New Year Fashion Resolution

Hello Luevo readers! Happy New Year! It is 2014, which means it’s time for a new wardrobe to start the year right. As we bag up and give away our clothing we no longer desire, we make room in our closets for new and exciting clothes we are dying to wear out.

Many will be making New Year resolutions like losing 10 pounds, eating healthier, or being a better “you” all around. Let’s not forget about fashion along with the mix. I have compiled a list of items I hope to see more of or own in 2014. Below is my New Year Fashion Resolution.

Tapered Baggy Trousers
Tapered Baggy Trousers by MoonSpoon Saloon

Tapered trousers are no longer an extremely casual look. They are perfect for all you ladies that need a quick look to throw together. The trousers pictured above are by MoonSpoon Saloon. The colours and shapes add vibrancy to the pant, which creates a bold statement piece so you can stand out!

Cuffed Heels
Cuffed Heels by Charlotte Olympia

These Charlotte Olympia Bubblegum Sweet Dolly cuffed heels are deliciously amazing! Cuffed heels allows for a lot of unique designs that opens up a door for us to enjoy an endless amount of heels.

Tartan Pants by Daisy Street

Tartan is back! This punk inspired look is everywhere with no apologies. The designs have become more fashion forward, which makes this look wearable for just about anyone. Above is a pair of Daisy Street Tartan high waisted leggings. This print is perfect for anyone seeking to create an edgier look for themselves in 2014.

Tulle Skirts 
Tulle Skirt by Laura Khoury

Tulle skirts create such a fun and cute look with mostly anything you pair it with. This Lara Khoury yellow tutu skirt is no exception. This whimsical skirt has a lot of movement, while the colour can be paired with anything bold or subtle and will surely have your outfit standing out.

Velvet Dress
Velvet Dress by Beaufille

This Beaufille semi fitted mini dress is a perfect piece to wear for a casual dinner night with friends. The slash across the chest adds a subtle hint of sexiness, which will add a little drama to your look.


Armour Ring
Armor Ring by Maria Francesca

Armour rings are sure to jazz up any outfit, especially this particular ring from Maria Francesca Pepe. It bands around your entire finger and exposes enough for others to know it is one piece.


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