City Style Profile: Washington, D.C.

Walk down any street in Washington, D.C. and you’ll see a mixing bowl of styles. A buttoned up K Street lawyer, a jogger in workout gear, a fashionista in skyscraping heels and draped dress. With that said, just like the eclectic group of people walking the D.C. streets, bloggers in the city take on a range of styles.

When looking for style inspiration, I often land on D.C. blogger’s sites like A Lacey Perspective, Fashionably Broke and Be Loud Be You. Here’s a bit more about these bloggers and D.C’s city style:

A Lacey Perspective

A Lacey Perspective puts a great spin on the classic “preppy” look that seems to be uniform in the nation’s capital, pairing plaids and neutrals with bright heels and accessories.

Lacey has been around the D.C. fashion blogging for years now. She has a great look, in a matter of a few years she’s gone from long hair to a more edgy short hair cut as of recent and really stands out from the crowd. She brings out the best of and punches up classic styles and adds in some trendy pieces. She writes about items she’s coveting, and documenting her own personal style so others can gain inspiration.

A Lacey Perspective blog

Fashionably Broke

Fashionably Broke is a blog run by a set of sisters. Their style is a lot more edgy, trendier, like they just stepped out of a Nasty Gal or Topshop lookbook. They are the epitome of of-the-moment fashion and they share outfit posts and things they’re promoting. One of the sisters recently traveled to New York Fashion Week where they documented their experiences, which we’re super jealous of.

Fashionably Broke blog

Be Loud Be You

I love Be Loud Be You, I’m really into vintage fashion and this blogger has a great mix of thrifted items, items from ASOS and really unique clothes from indie designers and high-end designers. She also combines intellect with fashion and discusses her thoughts about things happening in her world and combines it with her sense of style.


What’s really exciting about D.C. bloggers is that they’re stepping out from the mold and not the same as other bloggers in other cities. They’re unique in that they have day jobs while working on their personal brand and are stepping out of the stodgy mold D.C. has and pushing to make fashion more important in their city.

This article was written by Kurie. You can follow her on Twitter @KurieFitz