Philly Fashion Week 2014

Fashion week season has started once again!  This is a perfect time for us to mark down the trends that will soon be a part of the seasons ahead. During this week there will be events and runway shows that will help gain a better understanding of the featured designers. 

Philly fashion week is known for showing many haute couture and high fashion collections- this year is no different. From February 17- 22 we will have the opportunity to get familiar with many up and coming designers. The fashion shows will take place at the Crane Arts building for the week. Philly fashion week has shown collections from local and international designers who have gained a strong following. Here are 5 designers we feel you should keep your eye on as they show their collections at Philly Fashion Week.

Bishme Cromartie of Bishme Cromartie

Bishme Cromartie

Bishme is a young designer from Baltimore. He was able to create buzz for his brand on his own by holding a solo fashion show at just 16 years old. Since then his designs have evolved-growing as he grows as a designer. Bishme Cromartie is a collection that you should look out for at Philly Fashion Week.

Retania Ann of Ann Luchade

Ann Luchade

Retania Ann creates stunning stand out pieces for women. Growing up in Niagara, she wasn’t exposed to fashion but always had a hunger to learn more. Retania attended the Cheyney University of Pennsylvania where she gained a better understanding of fashion, creating Ann Luchade.

Ray Brown of Ray Vincente

Ray Vincente

Ray Brown has been designing since 1983. His strong knowledge of fashion shows through the detail he puts into his women and men’s clothing. This Trenton native has had his designs featured in magazines and runways and is definitely a designer to look for in the New Year.

Mika Hikari of Black Teal Brick and Steel

Black Teal Brick and Steel

Mika is a stylist, makeup artist, costume designer, fashion blog author and choreographer. This is what helps create such diversity with her clothing. The Spring 2014 collection for Black Teal Brick and Steel will be making its debut at Philly Fashion Week.

Cortisha Patrick of Tu Décor 

Tu Decor

Cortisha Patrick designs sexy garments for women. She truly understands a woman’s body and exposes just enough skin- leaving something to the imagination. Tu Decor will be on the runway once again after a great show in September at Philly Fashion Week.

For more information on Philly Fashion Week make sure to visit their site.

What are some trends you hope to see on the runway? Let us know @LuevoFashion