ZOFF Review: Arts and Fashion Week Toronto

Heaven was walking on the runway on Wednesday evening at Fashion Arts Toronto 2014. Crisp white and basic black minimal pieces, and yet more elegant than ever, ZOFF’s effortlessly chic collection had us falling in love. Classic pieces with a contemporary twist, we are absolutely enamoured by the entire collection. Crusader capes, pencil skirts, pleated dresses; the mix of designs of this collection is endless.

daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-15 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-11 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-9

Mesh is known for its athletic aesthetic, but there was nothing sporty about the white mesh skirts of this collection. We have seen the mesh trend take over the runaway, but ZOFF’s mesh silhouettes were breathtaking.

We also adored the metal wire sculptures aligned in the centre of the runway. Not only did they add an urban feel to the ultra-delicate collection, but also they nicely complimented the metal statement necklaces worn by the models. It is hard to narrow down our favourite piece from the collection because we simply loved them all, but there are two that stood out the most.

daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-13 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-5 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-12

The first standout is a white, relatively loose dress paired with a mesh floor length skirt. Pairing the skirt’s transparent fabric with the dress’s solid white fabric, gave the perfect balance for a lady-like design. Adding a feminine touch to the ensemble is the bow at the front of the skirt. This piece is also a great alternative for those brides that want to steer away from the conventional wedding dress and wear a contemporary, yet elegant design on their special day. The second piece that left us speechless is the final piece; a romantic, pure white tulle gown.

Well-placed details and delicate fabrics, the ZOFF collection introduces the modern trends, but preserves the grace of the past.

This article was written by Eleni.

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Mercedes-Benz Start Up Competition 2013

Mercedes-Benz Start Up is an annual competition for start-up fashion designers hosted at World Master Card Fashion Week and it is focusing on talented fashion designers across Canada. With the promise of ongoing mentorship, a solo catwalk during fashion week next season and editorial support in FASHION, one of Canada’s leading magazines, the grand prize is highly sought after. It was obvious there was no shortage of talented participants for the competition, as each of the eight lines presented were exceptional in their design and execution. At the end of the show, the grand prize was awarded to two winners instead of one for the first time in the competition’s history.


The first winner, Malorie Urbanovich, is an Edmonton based designer who showcased not only beautiful easy to wear pieces, but nostalgic 90s throwbacks. Malorie Urbanovich has given us permission once again to find love layering simple silk dresses with boxy plush cardigans and sweaters. The outfits were reflective of design as a whole in architecture and interior design, with a minimalist, comfortable and unpretentious feeling. Any of her pieces would be a timeliness addition to any wardrobe for Spring 2014.


The second winner, Celine Raizonville, hails from Montreal with her urban chic line Matiere Noire. During the show, Celine presented soft, feminine boxy pieces from her Spring 2014 line in soft solids and bold horizontal striping. The neutral colour palette of  black, white and oatmeal often had a punch of plum, a colour usually reserved for darker fall colours. The colours were a refreshing change for a Spring collection. Her collection was rounded out with quirky visors and a youthful socks-with-heels look.
For all of the reasons listed, it is clear why a deadlock took place between the judges. Each line encompasses a perfect balance of fresh style paired with favourite attributes from fashion past. Any piece from either collection not only support Canadian fashion, but independent fashion designers as a whole.


Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine

Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine


Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine

Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine


Article written by guest-blogger @Bhreigh


Sid Neigum’s collection at WMCFW

It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be invited at Sid Neigum‘s fashion show as part of Toronto’s recent WMCFW festivities. The collection surpassed my expectations, simple but elegant and it still had the shock factor, this time found in the choice of boots!

I really enjoyed the geometry of Sid’s designs, as well as the peek-a-boo cut-outs and the overall clean look. I noticed a very limited palette of colours, but that made the collection even more so elegant. And of course, everyone was buzzing about those boots as if the models were walking out of a sci-fi movie. Surprisingly, but there were no casualties among the gracious models as they paraded down the runway.  Speaking of the models, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful they all looked! With their angel-like faces, perfect and simplistic make up they were picture-perfect!

Everyone came out to see Sid’s latest collection, including celebrities such as model Stacey McKenzie. Overall, I think it was a great mix of people, and I really enjoyed the vibe of excitement and anticipation.

I hope you enjoy our exclusive photography of the show. Remember if you want to use these you need to get permission from


Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid NeigumSid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum

Memoirs of Melissa Nepton – WMCFW S/S2014

It’s fashion week season and last week it was finally Toronto’s turn. We were so happy to be invited to Melissa Nepton’s show and I couldn’t ask for a better viewing seat! Armed with our passes we were sat in our front row seats. At that point I realized that I’ve never been on that side of the curtain before. Yes, I’ve been to runway events before, but I’ve always participated either as a model or as an organizer. Throughout the event, I couldn’t help picturing myself walking the runway in Melissa’s outfits and I was submerged into the concept behind her collection. You see, a show is not just about the designs, it is about the designer’s choice in models, in make-up and styling, it is about the music and the lighting, as it all comes together in those minutes on the runway.


The first model walks out and Melissa just stole my heart. Inspired from the Japanese culture and Nipponic fashion trends, her pieces reminded me of Kirigami, the Japanese art of paper-cutting. Cut-out dresses and tops are made for the confident woman that has nothing to hide. I also noticed a lot of playful geometrical patterns that bring out the inner child in the beholder. The models wore Kabuki inspired make-up and shoes that brought a pop of colour to the runway. It seems that the black and white trend will continue into next year’s spring and summer seasons, but be generous when applying that blush ladies!


Melissa created the perfectly balanced collection. Her wearable pieces are both minimalistic and bold with clean-cut lines and découpes. A glimpse of the designer at the end of the show and months of hard work were over just like that, but I am happy to have participated at one of the best shows that Toronto Fashion Week offered.

Melissa Nepton is one of the most promising Canadian fashion talents and she has proven it by winning The Target Emerging Designer Award earlier this year. You can shop Melissa’s current collection in over 60 boutiques across Ontario and Quebec and also on her own online store at


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DSC_2605 DSC_2623

Bri Seeley

LA Fashion Week: Bri Seeley Raises Runway Pre-Orders

After moving from Seattle to Los Angeles, fashion designer Bri Seeley knew that she had to do something different to make her brand stand out. And with that, an idea was born— give the fashion world’s loyal followers exactly what they want: the chance to own it first.

“It just makes sense. If someone sees something on the runway, they should be able to buy it immediately,” says Seeley. “Fashion weeks weren’t created for normal people, they were created for buyers. But nowadays, they’ve become a chic and hip thing for people to do.”

Harnessing the buzz from LA Fashion Week, Seeley will be teaming up with Luevo to launch a 30-day campaign to raise pre-orders for her spring/summer 2014 collection. During the runway show, photos of Seeley’s entire collection will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a direct link to purchase any item from the collection exclusively on Luevo.

While larger brands like Top Shop and BCBG have incorporated pre-ordering systems into their shows, Seeley is one of the few independent designers to do so. After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign last year for her Style Fashion Week show, she realized how effective it could be.

“Last time I raised more than I had anticipated. I was giving out handwritten thank you notes to anyone who gave me money. This time it’s better— they get product with it,” says Seeley. “If I could sell out my whole collection before I go onto manufacturing, that would be an ideal world.”

With her spring/summer “Silence Collection” ready to hit the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week on Oct. 4 and LA Fashion Week on Oct. 10, Seeley is preparing to unveil a new line up of covet-worthy pieces reflective of her modern feminine design aesthetic.

“I didn’t move to LA to be like every other fashion designer here,” she says. “I’ve had a lot of people come up to me say, ‘We don’t understand why we can’t buy your stuff as soon as you put it on the runway.’ This is a good way to give people that opportunity. It’s instant gratification.”

Bri Seeley

 Bri Seeley

Article written by Julia Eskins.

Julia Eskins is a Toronto-based writer and features editor at FAJO Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter at @juliaeskins

Bri Seeley

Introducing Bri Seeley – L.A. Based Fashion Designer

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Bri Seeley, independent fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Bri Seeley Designs brings you contemporary vintage fashion, modern apparel with a touch of classic and elegance. Bri started designing since she was in high school and she is formally trained in United States and in Italy, where she got her Master’s diploma in Fashion Design from the  renowned Accademia Italiana.

From Minnesota to Italy, from Seattle to Los Angeles, Bri Seeley is one emerging designer to follow! In 2012 she won Emerging Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week. This year, you can see Bri’s newest collection gracing the runways of Phoenix Fashion week and in Los Angeles – at her runway debut on October 10th. The runway event will  kick off a 30-day campaign to raise pre-orders for the entire collection exclusively on Luevo.


In our brief interview with Bri we asked her a couple of questions:


Luevo: What inspires you?

Bri: Femininity


Luevo: If you could go anywhere in the world,where would that be?

Bri: I would go to Bali.


Luevo: What is your personal style?

Bri:  My personal style is simple, feminine elegance.


Bri Seeley’s new “Silence collection” will soon be available for pre-ordering on Luevo. If you want to attend the fashion show on October 10th in Los Angeles please get your tickets here. If you can’t attend, don’t worry, you can still pre-order any product from her new collection, make sure you are signed up on Luevo.

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley

Little Men™ by Alastair & Euan, children apparel

Little Men™ is exactly what it sounds like – garments designed for young boys with a sense of style. No longer are kids confined to graphic t-shirts and khaki shorts, there are now more options than ever. Young boys aged 2-12 can be appropriately dressed for summer weddings, garden parties and for a dinner out.

Sofia Trokey is a mother of three and the designer behind the Little Men™ brand. The fabrics she uses are cool and lightweight, typically made from cotton. They are perfect for active boys, as the cotton used is comfortable, fashionable and not restricting for a young lifestyle. The designer is inspired by Liberty London, enhancing a confident attitude by creating clothes with classic styles that are funky, fun and playful.

Little Men is at the forefront of children apparel, offering garments that are like no other.  To see more from this Los Angeles based designer, sign-up on Luevo.

Boys children apparel

Boys children apparel

Boys children apparel

Style Guide: Summer to Fall Transition

With the days getting shorter, it’s almost time to say goodbye to summer and embrace the best of fall fashion. While crop tops and beachy maxis can be packed away for next year, transitioning into autumn doesn’t have to involve a complete wardrobe overhaul. Pairing a few on-trend pieces with your existing staples can easily bring you up to speed and prepare you for fall’s most anticipated trends. This season, we’re introduced to a new colour palette filled with shades of grey, rich jewel tones and high-contrast black and white pairings. Take a look at some of the key trends and must-have pieces for the summer to fall transition season.


One of the most notable trends for fall/winter 2013 is oversized outerwear. Thanks to designers like Céline, Carven and Alexander Wang, roomy coats and thick, chunky knits are a go-to choice for cooler days.

While transitioning from summer to fall, bundle up with Toronto-based DylaniumKnits’ fall line of statement accessories in burgundy, cream and black. “My absolute favourite piece is a super heavy long scarf with fringe on either end,” says designer Dylan Uscher. “It’s huge, creates such a statement and help keeps the wearer very warm. This particular wool works on everyone.”

For a casual yet luxe look, opt for Seattle-based designer Paychi Guh’s Two Way Cozy Cardigan in a versatile geometric print, which can easily be paired with Fluevog ankle booties and a Franco Vernica Milano Leather Tote.

Fall 2013 Style guide

1. Paychi Guh Two Way Cozy Cardigan 2. DylaniumKnits Rowen Mobius Scarf 3. Franco Vernica Milano Leather Tote 4. Fluevog Garden of Enjoyment Ankle Booties

Punk Accents

Coinciding with the Met’s Costume Institute punk exhibit, designers like Givenchy, Rodarte and Moschino have shown the fashion world the chic side of plaid, leather and punk-inspired embellishments. If you’re not ready to go all out with grommets and studs, try to subtly incorporate punk elements into your wardrobe with leather accents and mixed metal accessories. Seattle-based Joanna Morgan’s Talisman collection serves up bold Krystallino rings in brass and sterling silver that can complement a plaid statement skirt.

Style Guide Fall 2013

1. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Tartan Leopard Arena Skirt 2. Joanna Morgan Designs Krystallino ring 3. Givenchy Obsedia Leather Shoulder Bag 4. Alice and Olivia Weston Straight Skirt With Buckle

















Practical and chic, layering is a no-brainer for autumn. This season, multi-length pieces layered the right way can create an effortlessly cool ensemble. ”When you transition from snowy streets to hot bar or restaurants I would love you to be wearing one of my silk separates under that coat,” says New York City-based designer Alex Koutny. In unpredictable weather, start with a base that’s versatile, such as a washed silk black tank. Complete the look by layering a pair of Skinny Sweats’ leggings with a tunic and a Mackage leather motto jacket.

Style guide fall 2013

1. Skinny Sweats Arrowhead leggings
2. Mackage for Aritzia Paula Jacket 3. Alex Koutny Lo Tank

Black & White

Black and white combinations have been trending all year and are still going strong for fall/winter 2013. Update the look this fall by opting for a black and white dress in a geometric print, such as a Pink Tartan Hexagon Dress. For a menswear-inspired look, embrace a tuxedo style ensemble by pairing Joeleen Torvick’s black and white shirt with an on-trend pair of tuxedo pants by Skinny Sweats.

Style Guide Fall 2013

1. Skinny Sweats Tuxedo sweats 2. Pink Tartan Hexagon Dress 3. Philip Lim 3.1 x Target black and white dress 4. Joeleen Torvick Black and White shirt

Article written by Julia Eskins.

Julia Eskins is a Toronto-based writer and features editor at FAJO Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter at @juliaeskins

Featuring Miss Kinsman Swimwear

Based in Los Angeles, Miss Kinsman is a unique swimwear brand that pushes the envelope in poolside luxury, exemplifying the dramatic combination of sultry lingerie and high end swimwear. Each piece is carefully hand sewn with the utmost attention, to design distinct, intricate swim separates.

The collections have been featured in many magazines, including Runway Magazine, Fashion Faces and Mariner Magazine. As well, popular online sources such as, Yahoo News, Hollywood Newswire and Lingerie Today had featured Miss Kinsman collections.

Raised on the east coast, designer Joanna Kinsman knows no limit to delivering only the finest Brazilian cut bikinis to a highly fashionably refined clientele. The name Miss Kinsman is synonymous with uncensored fashion and impeccable fit for bikini lovers everywhere.

We are really excited to have Miss Kinsman on board and to feature their new and unique designs soon on Luevo!

Miss Kinsman Miss Kinsman Miss Kinsman

Introducing Joscelyn Himes

Joscelyn Himes is an artisan that specializes in custom dyeing for both fashion and interior design. With the precision of traditional Japanese patterning, tying, hand painting and digital translations, dyeing can be beautifully done on silk charmeuse, silk dupioni, linen, cotton, wool and cashmere.

The designs on these fabrics have been incorporated into collections of prominent design houses, including Urban Zen by Donna Karen, Vera Wang, Donna Karen collection, Bill Blass and Colleen Quen. The designs have also been featured numerous times in the Kansas City Star, KC Magazine and Verge magazine.

Now, Joscelyn is getting ready to launch new collections that will soon be featured on Luevo. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of owning your first original Joscelyn Himes item, sign-up on Luevo today.

Joscelyn Himes Joscelyn Himes