#shoptherunway with Luevo

Fashionistas around the world can now #shoptherunway!

We’re super excited to be launching the Spring/Summer 2015 season with fashion weeks across the US! Fashionistas no longer have to wait (or hope) for boutiques to stock their local designer’s latest offerings – they can let their wallets do the talking and reserve new looks straight off the runway.

While in the past runway shows were nothing but a tease, now you will be able to preorder your favorite look right after you see it on the runway, straight from the designer. Instead of waiting 6 to 8 months for these products to become available in retail (if they even do), fashion-forward consumers now have access to limited-production fashion directly from the designer, right after their fashion show.

This makes going to the fashion week that much more exciting and something to look forward to – we can’t wait to see these new and exciting designers launched! See all the fashion weeks that we’ll be featuring designers from at www.luevo.com.