The Ugly Christmas Sweater

From The Cosby Show with Bill Cosby and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase to The Santa Clause with Tim Allen and Bridget Jones’ Diary with Colin Firth, the “ugly Christmas sweater” as worn in film and television has become a popular mainstay. Traditionally, seen with the iconic image of the “Cosby Sweater” and “jingle bell sweaters”, today the ugly Christmas sweater has emerged with a resurgence of popularity.

The ‘ugly’ from too much embellishment, tinsel and festive pattern, is placed in contrast with the soft, cozy, warm oversized sweater – a staple in every Christmas wardrobe. This dialectic serves to conjure up two parts, the ugly and the Christmas sweater; without its counterpart, both loose its meaning.  So what do we owe to this joining of the ugly in the Christmas sweater?


Pop Culture

The image of the ugly Christmas sweater has become a hallmark for the holiday season. It is one that has resulted in a co-opting of the hip, trendy and nerdy, ultimately making the ugly Christmas sweater a hot commodity. As it is re-appropriated over and over in film, television, and other pop culture outlets, the ugly Christmas sweater has shown to hold significant popularity and economic benefits. Vintage stores, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill are re-defining the benefits of this trend, but we are also seeing this trend hit retailers, online shopping sites and even the book market.  As the ‘business of the Ugly’ continues to capitalize and the ugly Christmas sweaters continue to be worn, it seems like this pop culture ‘trend’ has made its way to being a permanent tradition.


While, we may associate the laughable depictions of Christmas trees, reindeer or snowmen as tacky it does conjure up sentimentality for the past. These highly embellished and animated sweaters bring about the inner adult child, making us remember happy associations from the childlike aspect of Christmas. When we ruminate in recollections of the past, it makes sense to think about homemade decorations, stringing up lights to brighten the home or the decorated Christmas tree. As we “deck the halls” in celebration of Christmas, why not decorate ourselves?


Even though the ugly Christmas sweater is a site for bad taste and hideous style it undeniably appreciates comical laughter and letting your guard down. Perhaps, we owe this tradition to the freedom it gives us to transcend the boundaries of fashion and embrace the beauty of ‘ugly’.


Article written by Raylin Grace aka Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin at @raylingm

Bloggers Christmas Wish List

Christmas. That time of year when we secretly hope to receive everything we’ve been saving up for. As we get ready to eat as much as our stomachs can handle and open gifts we hope to see under the wrapping, we go through our mental Christmas wish list.

The wish list is synonymous with gift giving and finding that perfect gift. To make our gifts even more lovable and special we tend to make wish lists to help out those who are buying for us. With Christmas right around the corner we have compiled our own wish list from the bloggers here at Luevo.


W: The First 40 Years 

One of the world’s leading fashion magazines, W will celebrate their 40th anniversary with this volume of the most influential and iconic features/photos of its first four decades.


Reiko Red Wool Coat by Soia & Kyo  

Canadians really know how to make winter jackets for keeping warm yet completely stylish and fashionable!

Soia and Kyo


Suede and Leather Bootie by designer Franco Vernica 

A platform to elevate any outfit, while adding edge and detail.

Franco Vernica

 Sterling Silver Talon Pendant Necklace by Joanna Morgan Designs

For an everyday, modern, bold, casual elegance.

Joanna Morgan


Tsavorite, Diamond And Ruby Snake Bracelet by Toby Lynn Gems 

A statement on the wrist to add edgy glam.

Snake gem ring


Viva La Juicy Noir

For years now, my fun staple perfume has been Viva La Juicy. Recently, a new scent has been added to the Juicy line, Noir, which I would love to test out!



Reem Acra Pre-Fall Collection Black Dress

I know this is way out of budget, but I love it!

Reem Acra Dress

Shakuhachi Cutout Tassel Boots

With clever detailing, this has both a western and grunge inspired design.

Beige Cutout Boot

Scout & Catalogue Clutch

This is a Canadian based fashion label located in Vancouver, all the pieces made at Scout & Catalogue are hand made. This makes for a more personalized look, perfect for Christmas!

 S&C Clutch

BCBG Maxazria Wool Wide-Brim Hat

For a mysterious and high fashion look this wide-brim hat is just right.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 2.12.36 AM


Maje Dunkerque Military Parka

Keep warm in this military inspired jacket with fur collar, great for keeping warm when it is windy!

Military Parka

dace Jerry Medium Purse

Simplistic and practical, this leather made purse is the perfect size to fit an iPad or tablet.

Dace Purse

dace Morty Skirt

This Mini Skirt will add playfulness and femaninity to an outfit, perfect for pairing with tights this winter!

dace Morty Skirt


Tis the Season to gift give and of course, treat ourselves. What is your Christmas wish list? Let us know @LuevoFashion

Tips for Trunk Shows

With the many holiday festivities, come the exciting shopping opportunities. Celebrated as a shopping tradition, the trunk show has become a mainstay for many shoppers. Traditionally understood as a travelling trunk of products, trunk shows are where designers, artisans or vendors bring their merchandise directly to a boutique or other unique location for a special in-shop showing for store personnel and customers. So why should you hold a trunk show and what makes for a successful one?

Trunk Show1

For all emerging designers and smaller artist-designer lines, trunk shows can be a great opportunity to fuel your fashion business. It is a chance to introduce your brand and products to customers and new clientele. As such, you’ll be able to interact and sell your brand, ultimately receiving valuable insight and feedback. As a bonus, by partnering with other retailers or vendors your brand becomes known and potentially gains credibility. For success, these are 5 top tips for a noteworthy trunk show.

Partner with the right vendors and boutiques

Since one of the aims of the trunk show is to show your products to potential customers, choose vendors that complement your work and understand your businesses end. Same goes to boutiques, you’ll want to work with a retailer whose lines attract customers to ensure a steady flow of traffic. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a boutique whose clientele fits with your brand’s lifestyle and what it has to offer.

Hintz Design trunk show 2

Plan the time

Similar to other events, trunk shows require a calendar. While timing is dependent on merchandise, there are key shopping periods throughout the year that can guarantee a high or low profitability. For instance, the holiday season is an ideal ‘selling period’ where customers are fixated in shopping eagerness. However, you’ll want to avoid sale periods, typically January, a month associated with shopping coma, the post-shock of holiday shopping.

Promote Yourself

To ensure a high probability of traffic, you’ll want strong promotion. Connect with your online social networks, and use your savvy social media skills. To promote your trunk show, you’ll need to send timely and key messages and attention filled imagery through your social channels and associated websites. For your committed clientele, send personalized email invitations, these customers are special so make the invitations seem that way too.

Have an inviting display

Plan on having an intriguing display for the trunk show, nothing that seems typical. To attract and encourage customers to visit use noticeable colour, neat arrangement of merchandise and a section that highlights the trunk show. If your section looks special and well put together, it will translate into your brand and products.

Trunk Show Hintz

Know your story

One of the special qualities of a trunk show is the interaction you have with your customers. As such, communicate the story and inspiration behind your work, people are interested in the uniqueness and novelty of your products. If the vendor or designer is not available throughout the whole show, make sure all parties can speak accurately and knowledgeable about the products and brand.

trunk show 6


Article written by Raylin Grace aka the Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin at @raylingm 

Jewels for HER this Holiday

Tis the season for sparkle, a time when jewelry can truly make a statement. Adorn her this holiday season with a handpicked item from eye-catching collections by Joanna Morgan Designs and Toby Lynn Gems. While wearing these designs, she can mix and match, create ensembles or layer her favourite pieces, celebrating her creative side.

With an eclectic flare, the Joanna Morgan Designs make gift giving easy for the classic to edgy woman. The stylish jewelry accessories give versatility, transitioning from day to night and outfit-to-outfit. Primarily using sterling and fine silver, along with brass, each piece is given personality and character.

Well known for bold statement pieces, designer Toby Lynn uses a mixture of precious and semi precious stones, crystals, silver and gold, making unique one of a kind items. Wearing a Toby Lynn design makes any woman a crowd pleaser, giving testimony to her great style.
Toby Lynn Gems

tob10Toby Lynn Gems

Toby Lynn GemsToby Lynn Gems

Toby Lynn Gemstob14


tob9                    tob7

Joanna Morgan Designs


5     6

7    9

12   Morgan


Article written by Raylin Grace aka the Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin at@raylingm

Gifts for HER this Holiday Season

At this time of the year, men are beginning to ask themselves, what do women really want? From sparkle, soft fabrics, poetic words and feminine scents, gifts for her are endless. For treating her this holiday season, we have come up with a list of gifts that we know she will feel special receiving.


DesignerFranco Vernica has become particularly noted for his exotic leather and handmade luxury handbags. Carried in the hand of any woman, a Franco Vernica handbag imbues stylish elegance and a chic attitude. Complimentary to the brand’s vision, Franco Vernica remains committed to upholding to principles of quality and integrity, and exquisite craftsmanship.

For keeping stylish and ultimately comfortable, Seatttle-based designer Paychi Karen Guh creates luxurious knitwear for any woman who likes to indulge in cashmere. Catering to a timeless style, the Paychi Guh collections provide a variety of cashmere pieces from everyday essentials to novelty pieces that add a little unexpectedness. Paychi chooses cashmere with finer yarn-count, creating a more lightweight and breathable quality that can be worn at any time of the year, feeling divinely soft against the skin.

For anything but original,Hintz Design have something to offer. As a young couple from Europe, these emerging artisans bring their European flare to jewelry, creating unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind. While being environmentally conscious Hintz Design mixes cooper, silver plated wire, leather, gems to natural stones and glass beads. These handmade pieces of jewellery will inspire and boost a woman’s positive energy.

If jewelry isn’t on the wish list this holiday season, how about a gift for the home? Taking old vinyl records to upcyle, and mixing different painting techniques, Hintz Design creates unique colourful clocks. These one-of-a-kind clocks will bring joy, and an upbeat vibe to any home.
Franco Vernica

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.48.48 PMScreen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.48.11 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.48.28 PMFranco Vernica

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.47.31 PMFranco Vernica
Paychi Karen Guh

Guh5guh 6

Guh 7Pcu 6hu10


Hintz Designs

Hintz Designs 602700_213430492143393_1821548626_n


Hintz Designs995932_212529115566864_823813878_n

1001735_215639818589127_1727175457_nHintz Designs


Article written by Raylin Grace aka the Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin at@raylingm

Holiday Gifts for Children

Children like to feel good and look good too, so style your child with fashionable gifts for every season. Investing in your child’s fashion wardrobe can have a lasting impact on them, moving beyond a wonderful appearance. A fashionable wardrobe will expose your child to a boost of self-confidence and sense of individuality. We suggest two designers whose clothing will make your child walk tall and smile. Whether for holiday, fall, spring or summer these designs will be reliable for your child to wear.


Being passionate about designing, Peini Yang’s KK Children Designs offers handmade garments woven with love and care. As a mother of two twin girls, Yang’s inspiration comes for creating designs of “style that grow with your children” offering designs that are wearable across seasons. Using brightly coloured bold prints and elegant fabrics, your child will twirl in happiness for feeling the most fashionable and stylish in Kk Children Designs.

Inspired by Liberty London, Little Men is a funky and fun clothing brand designed for young boys who want to express themselves stylishly in bold and vibrant colours. Mother of three and designer of Little Men, Sofia Trokey uses cool and lightweight fabrics, creating comfortable clothing for any active young boy. Not only will Little Men give your child more character and a sense of his own style but also provide him with the palette to stand out from his peers.


KK Clothing Designs
KK Clothing Designs kk8
kk10 kk12
kk14 kk16


Holiday Dress 3Holiday Dress 2

Little Men 

little men 8


Little Men_1

little men _4

Litte Men _2

littme en 5 littlemn 6


Article written by Luevo’s marketing and social media team member, Raylin Miszczuk. You can follow Raylin at@raylingm

Christopher Bates

Holiday gift guide for HIM

With the holiday season approaching comes the perfect time to pamper our loved ones, need ideas for gift giving? Treat your special man to a stylish outfit, making him fashionably dressed for any holiday party and the winter season. These are key looks from designers that we guarantee he will love, receiving a head-turning appeal in any crowd.


Well acclaimed for his talent,Toronto based Christopher Bates is the definition of clean lines and chic designs, borrowing inspiration from 1950s styling. Transitioning between casual wear and an evening out, Bates offers fashionable items for any man.His newest collection can be found at Holt Renfrew, and we look forward to offering his exclusive items on Luevo soon.

Finding inspiration from Peter and the Wolf, Toronto based Philip Sparks creates designs that blend vintage details and classic tailoring, offering a contemporary sensibility to his collections. Providing high quality and functional clothing, the Sparks’ collections capture the essence of Canadians. For a classic and preppy style, sharp in every day, Sparks is the perfect option. Proudly made in Canada, you can buy his collections here in Toronto’s Ossington Village.

It is true; women do know how to style a man. Well known for her success in menswear, talented UK based Jenny Schwarz offers unique, innovative tailored fashion. Blending a classic style with a contemporary edge, the Schwarz collections imbue a dark and detailed twist that can be dressed up or down.Buy Schwarz designs in the UK or online at designated fashion shopping sites.


Christopher Bates
Bates Black Tie  Bates Charcoal Grey Shirt Bates Lipstick stain
Bates Black Jacket Bates Blue Jacket Bates Baby Blue shirt
Jenny Schwarz
Schwarz Leather Jacket Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 2.47.17 PM Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 2.50.03 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 2.50.33 PM Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 3.14.10 PM Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 2.50.59 PM
Philip Sparks
Sparks  Sparks_10 Sparks_4 Sparks_3





Article written by Raylin Grace aka the Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin at@raylingm