Changing Fashion Habits for 2014

Changing your fashion habits for 2014? As we bring on a New Year and make resolutions for the promise or aspiration of self-improvement, lets reminisce over fashion habits. Looking back at the past, do you have post-shock of December holiday shopping, and rampant consumerism? Out with the old and in with the new, consider these four fashion shopping resolutions to change it up for 2014.

Quality over Quantity

The phrase, “quality over quantity”, is one we often hear in the fashion industry, especially coupled with the popular movement, slow fashion. Opposite to fast fashion, the Slow Fashion Movement, encourages less consumption and thoughtful shopping.  The concept of purchasing a garment for equal price to your Starbucks Macchiato and then having to throw it away after a few washes as it falls apart is a fashion faux pas. Instead, stop the relentless cycle of fast fashion and examine the quality of garments such as looking at the fabric, buttons and hemming. As a note, trends come and go, so it’s always wise to leave the trend jargon behind and buy long lasting quality pieces that suit your style.

Read Clothing Tags and Research

A big part of making changes to your fashion habits is about educating yourself and doing research on the clothing you purchase and the brands you support. The clothing tag is important, it offers information like where the garment comes from, and materials used. Also do research to educate yourself on where and how the garment is manufactured, and any news you can find on the brand such as whether they use sweatshops. Before making a purchase, think of yourself as a walking advertisement, why would you advertise for a label that doesn’t resemble your own ethics that you follow?

Isla Fisherin Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Support Independent Designers and Shop Locally

While, there is an abundance of mass-produced clothing at cheap prices consider shopping locally and from independent designers. Similar to the above commentary, you’ll find better quality from independent designer clothing since the products are usually manufactured with a close attention to detail and fabrics are selected with careful consideration.  Given the smaller scale of production for independent designers, you’ll most likely receive more unique or one-of-a-kind items. One of the added advantages of shopping locally compared to big name retailers is that you can connect with fashion designers and the talent behind your clothing. Not only are you supporting the local economy and creating more jobs for local fashion, but you’re also engaging with the stories behind what you wear.

Do it Yourself

Time to clean out the closet and shop to replenish it? Before throwing clothing away and shopping more, get creative. Repurpose clothes that you’re about to put to waste and turn them into something useful again that fit another purpose such as a look, fashion trend, or size.  If repurposing is not an option give your old clothing to Goodwill and charities for continued use.

Are any of these fashion shopping resolutions hitting your checklist this year?

Article written by Raylin Grace aka Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin on Twitter @raylingm