Amevie – trendy sun care company

Amevie sure sounds like a pretty name, but it packs a lot more meaning than just sounding nice! Amevie comes about from the latin word “amehvi”, meaning “Love Life”. Simply loving life? Sign us up! Amevie serves as a triple whammy in internet resources, as a super fun informative blog offering health tips regarding the sun and UV rays, without getting too medical on us, offering lots of fun inspiration and juicy tips about fashion, and safe fun in the sun. Not only is Amevie a pretty rich source of helpful info, but will very soon also serve as a platform for the company’s own brand of health-conscious sunglasses and sunscreens, which successfully balance health, beauty, and fashion, without sacrificing any of those three essentials.

Amevie is a super handy site to keep saved in your browser bookmarks; their articles are jam-packed with answers to those head-scratching questions about our health and how the sun’s rays work, while being extra accessible, intuitive and comprehensive. Reading the full details about these subjects from the more biology-heavy medical sources is a total bore, feels like school, and sometimes leaves us more confused than before. Browsing through some of their article titles, I noticed the added bonus of tips for travel too. These posts are full of little tricks and hacks to make traveling and keeping your skin, eyes etc. safe during your time abroad. So useful, right?!

Amevie doesn’t pull punches when it comes to busting industry myths about sunscreens and sunglasses, products that are supposed to protect us, but often don’t, despite having pretty demanding price tags. After all, who doesn’t want the knowledge toolkit to know which sunscreen, on a shelf stocked with tons of different brands that are all trying hard to sell, works best and isn’t feeding our skin cells unfriendly chemicals. If you don’t believe us, or are just feeling curious, see for yourself, and if you like what you see, share with your friends and family!

This article was written by Maurice Hriech, a Creative Industries graduate (almost) at Ryerson University with a love for city-living, summer, and organic skin care that keeps his health at the forefront. Hobbies include indoor gardening, film photography, and of course, shopping.

VEENA – A Canadian fashion brand with a mission

Meet Jena Murray – a former intern at the Canadian Space Agency, an Alberta Sports Hall of Fame honoured athlete and fashion designer. Yes, it seems like she’s done it all, but now Jena’s focus is to empower girls to gain self-esteem through the exploration of art.  But let’s see what Jena had to say about her […]

Interview with Colette Chrétien of La Fille Colette

Our team sat down with Colette Chrétien the founder and designer of La Fille Colette, a Boston based fashion brand. La Fille Colette is very proud to be made in the United States and prioritizes socially and environmentally responsible practices. We obviously had many questions related to their beginnings, the inspiration behind the brand and their future plans. Read on if you want to learn more.



Luevo: How did you start your design journey?

CC: I’ve been designing for as long as I can remember. I used to love drawing princess dresses when I was very young. In high school, I started to sew what I was designing, and once I started I couldn’t stop. I felt I had to make an original dress for each big event that was coming up. I generally procrastinated on these projects and remember finishing sewing my Prom dress after friends had started to arrive at my house to take Prom pictures.

Luevo: What is your favourite thing about being a designer? What path would you have followed, had you not become a designer?

CC: My favorite thing about being a designer is getting the opportunity to be doing what I love for a career, and not just as a hobby on the side.  When I was younger, before I fell in love with designing clothes, I wanted to act, so perhaps I would be in New York or LA waitressing and going on auditions. I think I would make a fairly good actor, but a terrible waitress.

Luevo:  What do you think has helped you most with your designing to date?

CC: Being a woman and having the kind of body I am designing for helps me immensely. I think that sometimes male womenswear designers believe women only want fantasy in fashion. Women want a touch of fantasy, but in clothing that they can comfortably sit down in at a desk all day or run to catch the train in.

Luevo:  What obstacles have you had to face and overcome to get where you are today?

CC: The biggest obstacle for me has been starting a business from scratch. I have no formal training or experience in managing a company. When I started, I knew how to design and make dresses, and I have taught myself the rest along the way. Wearing so many hats is challenging, but it is also one of the most rewarding aspects of running a business.

Luevo: What inspirations did you draw on to create your latest collection?

CC: I looked to the works of Victor Vasarely and the op art movement for the graphic, geometric elements and contrasting color combinations.

Luevo: How would you describe your process of inspiration? What do you do to keep your ideas fresh and interesting?

CC: Inspiration strikes me the most when I am lying in bed about to fall asleep. This is the time designs will often come to me fully formed and the best time for me to really think through a design and work out the kinks.

I think for a designer or anyone creating any kind of visual art, it’s important to get out of the house or office as much as possible and be surrounded by new sites. I also love to collect and flip through art and fashion books full of beautiful and inspiring photography

Luevo:  If you could describe your new collection with one word, what would it be and why? What would you say the overall theme of this collection would be?

CC: Versatility. I wanted this collection to be about getting a lot of mileage out of each piece. It was very important to me to design exciting clothes that women really want to wear, while still producing pieces that are easy to wear, and can be worn to a variety of events, and styled in a variety of ways.

Luevo: When will your latest collection be available online?

CC: My Fall/Winter 2015 collection will be available on my website, for pre-order July 15 and for immediate purchase by the end of August.

lafillecolette1 2



If you want to learn more about La Fille Colette, you can visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Designer Behind VIVID Clothing Brand Julia Alimova

As the weather is getting colder, it is great to have a some stylish alternatives like the toques and hats from Vivid Clothing brand  to keep warm. The best part about these is that all of the garments are both high-quality and affordable, while still being ethical by being completely designed and manufactured in Canada. We got the chance to grab an interview with the talented designer behind the brand, Julia Alimova.

Julia graduated with a Bachelor degree in Management and Economics from her city in Ukraine and has always had a interest in graphic design. This knowledge of businesses and passion for design is what helped her get her foot in the fashion industry. When Julia moved to Canada she got the opportunity to pursue her enthusiasm for fashion and created Vivid Clothing. We asked Julia about the inspiration behind her new collection and insight on being a designer.

Vivid Clothing Brand

What inspirations did you draw on to create this collection?

This collection of accessories is inspired by street style, bright colors, patterns and of course nature.


What is the thing that makes all this hard work and effort worth it for you?

The happiest person is the one who loves his/her job and enjoys what he/she is doing in life. For now, I am sewing

all the garments myself; every stitch is placed by me. As a result, I am doing what I really love to do, and

what I get – is absolutely worth this hard work and effort.


What was the turning point in your career that made you say “Yes I’ve finally made it”?

First products under VIVID Clothing brand were T-Shirts and hoodies, designed and screen printed by me.

I think that the turning point was when I actually started to do the whole manufacturing (sewing) myself.

This means, that for now some items will be in limited quantities, but I can control every step of



Vivid Clothing Brand

Vivid Clothing Brand


How would you describe your process of inspiration? What do you do to keep your ideas fresh

and interesting?

I find my inspiration in colors, nature, street art, everything that surrounds me.


If you could describe your new collection with one word, what would it be and why? What would you

say the overall theme of this collection would be?

Practical & Stylish. Catchy. This collection of accessories includes neck warmers, toques and bucket hats.

All of these items are designed for Canadian winters. They are warm, functional and stylish at the same

time. The inner layer of the neck warmers is micro fleece, which is extremely soft and nice to the skin. The

outer layer is stretchable, which allows scarf to fit perfectly for everybody. All seams are hidden.

The bucket hats are made of denim, lined with cotton, which helps to keep warm even in winter.


You can now shop for Vivid Clothing on Luevo, here.

Learn more about the brand and the designer by checking out their Facebook page and Instagram or viewing the Winter 2014/2015 lookbook


Karlene Lindsay Worrell at Connecticut Fashion Week

Last month The 3rd Annual Connecticut Fashion Week took place.   In order to give you a more in depth look on this year’s event I spoke with one of the participants, Karlene Lindsay-Worrell, the designer and owner of Karlene Lindsay Designs. Karlene Lindsay Designs is made for the trendy and classy customers in mind.  Karlene not only showcased her spring 2015 collection, but she is also is one of  CFW partners.  Here’s what she had  to say.

You showcased at this year’s Connecticut Fashion Week. Can you let us know a little more about  your collection?

My collection for Spring 2015 is called “On the Go”.  It is for women that is busy with work life ,but still want to go out and have fun whether at a party, social event, or a wedding.  There is something in my collection for any occasion.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

My inspiration is the tropical island of Jamaica with the blue seas, green grasses and trees. I travel back and forth maybe twice a year and always get inspired there. You can see it in the collection from the green print dress and matching shorts outfit. There are also spring colors of blues for the sea in my formal wear pieces.

Recently, you participated in Plitzs Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week.  Can you tell us a little more about that experience? Did it help prepare you for Connecticut Fashion Week?

Plitzs was a great experience for me. It opened my eyes to things going on in the big shows like NYFW shows. Their show is so organized, but as with any other show or event there are still little changes that take place, especially some models that doesn’t show up at all and you have to replace them with anyone. I had to replace about six of my models due to no call no show with makeup artists and hairstylists, even an intern that was there to assist me in getting the models dressed. Things happen and the show has to move on. I used my experience there to make choices and changes necessary after we had no call no show at Connecticut Fashion Week also. Those were some of our more experienced models too,but overall it was a great show and a great experience for me.

connecticut fashion week


What advice would you give designers presenting in their first fashion week event?  

For designers making sure they are prepared for sudden changes that might take place. You might go to a fitting to fit your models, get everything perfect  thinking your designs will look so great on the models. Then show day comes and models do not show up. You have to grab anyone and put them in the garments just so it can be featured in the show. We have to learn to make it work regardless, because the show must go on.

Not only did you present in Connecticut Fashion Week you are also one of its partners. How does that experience compare to yours as a designer?

As a designer you get models or choose models to wear your pieces through a fitting or on the day of the show.  Then you just dress your models and they go out to present your line after that your day is over. Being a partner is way different, it comes with months of planning, sending out a lot of emails, going out to meetings for locations to host the event, and getting lots of sponsors. It is a lot of pre- planning and rehearsals for the show.  Then  the day of the show comes the big work of getting the backstage area organized and making sure all designers have the correct amount of models with the correct sizes they need. Sometimes there is no call no show, we did have some no calls this fashion week and it create a little disappointment especially with a designer that had not done a big show like fashion week before. The models she fitted did not show up. She was not happy, but the show must go on and others are available to go on too. The day turned out pretty well.


Lastly, what can we expect from next season’s event (Connecticut Fashion Week 2015)?

We plan to earn recognition that we are an official fashion week. We are a large show consisting of several models. We are different than a traditional fashion show, our goal is to increase knowledge of participating in a large venue or format such as bringing in the atmosphere of a trade show or expo.

You can find more about Karlene Lindsay Designs at   Also, you can connect with them on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. & Linkedin.

This article is written by guest writer Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter @TZB86

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Gypsy Rain Collection Debuts at Hawaii Fashion Month

The month of November is a time for style for the island state as it takes on Hawaii Fashion Month. One of the incredibly talented designers showing is Gypsy Rain creator Desirea Aguinaldo. Her newest collection has a series of bohemian chic looks that represent “Desire for Freedom. No limitations. No boundries. No rules”



Along with creating beautiful and unique fashion, Desirea Aguinaldo is devoted to a greater good in her community. As a part of the Aloha Collective, the brand has been a part of a social enterprise that has provided over 1,000 meals to those in need in Hawaii through the “Look Good do Good” project.

“We are proud of the organizations we have partnered with here in Hawaii and globally to uplift the underprivileged to inspire and provide sustainable avenues for them to rise above their current situation and earn a better life for themselves and family. Additionally, I am proud of the empowerment movement we have begun in giving confidence to everyday women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities through our unconventional model searches. We see women turn into butterflies with powerful wings and it’s a beautiful feeling.”


Desirea began her design journey very young, though has more recently perused it as a career. Prior to becoming a fashion designer, Desirea worked with local businesses assisting them through their employee administration work.  She won Hawaii’s young Forty Under overall Business Leader of the Year, but realized that she preferred to have a life full of creativity and design. She paired this passion with the motivation to do good to create Gypsy Rain.

Desirea uses her experiences travelling as her primary source of inspiration for her designs. She also credits the support of her partner and close-knit family to her success and helping her over come obstacles along her way to flourishing into the incredible and inspiring designer she is today.

You will be able to pre-order these beautiful kimonos, straight from Hawaii Fashion Month, check out Desirea and other talented Hawaii Fashion Month designers here.  

Emily Daccarett Prepares for Fashion X Dallas

With an eye for fashion, art, dance, movies and music, Emily Daccarett is able to able to add a unique cultural flare to everything she creates. You can catch Emily, who is showing at this year’s Fashion X Dallas runway show beginning tomorrow, November 6th. Emily will be showcasing her fun, and ‘playful’ Spring/ Summer ’15 “Doll Valley” collection. We had the chance to grab a quick interview with the talented creator, to find out her inspirations and how she evolved into the amazing fashion designer she is today.


What goals have you accomplished that you are most proud of thus far, when it comes to your label?

I think having people recognize my designs without seeing my label first is what I’m most proud of. I don’t like to make my collections repetitive, but there is always something that unites each collection to it’s designer. 
I’m very proud of the recognition I’ve been receiving from my short films. My first fashion short “Je t’ai aime dans le Noir” was recently screened in London for The Smalls Film Festival Selection.

What do you think has helped you most with your designing to date?

The biggest impact on designing I’ve had was being able to study and work in Paris. My style is constantly evolving, but it was in Paris that I defined my design aesthetic.

What obstacles have you had to face and overcome to get where you are today?

I think one of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to overcome has been finding the confidence in myself as a designer. It’s such a big industry with such great talent out there that it’s easy to fall in self-doubt. When starting my brand I knew I had to put aside fear of rejection and just go for it.

What inspirations did you draw on to create this collection? 

I was inspired by the movie “The Valley of the Dolls”. From its whimsical theme by Dionne Warwick to the colors used helped set the tone and mood I wanted to go with for fabric choices. I focused more on Sharon Tate’s character and began to create the story through the collection of the perfect flawless young beauty who appears to have no worries and carries herself that way, all the while harboring deep hidden secretes therefore never being true to herself. The use of darker colors, blacks and sheer fabric reflect on elements of film noir that play a big part in my short film for this collection.

profile image

How would you describe your process of inspiration? What do you do to keep your ideas fresh and interesting?

I draw inspiration from film and music. Sometimes I’m directly inspired by a movie or sometimes it’s an idea, which then I end up linking it with a movie. Once that happens I become somewhat obsessed with the concept and I begin to do research starting with that particular film’s history. I like to know who worked on it and their past projects, while I’m researching it becomes easier to associate different ideas to the initial concept.

I look to the past for inspiration, the 60’s and 70’s are my favorite, but I don’t like to restrict myself to that style. I like to mix different eras and genres together, while making them relevant to today and what women would like to wear.

If you could describe your new collection with one word, what would it be and why? What would you say the overall theme of this collection would be?

My new collection in one word would be “playful”. It’s not overly sexy or girly. It’s feminine, but at the same time there is edge to it. It’s dabs into each one of those characteristics, making the collection very “playful”. It’s a tease!
 The overall theme of this collection is fun and light hearted with it’s use of different floral prints and floral textures.

How did you start your design journey? 

I had always known I wanted to be in fashion, at age nine I would carry a sketchbook of my designs with me everywhere I went. However, it was not until I moved to Paris to study fashion design that I began my evolution as a designer. It was there that I adopted my way of draping and pattern making as well as a different design aesthetic. I developed this love of not only designing a collection, but also directing fashion shows, styling for photoshoots, creating accessories, film, and music.

Emily’s “Doll Valley” collection will be available for pre-order soon after her launch. You can check out her, and other talented Fashion X Dallas design’s pieces here.

Luevo caught up with designer Marcus Andrews


We asked Marcus Andrews, what is his favorite thing about being a designer? He said “seeing people enjoy my product and cherish it in the same way that I do.” We know Marcus’ work is definitely cherished, since many people are recognizing his amazing line called M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection. From professional athletes to everyday people in Marcus’ community, he is creating an amazing momentum and excitement in menswear.

From suits to ties and shoes, M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection has something for you. Just visit Marcus has the amazing talent of creating classic and timeless styles for men. His collection stands by the quote, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” –Gucci

Marcus told Luevo that he stays inspired by knowing that he is building a legacy based on his creativity. We are just thrilled that we get to experience his creativity in creating fine menswear.

808 state Hawaii and fashionable swimwear

Hawaii is a place synonymous with swimwear and warm weather, but the designer of Bikini 808 Hawaii, Lucia Peterson has created a collection that stands out from the multitude of bikinis that fashionistas can choose from. Peterson’s background as a professional body boarder and a lover of water sports has given her the insight needed in making functional, beautiful swimwear.


Lucia Peterson hails from Brazil as a professional body boarder whose major love for water sports made it natural for swimwear to be part of her lifestyle. Her talents in design continued with the passion to see more women like her in the action sports industry, especially in water sports. This passion fueled her to create pieces for athletes and any women that want fashionable pieces to run around the beach in.

Her Spring/Summer 2015 collection shows modern patterns and fits, stemming out of the theme of love. This love includes many things and are embodied in her designs: a love for life, beauty, nature, sport, and fashion. These combine into fun swimwear that inspires women to stay fit and be beautiful on the land and sea. There’s a lot to influence Peterson in the beautiful 808 state of Hawaii and a lot of support for the small grassroots entrepreneur as she continues to improve her designs with the positive feedback she receives. What really makes her collection special is the use of handmade Brazilian and high quality materials.




For Peterson, ‘making it’ is an ongoing process as she oversees a constant evolution and building of her designs. Born in Brazil, the bikini and swimwear is a tradition and essential part of the fashion world. In making fashionable and functional swimwear for extreme conditions, Peterson hopes to help women find active, healthy lifestyles and feel beautiful in them.

Introducing Kenneth Shep of Underground Market Clothing

For Kenneth Shep, the passion for designing clothes started at the age of eleven. More recently, Kenneth has begun turning those designs into tangible fashions fr his line Underground Market Clothing. He draws inspiration for his designs from his love of cultures from all over the world. It’s this interest in international fashion and his sharp imagination that makes Shep’s designs so beautifully unique.

 “Being a designer for me is way to express myself as an artist. It’s my way of getting out my vast range of ideas and emotions. Clothes are my canvas!”

Underground Clothing Market

Like many fashion designers, creating a successful brand didn’t come easily for Shep. Lack of funding, facing homelessness and theft are only some of the many obstacles he faced while starting his line. Constant practice, and a passion for the industry though helped him overcome these obstacles and become the talented, internationally known designer he is today.

 “I create from the heart. Whatever I’m passionate about at the time I use it as fuel to create my next piece or collection.”

Smaller image 1

Smaller image 2

Kenneth impressed Fashion Week Brooklyn guests with his new collection “Kenneth Shep Resort Collection” for the Spring/ Summer ’15 shows. He describes the collection as “revolver” symbolizing how we all evolve, over and over again, constantly reinventing ourselves.

For this collection, Kenneth strived to stay away from the basic black and white, standard fashion that he had been seeing while traveling through London and Paris. Instead, he created a line that played on these trends while still adding his unique flare to each piece.

If you got the chance to see Underground Market Clothing’s new collection, or want to view the collection, click here  to browse the looks and pre-order the fashions straight off the runway!