Gypsy Rain Collection Debuts at Hawaii Fashion Month

The month of November is a time for style for the island state as it takes on Hawaii Fashion Month. One of the incredibly talented designers showing is Gypsy Rain creator Desirea Aguinaldo. Her newest collection has a series of bohemian chic looks that represent “Desire for Freedom. No limitations. No boundries. No rules”



Along with creating beautiful and unique fashion, Desirea Aguinaldo is devoted to a greater good in her community. As a part of the Aloha Collective, the brand has been a part of a social enterprise that has provided over 1,000 meals to those in need in Hawaii through the “Look Good do Good” project.

“We are proud of the organizations we have partnered with here in Hawaii and globally to uplift the underprivileged to inspire and provide sustainable avenues for them to rise above their current situation and earn a better life for themselves and family. Additionally, I am proud of the empowerment movement we have begun in giving confidence to everyday women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities through our unconventional model searches. We see women turn into butterflies with powerful wings and it’s a beautiful feeling.”


Desirea began her design journey very young, though has more recently perused it as a career. Prior to becoming a fashion designer, Desirea worked with local businesses assisting them through their employee administration work.  She won Hawaii’s young Forty Under overall Business Leader of the Year, but realized that she preferred to have a life full of creativity and design. She paired this passion with the motivation to do good to create Gypsy Rain.

Desirea uses her experiences travelling as her primary source of inspiration for her designs. She also credits the support of her partner and close-knit family to her success and helping her over come obstacles along her way to flourishing into the incredible and inspiring designer she is today.

You will be able to pre-order these beautiful kimonos, straight from Hawaii Fashion Month, check out Desirea and other talented Hawaii Fashion Month designers here.