Apple Watch, the must-have fashion accessory of 2015?

If there ever was a company that knows how to combine fashion and technology, it’s Apple, and the Apple Watch is its latest masterpiece. Smart watches have finally come into their own. Pebble was the first to launch one in 2013, but as revolutionary as it is, it’s far from fashionable. The Android versions were a step forward, but none are the size or style that would find itself at home on a fashionista’s wrist. Watches need to be attractive as a fashion accessory, and Apple really knows how to make technology sexy! Coming in 2 sizes, essentially Women and Men sizing, couples will be able to get his-n-hers. These won’t be available for Christmas, but we hope they’ll be ready for Valentine’s Day. All we know so far is that we can’t wait to see these in the flesh and try one on (especially the 18K Gold one!):