Baby Steinberg: Arts and Fashion Week Toronto

Fashionistas of all colours, shapes, and sizes all came out to play at Arts and Fashion Week  Toronto. The theme this year was successful in reflecting the opposing values, visions, and expressions of INfashion (what is on trend) and UNfashion (sources of influence such as art, culture, politics, industry, religion, etc.). I had the great pleasure of attending Wednesdays Grit/Glamour show, where I was blown away by the talented works of art I witnessed. Many designers stood out and made the runway into their own stage of creativity. Toronto based and Brazilian born designer, Baby Steinberg, ended the show with a big bang. Just when I thought the show couldn’t get any more beautiful and glamorous, Baby Steinberg made it’s way onto the runway and blew my mind further. The Red Carpet-wear that was showcased was very wearable, yet still gave me a strong sense of originality. Everything from the models, music, and lighting was so well thought out and planned, that it amplified everything the audience witnessed. Each dress had its own personality and flare, pulling you into another dimension where glamour ruled all.

Baby Steinberg: Arts and Fashion Week

This silver bodice evening gown captured me from the minute I saw it. So feminine and pretty, yet still edgy enough to receive some double takes! The designer’s use of the two different textures between the bodice and the skirt really creates an eye-catching look that would suit all skin tones.

Baby Steinberg: Arts and Fashion Week

This Red evening gown is definitely for those girls that are not afraid to be bold. The beauty of detail work and embellishment on the bodice of this dress is indescribable. A recurring theme in this collection was the detailed skin tight bodices and flared puffy skirts. The contrast between the two gave all of the dresses that classic evening wear look.

Baby Steinberg: Arts and Fashion Week

Arts and Fashion Week Toronto was definitely a hit. Baby Steinberg deserved to close off the show as it embodied the heart and soul of glamour, which was what Wednesday night was all about. All of the dresses were truly works of art displaying the designers hard work and dedication. The Luevo Team deems FAT Toronto a success. Toronto is a budding garden of fashion and events like these are what designers need to grow and showcase their talents.

This Article was written by Angie. Follow her on Twitter at @Unngie