The Dylanium Knits Story: Designing, Creating, Knitting

Dylanium Knits was created by Dylan Uscher, self-taught knitting passionate and businessman, whose talent and designs have gained him world-wide recognition… and that, all before even launching his debut collection last Fall (FW13’)!

Indeed Dylan Uscher has not only collaborated with top Canadian fashion brands like Sid Neigum and Greta Constantine – but his designs were also featured in a MAC Cosmetics global campaign with visibility in over 90 countries! Quite impressive for the American-born autodidact, whose decision to pursue his passion after graduating his Master’s of Arts here in Toronto, Canada has lead him to his dream job: Designing, Creating, Knitting.

Motto of the day: Do like Dylan, and do what you love! I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the Fall 2014 collection (available for pre-order here)!

DylaniumKnits Headshot A

That being said, I was more than excited to discuss fashion with the designer himself (pictured above) and talk about his upcoming Fall 2014 collection, his inspirations as well as his road less-travelled to success.

Here is the Dylanium Knits story:

Dylan Uscher was first introduced to knitting in 2005 while sitting on a bus with a friend who was making a sweater. Dylan not only took a liking to the craft but he also picked up on the technique rather quickly. The self-taught designer and creator initially started hanging out in yarn shops throughout Toronto trying out knitting patterns as well as networking with other knitters in those shops to learn.

Dylan Uscher’s passion quickly evolved as he became more aware of the design of his creations. The designer felt that existing patterns were either one of two things: Fun to make, but that didn’t look that great, or vice-versa. He hence began challenging himself to make beautiful pieces that were intricate and that he could enjoy crafting as well. It was only after graduating from his Master’s degree and briefly working in an un-related field however, that he decided to follow his passion and knit full-time. Dylanium Knits was thus created in 2010 and he hasn’t looked back since. Dylan Uscher slowly began collaborating with designers and it was only last year that he launched his debut collection.

Dylan’s upcoming Fall 2014 collection is composed of six accessories, which includes three heavyweight knits, as well as three lightweight knits. The heavyweight knits are similar to last year’s best sellers and the lighter weight knits beautifully showcase the designer’s diversity and skill-set -as they are a new addition to his line. The Fall 2014 collection is inspired by the designer’s trip to Florence, Italy earlier this year: The stitch patterns are reminiscent of moldings as well as tessellation within tile patterns embedded in the city’s architecture. The color palette for this season is also said to be inspired by the colors of the stone buildings there as well as the Italian skyline.


The pre-sale of the Dylanium Knits Fall 2014 collection is set to launch on Luevo May 4th.

Dylan Uscher’s Boston-based studio will also be participating in the SOWA Art Walk that day, and hold an open doors launch event demonstrating his knitting techniques and machines, and taking pre-sale orders on Luevo directly from his studio.

On May 12th, Dylanium Knits will also be participating in the Aid for Cancer Research Runway in Boston, and have a pre-show pop-up boutique to further take Luevo pre-sale orders.

What is next for Dylanium Knits? The designer wouldn’t be surprised to see if he suddenly began making more and more apparel sketches and ultimately incorporating clothing into his accessories line. In the meantime however, we will simply have to order our beautiful winter and fall accessories on Luevo and keep following the designer’s progression! You can follow Dylanium Knits on Twitter @dylaniumknits or visit Dylan Uscher’s website at for more details.

DylaniumKnits Accessories Logo

Motto of the day: Do like Dylan, and do what you love! I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the Fall 2014 collection (available here)!

This article was written by Angelic from The Weekenders Fashion Blog. Follow her on Instagram @the_weekenders

Fashion Finds for Winter

Fashion has always been the difference between a good day and a great day. It’s walking into the break room and finding freshly made bagels with homemade peanut butter, it’s finding your favourite pair of shoes on sale only your size, and it’s the coolest summer breeze on a hot August night. For me, fashion has provided me the confidence to speak up, to strive further professionally and really discover myself. It’s beautiful, it’s comforting, it helps me express myself without saying anything at all… and it’s seriously being hindered by below thirty degree Canadian winters.

I’ve always had a good laugh at a few Fall/Winter fashion shows. They showcase their beautiful tights, pleated skirts and short sleeve coats. Sure, they’re lovely and I want to wear them all season, but it’s just impossible in Canada. As somebody who frequents public transit, I knew I needed to find an alternative to feel myself while facing the cold.

Below are some of my finds to get me through the winter. I hope you find your warm and fashionable niche this cold season like I did!

Women’s Medina Rain Ankle Boots
Putting a short wool sock in these boots makes them an all year round favourite. They’re comfortable, true to size and make me feel super fashionable. Not only do they feature a rubber sole and proper traction, but they feature a rubber coated heel which is made to look higher fashion with the brown leather panel on the back. Did I also mention that rubber boots are the easiest to clean in the winter? These are perfect at $250.

Ankle Boots by Sorel

Denali Masterpiece
This coat is high quality, and undeniably beautiful. It’s perfect for cold weather, even if you take a trip further North. I also love that this coat isn’t as obvious as a Canada Goose, setting you apart from the crowd while still staying toasty warm. At $1,165, it’s definitely a coat to save for.

Denali Masterpiece Front View    Denali Masterpiece Back View

Dylanium Knits Carolina Toque
You lose so much heat from your head in the winter, it would be crazy not to wear a hat. Not just any hat, but a beautifully knitted toque from Dylanium Knits. It’s easy to mistake this choice as an endorsement as Dylanium Knits will be available on Luevo, but his hats are high quality, warm, soft and very versatile. The toque trend makes this a great option to wear in the fall with just a scarf and sweater, or a cozy must-have for the coldest days in Winter. If you wear this hat a conservative twice a week in the Fall and Winter, the hat only costs $1.80 each time you wear it. Realistically, you’ll wear it some days in the fall and every day in the winter. For only $99, do the math, this piece is an easy yes!

Dylanium Knits Carolina Toque


Article written by guest fashion blogger Bhreigh Gillis. You can follow her on twitter @Bhreigh.

Dress for Winter

The temperature has fallen and the snowfall has begun. If you’re anything like me you detest winter. During this time of year your style is completely dependent on the weather. However, you have nothing to fear my fellow readers! I have a few tips that will keep you looking as chic as possible while staying warm.


We’re all looking for a signature piece to brighten our dull winter outfit or jacket. Dylanium Knits has created their very own line of knitted infinity scarves that will not only keep you warm, but also add a little “oomph” to your outfit. This chic oversized möbius cowl is a standout winter pick for me. There are a number of different ways to style this scarf, making it versatile and ready to wear for different occasions.


Finding a balance between being comfortable, warm and stylish can be difficult. This is a challenge many of us can attest to, but Skinny Sweats allows us to feel as comfortable as possible while looking fashionable. Their grey trouser sweats are just one of many featured on the site. Combining this with a pair of casual heels and a blouse makes for a chic workplace outfit that still feels more like a lazy Sunday. The fun thing about these trousers is the stylized patch pockets. It gives these trousers a little edge while still managing to keep it appropriate.

Skinny Sweats

The best way to keep warm this winter without losing your sense of style is by layering. Layering not only adds more life to an outfit, but it also keeps you snug while facing the cold. A sheer blouse, vibrant knitted scarf and oversized blazer, paired with a pair of comfortable trousers can liven up any winter outfit.

If there are any more winter pieces you would like to share with us let us know @LuevoFashion


Article written by fashion blogger Jonika Lewis, follow her at @JonikaJun