcase their work to press and media, so that they can gain a public following and pique the interest of buyers and potential investors.”

FW Brooklyn: Success of a designer that was launched on your platform

“There are several designers that have launched with our platform. One designer that comes to mind is Laurel Dewitt. She designs Laurel Luxe custom metal couture pieces for artists and celebrities including Will.I.Am and Lady Gaga.”

You can find more about Fashion Week Brooklyn at their website . They are also can be found via social media at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Lastly, I went down to my own region of the country the South. Erin Bradley is Director of Business Development of Fashion X and Editor of Fashion X Austin.

Fashion X Austin: When asked about their origin

Photo courtesy of Fashion X Austin ©

Photo courtesy of Fashion X Austin ©

“Fashion X founder/CEO Matt Swinney introduced Austin Fashion Week in 2009 and it has been recognized as one of the top fashion events in the South. Over the course of the past five years, Austin Fashion Week has provided a platform for independent designers to show their work to the general public, consumers, buyers and media.”

Fashion X Austin: Greatest challenge facing emerging designers and brands

“When launching a label, it is often difficult for emerging designers to act as the creative, managing design and production, while also having to build a cohesive brand with marketing and sales. Limited resources may not only mean limited dollars but also a small team or in some cases a team of one. Budget is constantly a concern and the cost of showing at a major fashion week like New York Fashion Week or attending national markets and tradeshows is often out of reach. This makes it extremely difficult for emerging designers to connect with retail buyers, which means most of these designers sell directly to the end consumer through their websites. ”


Fashion X Austin: Success of a designer that was launched on your platform

Mysterious NPN photo courtesy of Fashion X Austin ©

Mysterious NPN
photo courtesy of Fashion X Austin ©

“It has been a joy to watch Austin-based designer Isabella Rose Taylor flourish over the past few years. She presented her very first runway show at just 12 years old during Austin Fashion Week in 2013. We put her brand front and center with local and regional media and helped build her early consumer base. Since then, she earned a Rising Star Award at the Austin Fashion Awards, headlined Fashion X Dallas and showed at New York Fashion Week this past September. Her Fall 2014 collection was picked up by Nordstrom and She was recently named as Dreamer on The List of People Shaping Retail’s Future by the National Retail Federation and included in Latina Magazine’s 30 Under 30.”

You can find Fashion X Austin at their website, and on the following social media websites: Facebook (FashionXAustin), Twitter,(fashionxaustin) & Instagram (fashionxaustin).


There you have it. Here a just some of the American Fashion Weeks that you should check it out especially if you are an emerging designer. With any chance you found some fashion weeks to add to your lists while finding some helpful information in the process.

This article was written by our guest blogger Tamarah Brown. You can follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.

The Grammy’s 2015 – Best Dressed on the Red Carpet

Yesterday was Grammy Sunday, when, for a few hours, some of you may have paused from whatever you’d  otherwise do and drooled all over your TV set to watch some of the best musicians perform all at once. I must say, that’s the number 1 reason why I watch the Grammy Awards. My  favourite performers this year were Sia, Annie Lennox (an oldie but goodie!!) and  the duet between Mary J. Blige and Sam Smith.

But the second reason for watching any of these kind of award ceremonies is to see the gowns and crazy outfits that the rich and famous choose to wear on the red carpet. And with such an artistic crowd, it was more about being outrageous than glamorous, but nevertheless here are my top topics:

Ariana Grande walked the red carpet in a beautiful white and silver Versace dress. What do you guys think?



How about the adorable Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace?  The jumper was basically built for her body and everyone loved it!


Miss Kelly Osbourne showed up in a long black gown designed by Christian Siriano. Maybe not my favorite , but kudos to supporting the younger generation of fashion designers!


The Sweet Taylor Swift graced the red carpet in a high low teal Elie Saab. She is definitely my number one pick for her choice of an elegant yet sexy red carpet outfit.



Here is a slideshow of all of our choices from last night’s red carpet event. All images are courtesy of Vogue.


The Best American Fashion Weeks for Emerging Designers (part1)

We are all familiar with New York, Paris, London, Berlin as cities hosting the most influential fashion week events featuring the biggest names in fashion . But how about the emerging fashion designers?  Are there fashion weeks that cater to and are beneficial to them?   The answers to those questions is yes.   I contacted four distinct fashion weeks in the US who are actually accomplishing those very things.  Each representative I spoke to informed me of ways they are making sure emerging designers not only receive exposure, but also provide a platform and support.

I will start with the West Coast and Fashion Week San Diego. Samantha DeWarf is the Assistant Director of Fashion Week San Diego. We discussed more about FWSD and how it is doing its part when it comes to emerging designers.   Here is a portion of what she had to say.

  FWSD: When asked about their origin

“Fashion Week San Diego ® was founded by Director, Allison Andrews. In 2007 she created Fashion Week San Diego to highlight and showcase emerging designers from around the world. ”

Photo courtesy of Fashion Week San Diego ©

Photo courtesy of Fashion Week San Diego ©

FWSD: Greatest challenge facing emerging designers and brands

When asked about the challenges that emerging designers potentially may face Samantha states they may not have the proper resources or funding to take their brand to the next level (whatever that may mean to them – to the emerging designers).

“This is where FWSD comes into play. We want to assist them in growing their brand, and giving them the network and knowledge to do so. ”

           FWSD: Success of a designer that was launched on your platform

Photo courtesy of Fashion Week San Diego©

Dos Caras Swimwear Photo courtesy of Fashion Week San Diego©

“FWSD couldn’t be more proud of our many designer success stories, but if we had to pick one, it would probably be Yuwei Designs. Yuwei launched her first ever jewelry line at FWSD 2013, and then immediately following the FWSD 13 Runway Shows, she was picked up by Fred Segal Santa Monica and The Golden Door (Oprah’s favorite salon.) Now she has been featured in countless magazines, and is really making her dreams a reality. Jessica Faulkner is also another top condenser and has been featured in People Magazine and many other top national publications.”

To find out more about Fashion Week San Diego and stay up-to- date you can find them at their website. You can also find them on Facebook at FashionWeekSD,Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Switching over to the East Coast I spoke with Ean Williams, Executive Director of DC Fashion Week. When asked to discuss this topic he had this to say:

            DCFW: When asked about their origin

 “A partnership of independent fashion designers, producers and models, DCFASHIONWEEK was created to increase economic development in the area of fashion design, clothing merchandising and modeling, and to enhance the visibility of the nation’s capital as a center of international fashion. District of Columbia Mayor Anthony Williams issued September 3, 2004, an official proclamation from his Policy and Current Events office, proclaiming September 10-19, 2004, to be “DCFASHIONWEEK” in the District of Columbia.”

DCFW: Greatest challenge facing emerging designers and brands

“Emerging designers biggest challengers are budgets, establishing a brick and mortar business and attracting visitors to online retail store.  Fortunately ecommerce companies such as Luevo can assist emerging designers secure a more attainable path to a lucrative direct to consumer retail channel. Online sales are at an all time high for most consumer goods, so establishing an online business is a lifeline for new brands.”

Photo courtesy of DC Fashion Week ©

Photo courtesy of DC Fashion Week ©


  DCFW: Success of a designer that was launched on your platform

Photo courtesy of DC Fashion Week ©

Photo courtesy of DC Fashion Week ©

“A group of designers met at DC Fashion Week and established DC’s first designer showroom. Another talent was featured at fashion week and opened its first retail location at the National Harbour.  Other designers have used this platform to convert their part time hobby to a full-time career position.”

You can find out more about DC Fashion Week at their website , Twitter Facebook.

These were just two of my top picks for American Fashion Weeks that support and launch emerging designers. Stay tuned, and later in the week I will unveil my other 2 choices!

This article was written by our guest blogger Tamarah. You can follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.

CAFA 2015: The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards

The CAFA Awards were created to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievement and emerging talent in Canadian fashion design. CAFA’s purpose is to encourage the economic development of the Canadian fashion industry and support Canadian cultural independence.CAFA 2015

The belief that the culture of a nation is reflected through the manner in which people express themselves is what CAFA represents. Fashion is one of the visible and collectively accessible means of self-expression which should be applauded when it’s excellence shines through.

This year, the Second Annual CAFA Awards took place on January 31st at the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto. The awards were hosted by Editor in Chief and Executive Creative Officer of Yahoo Style, Joe Zee, who is also this year’s 2015 Vanguard Honouree.

What Was New for CAFA 2015?

This year’s awards proved to be bigger, better, and more glamorous than the year before, which gives great insight into how much it will blossom and grow in the years to come. A major difference between the 2014 and 2015 awards is the partnerships surrounding the various awards which certainly adds a level of excellence and pride to each award.  The different partnerships include:

The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Fashion

The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Accessories

The Sephora Image Maker Award

The Hudson’s Bay International Canadian Designer of the Year award

The Yorkdale Stylist of the Year Award

Another new element of the CAFA organization in 2015 is the mentorship program for the Emerging Designer award winners. The mentorship program supports the CAFA mission of encouraging economic development and creating a stronger appreciation for Canadian fashion by supporting emerging designers in the development of their brands on an international scale.

CAFA 2015

Fund Founder and CAFA Co-Founder Kucynski says that,

“Giving designers publicity and recognition is equally as important as giving them the growth capital to compete globally, our long-term goal is to help foster the next generation of Canadian, international designers”

The panel, who will donate their expertise and services to the up-and-coming Canadian talent, include: Amir El-Nesr, founder and president of Marketspace; Byron and Dexter Peart, co-founders and designers of WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie; Jan Kaplan, owner/president of Mendocino and M; Kathryn From, former president and CEO, Bravado Designs and independent investor and advisor; Natasha Koifman, president of NKPR; Tyler Udall, director at Blanche MacDonald and internationally recognized artist and photographer.

“We need to raise awareness for our Canadian talent nationally and internationally. The mentors are donating their time and expertise to emerging designers that may otherwise not have access to these professional services and consultants.”

– Vicky Milner, Managing Director of CAFA

CAFA is an excellent appreciation for Canadian Fashion and all of those who have a passion and love for it.  It shows that fashion is more than just clothes, accessories, makeup, etc.  It is art, it is creation, it is self expression.  With the many more years to come, CAFA will do great things for the Canadian Fashion industry.

Some of this year’s winners include:

  • The Womenswear Designer of the Year Award: Mikhael Kale
  • The Menswear Designer of the Year Award: Philippe Dubuc
  • The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent, Fashion: Sid Neigum
  • The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent, Accessories: Beaufille
  • The Accessory Designer of the Year Award: Jerome C. Rousseau
  • The Hudson’s Bay International Canadian Designer of the Year Award: Erdem

This article was written by our guest blogger Angie, you can follow her on Twitter @Unngie. All images are courtesy of CAFA and BestOfToronto.

We take you to Toronto Fashion Week S/S15

Last week Toronto was buzzing with the sound of thousands of fashionistas and the click clack of fabulous stilettos could be heard around every corner. Toronto Fashion Week ( or World Master Card Fashion Week as it is officially known) took place last week where many Canadian designers showcased the best of their work. All of the designers brought their own style and story to their pieces while setting the trends for the upcoming spring season. They all gave us something to look forward to while we endure another blistering winter! These flowy and romantic pieces added a new level of sophistication that we can all hope to achieve for spring. Some key designers were highlighted for their excellent use of colour, patterns, and overall themes that truly encompassed the key trends for the warmer months we are already yearning for. Here are just a few below…

Hilary Macmillan

Toronto based designer Hilary Macmillan’s classic use of lady like silhouettes really hit it off at fashion week. Her use of a more romantic and loose look nods to the bohemian trend we can’t expect in Spring. Flowing garments that are both comfortable and sophisticated allow the wearer to exude an effortless type of style. The clothes literally speak for themselves. Another trend that was very prevalent at fashion week was the use of colour blocking and mixing and matching. Bold colours and patterns paired together to create looks that had great depth and dimension allows the wearer to keep it classy while still being fashion forward.


hilary mcmillan 1

hilary mcmillan


Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser’s collection is all about the fun and flirty while still having an edge. She eluded to the cropped midriff showing trend that has come around and it looks like it’s here to stay. The midriff bearing clothes can be a bit daunting but Hayley’s use of the subtle flash that nods to the cropped trend makes it much more wearable. Again we see the mixing of patterns where one must find a unifying theme among two different patterns to create a solid look. Hayley did this beautifully.



Christopher Bates

Men’s fashion is certainly coming a long way and with designers like Christopher Bates producing such wearable adaptable clothing, our boys can step it up! Christopher’s collection has a modern take on safari and we see a new colour palette for him with the use of sand coloured tones, khaki and off white. Christopher was inspired by the movie “The English Patient” and he was so moved by that palette and interpreted it into this collections. Also big thing for spring is the more formal wearable shorts for men. Much for tailored for all occasions.


christopher bates 1

Elan Castor

Leah Antoinette’s dreamy and romantic collection named “Regeneration” was a breath of fresh air indeed. The feeling of renewal and freshness was definitely present in this collection. Her use of a lush palette of fuchsias, turquoises and deep purples along with intricate knits nodded to the bohemian trend once again. This collection is very laid back, cool, and effortless. The knits in her collection were inspired by her grandmother who taught her to knit and the deep appreciation could definitely be seen in every thread. The collection also nods to the nautical trend. Stripes come and go, but according to this collection they will never be more relevant than now!

elan n castor

elan n castor 1

Matthew Ghallager

To me, Matthew Ghallager was the star of the show. With his feminine, sophisticated silhouettes and clothing that fit beautifully, really compliments a woman’s silhouette. His use of a pastel colour palette can be described as nothing but pretty, soft, and beautiful. I know I was not the only one who was left speechless by the truly beautiful pieces he had to offer.

matthew ghallgher

matthew ghallagher


This Article was written by Angie.  Follow her on twitter @Unngie

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Fashion Saturday at World Mastercard Fashion Week Toronto

This past Saturday we were at World Mastercard Fashion Week Toronto for their final day ‘Fashion Saturday”. Between the runway shows, beauty giveaways, and the incredible fashion available for purchase at the designer market place, the entire day was nothing short of fun and fashionable!


The afternoon started with indulging in glamorous fashion displays, beauty trials and prizes. One of the popular displays was designer Sid Neigum’s take on the classic Minnie Mouse fashion. Models lined the mini-runway in dark neutral tones with pops of bright red. They were beautiful designs that are completely practical for everyday wear!


The first of the runway shows we watched had a panel of stylists, hair and make-up artists. These gave the audience professional insight on the styles being shown and how the audience can work them into their wardrobe or daily look.

Stylist tip: for S/S ’15 look forward to mixing patterns, subtle mid-drift and bohemian inspired fashion!


Designer: Hilary Macmillan


Designer: Christopher Bates

The second show, was the WMCFW Highlight Runway Show that featured designers such as Brit Wacher, Klaxon Howl, Rachel Sin and Narces



We ended off our WMCFW experience by checking out the designer marketplace where you have the chance to shop the runway looks and meet the designers! Overall it was an incredible day of fashion and beauty! Stay tuned to read our full Toronto Fashion Week recap coming soon!

A journey to Fashion Week San Diego

It all started on September 29th, 2014; Fashion Week San Diego was about to commence. It kicked off with a private event for the Designers and Sponsors at Rappongi in La Jolla. Loads of delicious Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, and of course tons of fashionable people. Of the hosts of people, I was able to meet the FWSD founder, Allison Andrews. She’s got to be one of the sweetest individuals I’ve ever met. I see why fashion week in San Diego has grown so much, she’s a powerhouse!


The first official night of FW, the focal point of the show was hair, makeup, and nails. We were able to see what trends would come about for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. My favorite part of the show was the <em>Ah Couture</em> segment of the Bellis Academy show. I love to see art come alive and it was amazing to see how it was portrayed through hair. Another really cool part was when the able jus professional team came out and did the models’ hair, live! It was sort of like Hunger Games: Fashion Week Style. I got a little hairspray shower, but I didn’t mind, it was a good show. 


On the second day, there was an overload of cuteness on the runway. First, Jessica Lynn showed her tot collection and had kid’s with larger-than-life personalities walking in her designs. Soon after, the annual <em>Haute Dog</em> show took place. So many cute dogs up for adoption strutting their stuff. It was a nice show for a good cause. My favorite show was Responsive Textiles. I loved the knit bottoms; they had sort of a resort feel.  There was this floor length skirt that was floor length with a high slit. I literally wanted to take it off of the model at that very moment and wear it home. I knew I wasn’t alone with that notion because everyone around me gushed at how cute it was. 



*sings* On the third day of fashion week my true love gave to me… swimwear from Laced with B! Southern California designers were in the spotlight as this entire night was dedicated to them. Laced with an showed up and showed out with her sexy swimwear line. She featured one print and played around with the placement of the bikini straps. Sure we’d all have killer tan lines, but who cares because the bikinis were HOT! S. Mckeller, the luggage designer, had everyone in awe of his creations. The quality oozed luxury and style. There were no huge logos all over the bags which is great for a subtle, and classy luxe look. 

The 4th night of FWSD was all about elegance and sophistication. Everyone dressed up and wore their sparkling gems and it was divine! The collection that really caught my eye was Alpaca couture. The pieces were so well made. The dresses flowed beautifully and some of the pieces has some avant garde aspects to them which incorporated the artsy factor of fashion into their show.




On the final day of the runway shows, everyone seemed to have made their fashion week friends and we all had a marvelous time. We closed the week with 9 designer shows and partied on the runway while over looking the harbor. It was quite a sight.

I had so much fun the entire week. I can’t wait to make my designer purchases, because between you and I, I’m a shopaholic and I need my fashion fix! Well, until next time!

Article written by Kat Blanca, a guest blogger that blogs about fashion on her personal blog Katblanca be sure to follow her Twitter at @Katblanca.  Designer pieces from Fashion Week San Diego are available now for pre-order at Luevo.

Memoires from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is taking the backseat now that London Fashion Week stole its spotlight. But the memories of the designers, runway shows and everything in between still stay on. This season I attended three different events to show our support to the designers launching on Luevo and as a guest at two more.

The first show I attended was that of Isabelle Donola, Project Runway – Under the Gunn – alumni. Donola put on a very intimate event at the Museum of Biblical Arts in New York, only a couple of blocks away from the buzz at Lincoln Theater. The whole event was set as a private party, all guests being showered with giftbags worth $300 and indulging on sushi treats and wine. A different take than your usual New York Fashion Week runway show, but it seemed to me that guests enjoyed it more for the personal touch.isabelledonola2

The collection “Face-less”, accentuated the human androgenicity and bare beauty of the body. Complex cuts created structured A lines and high-low garments. Most of the fabrics used are 100% recycled and they are imported from Italy. I was excited to see this show as Isabelle launched her pre-ordering campaign with us and that she decided to give Luevo customers 25% off retail prices. Check out her collection here.

Isabelle Donola NYC

The next day I found myself at the Marquee Club in New York to support To-Tam and To-Nya the beautiful creators of the Sachika Twins line. After I made sure to welcome guests and provide them with our #shoptherunway fliers I found the perfect spot to watch the runway show, next to the photographers. The show was magical, and I must say the opening on Lana Del Ray’s “Once Upon a Dream” gave me goose bumps.
The collection was predominant by the colours purple and green, matched with gold and silver sparkle. If you didn’t know, the twins grew up in Canada, and while they’ve established their brand in New York and LA, they are returning this fall with their first brick and mortar store in Montreal. But until then, if you want one of their Spring/Summer runway pieces you are going to have to pre-order them here.




Early next day I went to the Metropolitan West, a new venue on 46th Street: on the main level the organizers at Style360 set-up vendor booths from beauty products to fashion. I went there to meet with the founder of FTL Moda and see their designers’ shows. One of their designers, Leghilà, was showcasing their current and latest collection. Their handbags are made from neoprene and they are 100% washable, so if you get a wine stain on one of them, no problem, throw it in the washing machine! Besides the obvious benefit of owning one of these bags, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were and if you love colors like me, well, they have endless color combinations!


Leghilà together with Piccardi Jewels accessorized the models for the runway shows that took place upstairs. The show was started by the Italian label Fri:Haend, a cool, modern take on your common t-shirt. But there was nothing common about these designs, from the colors used to the combination of modern with retro created, if it were possible, new t-shirt designs! I’ll let you decide which one is your favorite, and if you want a full selection, check out their product line-up here.

And to match this crazy variety, De Bottis Sartoria provided the shoes. The colors and the shapes reminded me of Armani, and when I saw them in person I realized that the quality as well is right up there with the heavyweights. So for the guys shopping online, we haven’t forgotten about you, take your time to browse this large selection of shoes.




Gianni Tolentino may sound familiar as it is recognized as one of the best couture labels in Italy at this moment. Gianni dressed Italian celebrities and worked for Shön, Dior, Pucci in the past. But what is more amazing is that he is making his unique creations available to fashionistas world-wide, and if you’d like to see his full collection check it out here.


Finally but not lastly, Jaime Elyse put on a show for brides to be, and well, any woman in the room pretty much. Even if you don’t have plans to marry any time soon, you should check out this brand. Based out of Los Angeles, Jaime creations are so unique and elegant, that you might consider wearing one of her dresses at the Opera. But, you may not have to choose a wedding gown for that, Jaime has a couple of party dresses/bridesmaid dresses that might steal your heart instead.

View More:

On the very last day of New York Fashion Week I attended 2 more shows: Dorin Negrau’s debut at NYFW and the closing events of Art Hearts Fashion. But I’ll walk you through those two in my next post, meanwhile check out our NYFW designers here.