Memoires from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is taking the backseat now that London Fashion Week stole its spotlight. But the memories of the designers, runway shows and everything in between still stay on. This season I attended three different events to show our support to the designers launching on Luevo and as a guest at two more.

The first show I attended was that of Isabelle Donola, Project Runway – Under the Gunn – alumni. Donola put on a very intimate event at the Museum of Biblical Arts in New York, only a couple of blocks away from the buzz at Lincoln Theater. The whole event was set as a private party, all guests being showered with giftbags worth $300 and indulging on sushi treats and wine. A different take than your usual New York Fashion Week runway show, but it seemed to me that guests enjoyed it more for the personal touch.isabelledonola2

The collection “Face-less”, accentuated the human androgenicity and bare beauty of the body. Complex cuts created structured A lines and high-low garments. Most of the fabrics used are 100% recycled and they are imported from Italy. I was excited to see this show as Isabelle launched her pre-ordering campaign with us and that she decided to give Luevo customers 25% off retail prices. Check out her collection here.

Isabelle Donola NYC

The next day I found myself at the Marquee Club in New York to support To-Tam and To-Nya the beautiful creators of the Sachika Twins line. After I made sure to welcome guests and provide them with our #shoptherunway fliers I found the perfect spot to watch the runway show, next to the photographers. The show was magical, and I must say the opening on Lana Del Ray’s “Once Upon a Dream” gave me goose bumps.
The collection was predominant by the colours purple and green, matched with gold and silver sparkle. If you didn’t know, the twins grew up in Canada, and while they’ve established their brand in New York and LA, they are returning this fall with their first brick and mortar store in Montreal. But until then, if you want one of their Spring/Summer runway pieces you are going to have to pre-order them here.




Early next day I went to the Metropolitan West, a new venue on 46th Street: on the main level the organizers at Style360 set-up vendor booths from beauty products to fashion. I went there to meet with the founder of FTL Moda and see their designers’ shows. One of their designers, Leghilà, was showcasing their current and latest collection. Their handbags are made from neoprene and they are 100% washable, so if you get a wine stain on one of them, no problem, throw it in the washing machine! Besides the obvious benefit of owning one of these bags, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were and if you love colors like me, well, they have endless color combinations!


Leghilà together with Piccardi Jewels accessorized the models for the runway shows that took place upstairs. The show was started by the Italian label Fri:Haend, a cool, modern take on your common t-shirt. But there was nothing common about these designs, from the colors used to the combination of modern with retro created, if it were possible, new t-shirt designs! I’ll let you decide which one is your favorite, and if you want a full selection, check out their product line-up here.

And to match this crazy variety, De Bottis Sartoria provided the shoes. The colors and the shapes reminded me of Armani, and when I saw them in person I realized that the quality as well is right up there with the heavyweights. So for the guys shopping online, we haven’t forgotten about you, take your time to browse this large selection of shoes.




Gianni Tolentino may sound familiar as it is recognized as one of the best couture labels in Italy at this moment. Gianni dressed Italian celebrities and worked for Shön, Dior, Pucci in the past. But what is more amazing is that he is making his unique creations available to fashionistas world-wide, and if you’d like to see his full collection check it out here.


Finally but not lastly, Jaime Elyse put on a show for brides to be, and well, any woman in the room pretty much. Even if you don’t have plans to marry any time soon, you should check out this brand. Based out of Los Angeles, Jaime creations are so unique and elegant, that you might consider wearing one of her dresses at the Opera. But, you may not have to choose a wedding gown for that, Jaime has a couple of party dresses/bridesmaid dresses that might steal your heart instead.

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On the very last day of New York Fashion Week I attended 2 more shows: Dorin Negrau’s debut at NYFW and the closing events of Art Hearts Fashion. But I’ll walk you through those two in my next post, meanwhile check out our NYFW designers here.