Style Fashion Week LA: Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Miss Kinsman Swim

Put down the donuts and muffins right this second. We have to prepare for Summer vacations and weeks laid out on the beach. With that being said, Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Miss Kinsman Swim and Resort have us covered in the swimsuit area.


The first look from Skinny Bikini had me, and the rest of the audience, on the edge of our seats. High waisted two-piece, fire engine red, with python side panels. As if we didn’t already really like the retro cut and style of the high waist bikini, she went and added python; a killer animal for a killer body. What’s good about the cut of this bikini, is that it covers any insecurities we may have with our midsection. It isn’t necessarily a one-piece, which can be cute but the primary reason why we wear them is because we want to cover up our imperfections. Face it, a strappy bikini bears ALL, but this particular piece is sexy all while maintaining our confidence. Plus you don’t feel as naked.


A recurring theme with Skinny Bikini Swimwear, I noticed, was the frilled bikini tops and frilled one-pieces, all with pastel colors. Pink, seafoam green, etc. If you’re feeling a little “Spring-y”, go for this trend. Nothing says spring like a sunny day in LA with a swimsuit that matches those Life-Savor candies during Easter.


My favorite part of the Skinny Bikini show was the embellished kaftans. There was a wide variety of perfection. From the aforementioned trendy pastels, to jungle print (leafy and leopard). The length ranged from right below the bum, to full length. My personal favorite was the all black, sheer, floor-length cover-up with the white-silver embellishments. Usually, kaftans are brightly colored with some exotic print, but this particular one, with its simplicity and glamorous gems, is the complete opposite of the norm. In other words, expect to have all eyes on you when you walk around that 5-star pool.

Miss Kinsman SWIM took a different approach to this season’s swimwear. The bikinis looked almost as if it could be skin tone, but it had a gold finish to it. The great thing about Miss Kinsman’s swimsuits is that it works with just about ANY skin tone.


The navy blue swimsuit caught my eye because the color was so rich. Again, this piece can work with any skin tone. You’re always going to get a different look with different people. Not only with the obvious different body types, but the suit accentuates even the palest and the deepest hues. That, in my opinion, is what has been missing in many swimwear collections; versatility amongst women.


Beauty: Miss Kinsman SWIM models sported long, beachy mermaid waves. Their skin glistened with a gold, dewy finish. I loved the shell and pearl accoutrement as they added that finishing touch to the dreamy mermaid models.

P.S. You can pre-order everything online through Just visit their website and follow the directions! Exclusivity never looked so good.

Article written by Kat Blanca of Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.