Luevo – A Tech Startup With A Passion For Fashion

It seems that in today’s society it is becoming increasingly hard to start something new, may it be in our personal lives or in our professional careers.  Most likely, it is the fear of failure that impedes us from trying new things.

While enrolled in my MBA program I lost my comfy marketing  job. That was my cue to follow my passion and I started my own company, an online fashion boutique. I knew there was a high risk of failure, but I was happy to be taking that risk. After one year of operations I learned more than in 5 years of corporate experience and 2 years spent in graduate studies. Nothing had prepared me for the life of an entrepreneur and the challenges that came with it.

Ana Caracaleanu - CEO

Ana Caracaleanu launches Luevo, a tech fashion startup.

As a fresh entrepreneur I was continuously learning and building personal relationships with my customers – my designers. I learned the difficulties they face when they want to start or expand their online businesses. The fashion industry is highly volatile, seasonal and risky. Independent fashion designers carry the financial burden when they need to source supplies and while holding inventory. Banks are less likely to give loans to any retail businesses, and it has become increasingly difficult to secure pre-orders with buyers.

Knowing that the fashion industry is facing a major problem, I worked hard at finding the solution to the designers’ problem. I wanted to help the aspiring and emerging independent fashion designers get a head start in the toughest industry.

I met many people from different countries, all having the same qualities and aspirations: they were all amazingly talented designers of clothing, jewelry or accessories. Their passion and attention to detail translates into extraordinary craftsmanship and their vision is reflected in unique pieces – the envy of a Burberry purse or Armani jacket. And that is why I came up with the Luevo concept: to give great talent the opportunity to start up, without the risk of failure and because we all LOVE fashion. For the first time, aspiring and emerging fashion designers can obtain the pre-orders they need before they have to go to production and avoid start-up financial burdens.

Continue to follow our story – we are here to change how independent fashion designers do business.

Ana Caracaleanu, Founder  & CEO – Luevo