Irish Fashion Bloggers

Having freshly arrived more than 2 years ago in Dublin, I am proud to consider myself a happy French Dubliner. This new exposure to the Ireland fashion scene led me to discover Irish fashion blogs. This was just one of my first Irish cultural discoveries (in addition to my first pint of Guinness).

What I found was an emerging platform, still trying to define its own identity in the middle of the big French, Italian and Scandinavian famous bloggers. As much as some emerging designers in Ireland are trying to modernize an  Irish Fashion Identity, the bloggers are trying to apply the same dynamic to fashion blogging.

After a year and a half of  living in Dublin, I created Stylindublin, a fashion business consultancy website. In order to understand the market for my website,  I had to thoroughly research Irish bloggers. That’s when I realised that most of those on the Irish Fashion Blogging scene had the same mission: To define a modern Irish Fashion Identity.

In this post, you’ll find 5 blogs shaping the new Irish fashion landscape.

Anoushka Proetta Brandon
Anoushka is a beautiful girl, with a great sense of style. Living in Dublin, she brings an air of elegance to the Irish fashion scene. She inspires readers to mix up basic pieces with a touch of trends to make sure outfits don’t bore you . She seems like a blogger that any girl would aspire to look like.

Anoushka fashion blog

So Sue Me
So Sue Me on the other hand is a typical blog Irish. This is one of the most followed blogs in Ireland and acknowledged as the most influential fashion blog in Ireland. So Sue Me posts a lot about outfits and beauty tips, and how Irish fashion is influencing the celebrities in tabloids.


The Concrete Collar
The Concrete Collar is quite a refreshing blog. A mix between Fashion and Architecture, The Concrete Collar brings a new breath into the Irish fashion blogosphere. Mainly promoting Irish designers, this blog shows outfits in fantastic scenery that presents Irish fashion on a modern and edgy path.


Anna, Polish born and living in Dublin, loves to read and write about fashion. She has a vision that makes her different from the other Irish girls. Anna captures trends, mixes styles, and shares new designers, Anna has a sense of style and brings fun back into the Irish fashion world.


Ellie Jayden
Another innovative blog is Ellie Jayden. This purple haired fashion youngster  is representing fashionable teens in Ireland. She shares her own style, gives advice, and uses fashion to have fun.

The Irish fashion blogging scene is still popular as magazines broadcast trends and these are written about (or copied) onto numerous blogs. This scene is slowly growing: blogs focus on personal style, as Anna from Fashion_stylistka and Ellie Jayden show. Other blogs, such as The Concrete Collar are also showing that Irish fashion is emerging and growing quickly. What readers can be optimistic about is that there’s a lot of efforts by bloggers to improve and build a modern Irish fashion blogosphere.

If you are in Ireland and passionate about fashion, please create a blog to share a style that is your own! Ireland still has space for freshness to shake up the Irish blogosphere. You can create a new, vibrant and modern fashion Irish identity !

This article was written by Alexandra. You can follow her on Twitter.