How to Wear Sequins on NYE

Sequins, a small shiny disk sewn onto a garment that promotes festive cheer. It’s a holiday staple, an almost guarantee for holiday fashion. Sequins is as predictable as the overindulgence of holiday sweets and chocolate. The sparkly disc comes sewn onto garments as few, or an overwhelming abundance. With so many options, there are certain places to wear the garment, and other ways that will have you as a disco ball.

So, with New Years fast approaching, what do your new year plans look like, and how will you wear sequins?

Close to Home Get Together

Whether you’re hosting a get together in your own home, or are attending an event at a friends house, there is a way to dress in sequins. Whats love about this look is the ease of holiday fashion. The outfit will have you looking dressed to impress, comfortable, cozy and cute. The absolute best part of the grey sweater with the sequins collar is the sustainability of the piece. The collar clips out, so you can wear the sequin collar outer pieces and the sweater on its own.

Sweater with SequinsSweater with Sequins two

An Evening Out

Dialling up the sequins for an easy evening out is a fun and exciting way to dress up. A sequin skirt is dressier than the previous subtle sequin accents, but is not dressy enough to be mistaken for a disco ball. The fun about the skirt is the versatility it provides. Not only can a skirt be teamed with tights for a warm and comfortable for an evening out, but it provides a great deal of safety for it’s ease of transition. The last time I wore a skirt to an evening out, I was unsure of the dress code. I wore a comfortable more casual shirt and opaque black tights. In my handbag, I carried sheer black tights and a statement necklace. This way, in a casual setting I would only be slightly overdressed, and slightly underdressed if I had to take a quick stop to the washroom to switch out my tights and necklace. Just perfect!

pic5 Sequin Skirt and Sweater pic3

pic8    pic7


An All Night Affair (the ‘good luck getting a cab back home’ type of evening)

As far as dressing up for an all night affair, there is almost no rules as far as sequin amount. Going to a dance or a club, sequins is a fun piece of fashion to wear that is highly seasonal and extremely dressy. Sequins all over a dress, or being a major highlight of your outfit puts you into this category.

pic8 pic10 pic9


Article written by guest fashion blogger Bhreigh Gillis. You can follow her on twitter @Bhreigh.