Introducing White Space Jewelry

Jewelry can be timeless and meaningful for many. For Khadijah, founder and creator of White Space, she works at creating those pieces for women who are looking for a distinctive yet everlasting look. The growing jewelry line based in Seattle was created by designer Khadijah Fulton in 2012. All the pieces are hand made and designed by Khadijah. With how much love and care she puts into this line one can easily feel that through her designs. I had the chance to ask her a few questions about White Space Jewelry and about her creative process.

Why the name White Space?

I have always had an appreciation and thirst for so many different things creatively that I feel like with my work I’m looking to create the “new” in the spaces in between my inspirations and experiences. I loved that “White Space” has multiple uses (design, tech, business) but in all of those things it’s an element that can be undefined, but is important and essential.  It’s not there, but it’s SO there. I felt that was a fitting way to give a name to the type of jewelry I was making.

I find it very interesting that you studied metal smith work. Is that something you took interest in when you decided to design jewelry or before?

I’ve designed jewelry with beads and stones as a hobby for years, but never had the time to really delve deep into metalwork until I was out of the corporate grind. I always found it interesting from a distance, but it wasn’t until I had a little break after the birth of my son that I was able to pour all of my creative energies into developing a whole new skill set with tools and materials that are so different from what I’d worked with in the past.



Has the birth of your son changed your design aesthetic? If so, in what way?

It has given me yet another opportunity to connect with other women, made me appreciate that shared experience of motherhood and all the craziness that goes along with it.  You are still who you were, but you’re also forever changed.  You never have enough time and you need quality pieces that can really move with you through that aforementioned craziness while still highlighting your beauty and individuality. So it has pushed me in a cleaner, more minimal direction that is just as focused on versatility as uniqueness.

How was it making that transition from clothing designer to designing jewelry for your own line?

I’ve learned that clarifying your individual creative voice and being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging and rewarding things one can do. It will expose every little quirk you have (good and bad). The learning curve is immense, but what you discover about yourself and how you stretch yourself and connect with others in the process is priceless.  In terms of moving from apparel to jewelry, I am always learning new techniques from masters of the craft and people I work with who have deep wells of knowledge about gemology and metalsmithing.  That aspect is so exciting – I’m constantly learning new skills, which keeps every day interesting, but I also enjoy the freshness I bring to it by not being bound by traditional “rules” of making jewelry.


You’ve said your goal with this jewelry line is to create clean pieces that embrace the power of subtlety. Do any of your jewelry designs have another meaning? Or is it solely designed out of simplicity? 

There are some pieces for which the symbolism of shape comes into play, for example, in my diamond pendant series, the tusks derive from the gentle strength of elephants, and also the belief in them as a symbol of good luck that was instilled in me by the women in my family.  Also, the pendulum speaks to ancient shapes that can be found in African and Peruvian goldsmithing, and the full and half moon pendants echo the lunar phases – all things celestial are endlessly fascinating.  But for the most part I like to explore shape and textural interaction more so than representative symbolism.

SS-lg-tusk-diam-stone-1 INFINITY_RING_BLACK_GOLD


With there being such a high demand for big and flashy jewelry designs what do you feel makes your line stand out?

I make jewelry for women like myself – we’re not as drawn to the big flash, and more to quality of materials and the quietly interesting; pieces that help us broadcast our individuality to the world with a distinctive elegance that prompts a second or third look, a “where did you get that?”, a little unexpected visceral pleasure for ourselves and those around us. 

To learn more about the line or see many more of these amazing pieces go to the White Space’s website or the  White Space Facebook page

Article Written by Jonika. You can follow her at @JonikaJun