Retro Swimwear at the Beach

If you are like me and still trying to squeeze in some fun in the sun before the summer ends, then hurry! With little time left and whether or not we’ve been working on getting flat abs, it’s okay because the trend this summer is retro swimwear, which means high waist bathing suit bottoms! Lucky us, right?

Summer has gone retro! The high waist style is back, which is great for those who are curvy and it’s great for those who desire more of an hour glass shape.

Tip: A high waist bottom that has a pattern or some color blocking is great when you want to give the illusion of the hour glass shape. So retro swimwear this summer is a win-win situation!

Enjoy your fun in the sun with confidence ladies! Show off your rockin’ body while being on trend in retro swimwear.

Written by fashion writer and beauty consultant Darcel Laurie. You can follow her on twitter @DarcelWorld!

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