Alexander Wang X H&M launched today

Alexander Wang front row

The hype:
You’ve heard the hype for a while now: Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M has launched today and tons of fashionistas are lining up to get their hands on exclusive pieces. It all started on Alexander Wang’s Instagram account, when he shocked Instagram followers with an announcement that he would be collaborating with H&M. As the launch date grew near, sneak peeks of the collection continued to pop up on fashion news channels. Now Alexander Wang x H&M has launched with a bang – stunning fashionistas all over the world like what happened at Shanghai’s launch with legendary kpop group 2NE1 performing for the collection.

Click here for a look into the Toronto launch minutes after H&M opened, fast forward to 5:00 for the fashion madness

Alexander poses with the 2NE1 girls

Alexander poses with the 2NE1 girls

Blogger Borjana models a look

Blogger Borjana models a look

Live update:
Alexander Wang x H&M opened its doors at 8 A.M. today and shoppers were all given wristbands and a time limit of around 10 minutes to shop. Luckily for U.S. shoppers, the collection was made available online, but unluckily it seems like everyone’s wanting a piece as the site is currently down. For nine to fivers that were unable to make it out personally to shop for pieces, Kijiji and Craigslist ads have been posted offering to buy pieces for a fee. This is the smartest thing we’ve heard of and a necessity as a huge line had formed a day before the event. How else will we get a chance at wearing the hottest new sportswear? But it looks like you’ll need to empty out your pockets because some sellers quoted a hundred dollar service fee!

alexander wang clothes

One shopper’s did good at H&M

Photo credit @kkiimsm

Designer collaborations:
The hype makes this event so much fun, but we have to ask if we’ll be wearing these pieces in the longterm and if the hype reflects the quality of the collection. It’s a great marketing strategy for high and low to sell together as shown by the success of previous collaborations. And most importantly, it allows fashionistas to wear brands they’ve coveted at prices they can actually afford. For those that don’t closely follow fashion trends or don’t have a large interest in the fashion world (“Vera Wang?” anonymous asks) they won’t understand the madness. But these collaborations are extremely popular and the demand for designer pieces won’t stop anytime soon.

Alexander Wang runway