Kemris Launches new and Powerful ‘Unbreakable’ Collection

The creativity and talent behind Kemris is attributed to Linda Nkemakonam Guyse, the designer, mother,  and activist behind the label. Her story as a survivor of child abuse has influenced elements of her design and has resulted in a beautiful collection, ‘Unbreakable’ that is linked to her efforts as an activist. As a Nigerian born globalist, Linda stumbled onto the world of fashion and found a deep investment and healing in designing to celebrate lives. Fashion is a way for Guyse to express what words cannot and to share with others who are willing to embrace it.

Kemris Designer Image

The obstacle in creating such a powerful line lay not only in executing the designs, but communicating the issue which was so taboo to many in the African community. However, Guyse’s focus on the bond that those who have shared their story of survival with one another helped her to create something that was more than just clothes. Her and Kemris’ brand ambassadors help to continue the telling of these stories as they weave together fashion and social justice in this manner.

“Be like a flower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it”

The collection contains many beautiful and colour fabrics as Guyse’s Nigerian background exposed her to such textiles. Even the smallest details such as fabric choices are deliberated so that characteristics such as strength are represented well in the designs.

– Flowers represent every flower survivors needed to feel loved

– Coral stands as a reminder out beauty which can come out of painful experiences

– Black expresses the darkness that enables the appreciation of light

Linda photo 1

The Unbreakable collection was inspired by amazing women who endured horrible life experiences, but made it through with smiles and new found zeal to help others in the world. Guyse started her design journey when she started her healing process. The change in her thinking as a survivor, not a victim spurred her to create a way to express this cause. Kemris encourages the celebration of oneself and the continuous circle of celebration.