Styles of Sunglasses: What’s Big This Summer?

It’s coming. Birds chirping, snow melting, it’s spring! Although UV rays don’t go away for the winter and you’ve had your precious eyes protected by your other sunglasses for the chillier months, you can’t stop that urge to shop for more shades before 2017 really heats up. So, without further ado, let’s see what this year has in store for biggest trends in sunglasses. But one more thing before we dig in: remember to look for the CE certified 100% UV protection.

Paint it Black

This year, a good portion of the runway’s shades created some Matrix-inspired looks featuring all black, dark tint sunglasses. If you’re not one for putting something too flashy on your face, then this understated look is for you. It matches everything, works year-round and gives you a too-cool-for-it-all vibe. (Image courtesy of



Go BIG or go Home

 So, all black isn’t your thing. That’s fine, because large, thick, obviously plastic frames in every colour of the rainbow, and not without the option of funky prints, are a big statement this year. A lot of these styles have a fun cat-eye effect, for that feminine flare, and who doesn’t love bright funky statement shades? While it’s a popular style among designer sunglasses, there are many similar yet effective options at a cheaper price and they’re not hard to find.  (Image courtesy of Gucci).


Mirror, mirror….

This is a fun one. Rainbow reflective tints, similar to that colourful oil slick effect, are all the rage. This festival inspired look is popular in aviator styles, sharp trapezoidal styles, and even wayfarer looks for more classical tastes. Not only is this a Coachella ready fashion statement, but it’s got that Beyoncé stamp of approval! (Image courtesy of Amevie).

Amevie Paris

Get wired!

Double wired sunglasses with that funky second bar above the bridge (called a browbar) have a rockstar quality that’s filled with vintage appeal. This style is most commonly used on aviators, from classic styles (a la Top Gun), to clever aviator inspired shapes that have taken on some more flare for the ladies. It’s a really fun way to show some uniqueness and creativity in how you express yourself through accessories.