City Style Profile: Toronto

I couldn’t help but notice the unique styles of individual Torontonians, in the downtown area especially. Toronto is known for its fluctuating weather so of course it becomes a challenge to look good and stay warm at the same time. Often, there are many people wearing the same basic apparel simply because they’ve given up on Toronto style but here, I hope to highlight some of the ones doing it right.

Of course, we all have to dress according to the weather but today I bring you three Toronto-based fashion bloggers with great style tips for remaining fashionable in this great but unpredictable city I call home.

Suburban Faux-Pas

We love Krystin Lee’s way of surviving the Toronto weather, “In the winter months, you’ll find a fashion emergency kit in my car which contains Hunter boots for the snow, an embellished toque, gloves and tinted chopstick for the cold!” She recommends a Mackage winter jacket to stay chic and cozy this winter and admires the unique culture of the city, in all aspects.

“With cooler temps dominating most of our year, you’re forced to layer in ways you never thought possible to stay warm but also make your own personal statement.”

Fashion Blogger Toronto Style


Sasha’s Satisfashion 

Sasha Xiao is always looking for new ways to stay warm and fashionable so she recommends a nice pair of over-the-knee boots since they can be incorporated into many different outfits. She understands Torontonians’ reliance on comfy and conservative clothing but she favors layering and has fun with it because it frees you to take something on or off accordingly.

“The fashion industry [in Toronto] is not crowded just yet, so we still have a chance to build something amazing here.”

Fashion Blogger Toronto Style



Stefania Yarhi says we’ve made some progress in terms of fashion sense. “I mean the downtown kids really bring it and there are so many talented people with amazing creative eyes and style.” She has many favourite designs to shop like Ewanika and Pink Tartan but wants to remind us that Toronto is home to many amazing vintage stores like Life of Manek and The Cat’s Meow , as well.

“Embrace the changes! Canadians are so adept at layering, in a day it’s not uncommon to have several different types of weather and you just learn to roll with it.”

Fashion Blogger Toronto Style


Do you have any tips for wearing fashionable outfits in Toronto? Let us know at @LuevoFashion!

This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

City Style Profile: San Diego

Beautiful San Diego is filled to the brim with incredibly stylish people. This isn’t to say that everyone has the same style, on the contrary, we find San Diego has a beautiful mix of many styles and here, we explore them!

There’s the art majors who visit the Balboa Park museum in admirably smart attire, the thrill-seekers roaming the Belmont amusement park in comfortable fashions and the everyday fashionistas showing off their OOTDs at different events in the San Diego Convention Centre.

With so many things to see, places to go, people to meet, it’s amazing how Nacole, Paulina and Britt have come up with such trendy, cute, and feminine outfit ideas on their respective blogs.

Rich Skinny Pretty

Nacole Gray is all about featuring real women with style that ranges from casual to lavish. Her blog has that high class, stylish feel that is perfect for anybody in search of a trendy wardrobe. On you can find tons of style interviews with influential managers, high school fashion lovers, inspiring founders, etc. You can also find great beauty, cooking, and shopping tips.

City Style

Rich Skinny Pretty Fashion Blog

“Don’t let the name fool you. Everyday women, everyday style”. – Nacole Gray, founder of RSP

Lil Bits of Chic

For fashion blogger Paulina Mo, what started off as a simple, 9-5 stress erasing hobby ended up becoming her passion. At she has conjured up hundreds of great style related blog posts. This blog thrives on subtle fashions which is all anybody could ask for. Even her gifts guides and giveaways include stunning pieces that anybody can use to spice up their own looks. Paulina is also a contributor and founder of , a compilation of all things stylish.

City Style

Paulina Mo, San Diego Fashion Blogger


Finally, we reach fashion enthusiast, sisters Britt and Gretchen Hackmann. They’ve created to be the one spot for fashion forward people to get all the style, beauty, health, love, and travel tips that they could ever wish for. The girly look and styles that they feature on the blog is perfect for those looking for a sweet feminine wardrobe.

City Style

Britt & Gretchen Hackmann, founders

“Helping gals become prettier, healthier, more stylish babes.” – Hackmann sisters, Nubry founders

Whether you’re visiting San Diego or know the place very well, you’ll surely notice its fashion forward citizens roaming the streets with confidence and class. Take a page from their book and don’t be afraid to be unique, if everyone dressed the same the world would be a much more boring place to be!

This article was written by our co-op student-extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

Irish Fashion Bloggers

Having freshly arrived more than 2 years ago in Dublin, I am proud to consider myself a happy French Dubliner. This new exposure to the Ireland fashion scene led me to discover Irish fashion blogs. This was just one of my first Irish cultural discoveries (in addition to my first pint of Guinness).

What I found was an emerging platform, still trying to define its own identity in the middle of the big French, Italian and Scandinavian famous bloggers. As much as some emerging designers in Ireland are trying to modernize an  Irish Fashion Identity, the bloggers are trying to apply the same dynamic to fashion blogging.

After a year and a half of  living in Dublin, I created Stylindublin, a fashion business consultancy website. In order to understand the market for my website,  I had to thoroughly research Irish bloggers. That’s when I realised that most of those on the Irish Fashion Blogging scene had the same mission: To define a modern Irish Fashion Identity.

In this post, you’ll find 5 blogs shaping the new Irish fashion landscape.

Anoushka Proetta Brandon
Anoushka is a beautiful girl, with a great sense of style. Living in Dublin, she brings an air of elegance to the Irish fashion scene. She inspires readers to mix up basic pieces with a touch of trends to make sure outfits don’t bore you . She seems like a blogger that any girl would aspire to look like.

Anoushka fashion blog

So Sue Me
So Sue Me on the other hand is a typical blog Irish. This is one of the most followed blogs in Ireland and acknowledged as the most influential fashion blog in Ireland. So Sue Me posts a lot about outfits and beauty tips, and how Irish fashion is influencing the celebrities in tabloids.


The Concrete Collar
The Concrete Collar is quite a refreshing blog. A mix between Fashion and Architecture, The Concrete Collar brings a new breath into the Irish fashion blogosphere. Mainly promoting Irish designers, this blog shows outfits in fantastic scenery that presents Irish fashion on a modern and edgy path.


Anna, Polish born and living in Dublin, loves to read and write about fashion. She has a vision that makes her different from the other Irish girls. Anna captures trends, mixes styles, and shares new designers, Anna has a sense of style and brings fun back into the Irish fashion world.


Ellie Jayden
Another innovative blog is Ellie Jayden. This purple haired fashion youngster  is representing fashionable teens in Ireland. She shares her own style, gives advice, and uses fashion to have fun.

The Irish fashion blogging scene is still popular as magazines broadcast trends and these are written about (or copied) onto numerous blogs. This scene is slowly growing: blogs focus on personal style, as Anna from Fashion_stylistka and Ellie Jayden show. Other blogs, such as The Concrete Collar are also showing that Irish fashion is emerging and growing quickly. What readers can be optimistic about is that there’s a lot of efforts by bloggers to improve and build a modern Irish fashion blogosphere.

If you are in Ireland and passionate about fashion, please create a blog to share a style that is your own! Ireland still has space for freshness to shake up the Irish blogosphere. You can create a new, vibrant and modern fashion Irish identity !

This article was written by Alexandra. You can follow her on Twitter.

City Style Profile: Washington, D.C.

Walk down any street in Washington, D.C. and you’ll see a mixing bowl of styles. A buttoned up K Street lawyer, a jogger in workout gear, a fashionista in skyscraping heels and draped dress. With that said, just like the eclectic group of people walking the D.C. streets, bloggers in the city take on a range of styles.

When looking for style inspiration, I often land on D.C. blogger’s sites like A Lacey Perspective, Fashionably Broke and Be Loud Be You. Here’s a bit more about these bloggers and D.C’s city style:

A Lacey Perspective

A Lacey Perspective puts a great spin on the classic “preppy” look that seems to be uniform in the nation’s capital, pairing plaids and neutrals with bright heels and accessories.

Lacey has been around the D.C. fashion blogging for years now. She has a great look, in a matter of a few years she’s gone from long hair to a more edgy short hair cut as of recent and really stands out from the crowd. She brings out the best of and punches up classic styles and adds in some trendy pieces. She writes about items she’s coveting, and documenting her own personal style so others can gain inspiration.

A Lacey Perspective blog

Fashionably Broke

Fashionably Broke is a blog run by a set of sisters. Their style is a lot more edgy, trendier, like they just stepped out of a Nasty Gal or Topshop lookbook. They are the epitome of of-the-moment fashion and they share outfit posts and things they’re promoting. One of the sisters recently traveled to New York Fashion Week where they documented their experiences, which we’re super jealous of.

Fashionably Broke blog

Be Loud Be You

I love Be Loud Be You, I’m really into vintage fashion and this blogger has a great mix of thrifted items, items from ASOS and really unique clothes from indie designers and high-end designers. She also combines intellect with fashion and discusses her thoughts about things happening in her world and combines it with her sense of style.


What’s really exciting about D.C. bloggers is that they’re stepping out from the mold and not the same as other bloggers in other cities. They’re unique in that they have day jobs while working on their personal brand and are stepping out of the stodgy mold D.C. has and pushing to make fashion more important in their city.

This article was written by Kurie. You can follow her on Twitter @KurieFitz

Southern Style: A closer look at the Dallas Fashion scene

The fashion world is constantly expanding especially when it comes to previously undiscovered fashion scenes. The South is doing its part to bring more attention to its own fashion scene.  One place in particular is Dallas, Texas which is gaining more notoriety in the world of fashion. Even the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld stopped by for his traveling fashion show there last December.   One upcoming fashion event to take notice of is Fashion X Dallas.   The three night event will take place November 6-8, showcasing collections from gifted independent and emerging designers from the U.S along with other countries. The event includes eight emerging designer runways and one headlining collection to close the evening taking place on November 6th and 7th.   Dallas also has its share of noteworthy fashion bloggers who are sharing their take on what’s hot in the world of fashion.  Here I am highlighting three Dallas based bloggers who not only have their own significant online presence, but keep readers up to date with the latest fashion happenings in  Dallas and surrounding areas.

So Then They Say
Mary Summers Hafner is the owner of the travel, fashion and lifestyle blog So Then They Say.  Since launching in January 2011 it has developed quite a following on social media (i.e Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).  Originally starting off as a fashion only blog So Then They Say has since incorporated travel and Home Décor. Recently Mary attended the Mulberry opening in Dallas . Summers Hafner offers an interesting balance of her travel finds & fashion in Dallas along with other areas. To find out more about Mary Summers Hafner check out her blog at

Mary  Summer Hafner of Of Then They Say

Oh So Cynthia
Another noteworthy Dallas based blogger to highlight is Cynthia Smoot of the lifestyle blog Oh So Cynthia. Smoot spends her time as a Marketing Strategist, Public Relations networker, Southern Belle and Blogger.    Oh So Cynthia is where you will find the latest events and trendy people in the Dallas area. From food to fashion and things in between if it’s happening in Dallas you will find it on Oh So Cynthia.You can catch Cynthia at upcoming fashion events such as Fashion for a Passion and FGI Night of Stars on November 1st & 14th. You can find Oh So Cynthia at  Oh So Cynthia can also be found on several social media platforms including YouTube!

Dallas Lifestyle Fashion Blogger Cynthia Smoot

Doni Brown
Lastly, Doni Brown has her own blog/website Doni Brown.  In addition to being a fashion blogger Doni is the owner the brand TWEAKED, as well as a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. She also is one of the contributors of on DFW Beauty Guide.  Not only will you find events, fashion news, and tips you will also find a fashion styling section.  Here you will find personal sessions with services offered by Brown such as wardrobe reconstruction, wardrobe maintenance, personal event styling, and group styling.   You can catch Doni at Style Your Life on November 1st.   To keep up with the latest from Doni and her blog check out at .  She can also be found Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus just to name a few.

Doni Brown

Dallas is making sure that the fashion fans and pros alike take notice of what it has to offer when it comes to fashion.  From bloggers, designers, and events Dallas based fashion will receive the recognition that it deserves.  Be sure to check out Fashion X Dallas on November 6-8 and be on the lookout for Mary, Cynthia and Doni.  I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more from the Dallas fashion scene.

This article is written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter @TZB86

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