Throwbacks Are A Comeback!

Lately the fashion world has been all about the throwbacks.  From crop tops, jean jackets, harem pants, and more, trends from the 80’s and 90’s have officially made their way back into our lives. The atmosphere around us kind of looks like an episode of Saved By the Bell and Boy Meets World put together!  It’s times like these that make a person regret giving away that piece of clothing they thought they would never wear again.

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All of the 90’s babies like me remember the era of the Spice Girls and Aaliyah, where bearing ones midriff was all the rage.  I think the crop top is here to stay for a long while! There are so many different styles, prints, and colours to choose from these days that you can easily mix and match and make this style your own.  Whether you are going for something elegant and refined, or completely grunged out, there is a crop top out there for everyone.

The ever lovely Harem pant, or “Hammer Pant” as I like to call them, are definitely a go to trend for the summer as well.  The great thing about this trend is that they are all about comfort as well as style.  They are basically a fancy pair of sweatpants if you really think about it!

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The final stand out trend that has made a comeback is plaid.  Flannel plaid shirts have definitely become a go to accessory these days.  All kinds of celebrities can be seen rocking their favourite denim shorts with a plaid shirt tied around their waist.  It’s the perfect look to choose if you want to spice up your outfit in a fast and easy way.  Just pick up one of your dads old shirts and get ready to grunge it up.

I guess the moral we should all learn is that style is what you make of it.  Wear what you love and always think twice about what your chucking out of your closet. You just might be throwing out a gem that is sure to make a comeback!

This Article was written by Angie.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Unngie.

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