Re-wearable and Easy Halloween Costumes

We know nothing is worse than buying an expensive halloween costume only to wear it once, then have it collect dust in your basement because: a.) A socially acceptable time to wear it again never came; b.) You forget you have it; or c.) The trend is over.

This is a classic halloween dilemma when it comes to dressing up. That’s why we have created three easy halloween costumes with dresses you don’t have to wait until the last day of October to wear.

Happy Halloween

We used the gorgeous Audrey dress from WishNow for a cat costume, but this could easily be transformed into, as the name suggests, Audrey Hepburn, or a beautiful Black Swan. You’ll also be the trendiest one trick-or-treating this year, as this dress is hot off the San Diego runway!

For the Angel costume we incorporated a stunning Elizabeth and James skater dress to complete the look. Once you have the dress the rest of the costume is a cinch! Just go to your local costume store and pick-up a wand, halo, and some wings, or better yet, make your own!

Our final suggestion is a more practical way of  being this year’s trendiest princess, Elsa. As much as we love the shoulder to floor sequins, we went with a simple Romwe sleeveless dress that you can wear again and again. Pair this with some elbow length gloves and a tiara and you’re set!

Comment below what you’re wearing this halloween or tweet us your costume pictures @luevofashion !