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Karlene Lindsay Worrell at Connecticut Fashion Week

Last month The 3rd Annual Connecticut Fashion Week took place.   In order to give you a more in depth look on this year’s event I spoke with one of the participants, Karlene Lindsay-Worrell, the designer and owner of Karlene Lindsay Designs. Karlene Lindsay Designs is made for the trendy and classy customers in mind.  Karlene not only showcased her spring 2015 collection, but she is also is one of  CFW partners.  Here’s what she had  to say.

You showcased at this year’s Connecticut Fashion Week. Can you let us know a little more about  your collection?

My collection for Spring 2015 is called “On the Go”.  It is for women that is busy with work life ,but still want to go out and have fun whether at a party, social event, or a wedding.  There is something in my collection for any occasion.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

My inspiration is the tropical island of Jamaica with the blue seas, green grasses and trees. I travel back and forth maybe twice a year and always get inspired there. You can see it in the collection from the green print dress and matching shorts outfit. There are also spring colors of blues for the sea in my formal wear pieces.

Recently, you participated in Plitzs Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week.  Can you tell us a little more about that experience? Did it help prepare you for Connecticut Fashion Week?

Plitzs was a great experience for me. It opened my eyes to things going on in the big shows like NYFW shows. Their show is so organized, but as with any other show or event there are still little changes that take place, especially some models that doesn’t show up at all and you have to replace them with anyone. I had to replace about six of my models due to no call no show with makeup artists and hairstylists, even an intern that was there to assist me in getting the models dressed. Things happen and the show has to move on. I used my experience there to make choices and changes necessary after we had no call no show at Connecticut Fashion Week also. Those were some of our more experienced models too,but overall it was a great show and a great experience for me.

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What advice would you give designers presenting in their first fashion week event?  

For designers making sure they are prepared for sudden changes that might take place. You might go to a fitting to fit your models, get everything perfect  thinking your designs will look so great on the models. Then show day comes and models do not show up. You have to grab anyone and put them in the garments just so it can be featured in the show. We have to learn to make it work regardless, because the show must go on.

Not only did you present in Connecticut Fashion Week you are also one of its partners. How does that experience compare to yours as a designer?

As a designer you get models or choose models to wear your pieces through a fitting or on the day of the show.  Then you just dress your models and they go out to present your line after that your day is over. Being a partner is way different, it comes with months of planning, sending out a lot of emails, going out to meetings for locations to host the event, and getting lots of sponsors. It is a lot of pre- planning and rehearsals for the show.  Then  the day of the show comes the big work of getting the backstage area organized and making sure all designers have the correct amount of models with the correct sizes they need. Sometimes there is no call no show, we did have some no calls this fashion week and it create a little disappointment especially with a designer that had not done a big show like fashion week before. The models she fitted did not show up. She was not happy, but the show must go on and others are available to go on too. The day turned out pretty well.


Lastly, what can we expect from next season’s event (Connecticut Fashion Week 2015)?

We plan to earn recognition that we are an official fashion week. We are a large show consisting of several models. We are different than a traditional fashion show, our goal is to increase knowledge of participating in a large venue or format such as bringing in the atmosphere of a trade show or expo.

You can find more about Karlene Lindsay Designs at www.karlenelindsaydesigns.com.   Also, you can connect with them on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. & Linkedin.

This article is written by guest writer Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter @TZB86

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