Created by Fortune

Created by Fortune is all about edgy glam. Melissa Fortune, the creator of this trendy and unique brand, wanted to be involved in the arts as far back as she can remember. Constantly sketching and creating when she was younger, she turned her passion into a career. Miss Fortune has a strong understanding of what it means to stand out and be a trendsetter.

Melissa Fortune’s collars are on the Luevo Website, ready to become the exclamation point of your outfit! The Created by Fortune S/S 2014 collection is available for preorder here!

In the fashion world today, accessories are just as, if not more important than the outfit itself. An accessory can pull a look together, and really add to the essence of what the wearer is trying to portray. Michael Kors once said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit“, and Created by Fortune definitely understands this. Using bold colours and dazzling embellishments, Created by Fortune provides fashionistas everywhere that extra something they are looking for. Melissa Fortune described the CBF girl as “edgy but feminine at the same time. She’s a rebel! She knows what she wants and goes after it! She means everything to me, she’s who I design for, she’s my inspiration.” 


How was Created by Fortune started? What obstacles did you face that made you the designer you are today?

It started 4-5 years ago when I really wanted a pair of studded converse, so I made them. My boyfriend convinced me to start selling the sneakers on Ebay, and it took off from there. Since Ebay took a big chunk of my profits, I decided to start selling them on my own website. Once the site was up, I slowly started to add other accessories.

As my brand expands, it’s becoming extremely hard to manage all of the aspects of it (designing, financial, social, seo, etc.) and maintain a full time job. Right now, my Ipad and Iphone are my life lines. I use 1 app to manage my deadlines and another to manage my social media schedule. This helps me stay focused and not get too overwhelmed.

How do you stay inspired and keep your pieces different and unique from the ones out already there?

Anything can inspire me, I try to stay as open as possible so that the inspiration can soak in. When you own your own business and run every aspect of it, it’s easy to get stuck in a bubble and ignore the outside world. I read my favourite blogs everyday, which range from fashion, travel, lifestyle, gossip, makeup and hair. I’m such a blog junkie, I don’t necessarily think about being different, I just design what I feel strongly about.

Collar (1)

Describe the inspiration behind the Peter Pan collars on the Luevo website. It looks like it takes a very bold person to rock them out!

My friend inspired this collection, she purchased vintage patterns and one of them was a large vintage peter pan collar. She gave the collar to me and said you should do this and I did! But I made it more modern and added my CBF edge to it.

Neon colours seem to be a hot trend right now for Spring and Summer, what do you love about this trend in fashion right now, that made you want to incorporate it in your accessories?

I love neon colors! They’re so much fun and can add a fun pop to any outfit.

What is your favourite piece on the Luevo Website, why?

My favorite piece is the Queen B. Stone collar. It’s so bold and edgy.


What staple accessories do you think every girl needs in her jewelry box?

Unique stud earrings, stackable rings and cuffs.

If you could describe your own personal style in one word what would it be?

Dirty Debbie!

How has your style affected the way you design?

My style makes me take all of my designs to the next level.

What is your favourite thing about being a designer? What path do you think you would have followed had you not become a designer?

The best part about being a designer is creating pieces from my imagination that people love. If I didn’t go into design, I would have become an illustrator or animator.

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