Introducing Jaime Elyse of Couture Bridal

Having a successful fashion brand is in no way easy. For Jaime Elyse of Couture Bridal, goals are a large part of growing and keeping her label moving forward. So far, the goals that Jaime is most proud of include over 16 featured covers, editorial spreads with an international reach. She started her career at a young age that she doesn’t remember having any other professional interests other than being a mother.

“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be both.”

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It is believed that everyone has a gift. Elyse has always been able to look at a design or a piece of clothing and see the construction as a puzzle; how the pattern is cut out and the way the pieces are put together. Early on in her career, she would often go to bargain stores to purchase items she planned to tear apart, just so she could see the inner workings of construction. While doing so, Elyse learned how each textile moulded, flowed and added to the designs. This really helped her become the designer she is today.

“I chose wedding couture because I loved the fairy tale that most brides dream of. Much like a wedding, owning a successful brand doesn’t just get a happily ever after. There are many obstacles, long nights, failed attempts that involve starting over and a clear direction almost always has different roads. I work hard every day and although some days are harder than others I love the feeling of success, even if it means there are some missteps along the way.”

Elyse enjoys having a bold of fabric and watching it become a beautiful gown. The details and texture that it involves is in many ways magical.

“I enjoy working for my clients and designing for their perfect day, but when it comes to my collections, many times I just let the material speak to me and that is when I fell in love with the gowns.”

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For Elyse, and many other designers, funding has been her biggest challenge. She has built a great brand on limited resources. All profit built is put back into the company. As she prepares for her upcoming Fashion Week experience, she is proud to say that she has done her best to build a brand and product that she is proud of.

Each of Elyse’s previous collections have had many different inspirations. Most of her inspiration is taken from the brides that she works with on a daily basis. She knows what brides are looking for. This new collection is inspired by a recent trip to Lake Tahoe in Northern California.

“As I sat on the lake watching the trees and waves move with the wind, I wanted to create texture and movement within my collection. I was inspired by the strength and texture of the forest and protection they offer the creatures that live within it. I wanted to create a collection that would be empowering.”

Having clients walk into her boutique because they saw a gown and thought, “I have to have it” is the best feeling to Elyse. She enjoys being able to share her designs and talent with other people and to see the joy in their eyes when they wear a piece from her collection or a piece that she has custom designed for them. To sum it up in three little words, “It is priceless.”

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Strength. That is the only word that can be used to describe Elyse’s new collection. She loves a structured bodice with texture and definition. When Elyse was inspired for this new collection, she found materials that seemed strong and powerful on the bolt and moulded them into wedding couture to add depth, texture, and volume. Clients aren’t just looking for romance anymore, but strength and confidence in the designs.

Successfully finishing LA Style Fashion Week was the point that Elyse realized that her hard work has paid off. The experience was truly an amazing one. After her show, Elyse sat backstage, with a Pepsi in hand, and silently watched all the hustle and bustle of the other amazing designers displayed.

“The emotional feeling was one that I will never forget. Now to be invited to grace the runway during New York Fashion Week is truly a dream come true.”

Written by Tianna Alexandre, Editor. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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