Bringing the Drama with Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani is a Los Angeles based celebrity designer best known for her flare for dramatics. She has dressed countless household names including Margaret Cho, Katy Perry and Alassandra Ambrosio, just to name a few.  I had the privilege of getting to know Ina and what makes her tick, as well as talk to her about her new Fall/Winter 2014 collection called 2ND SKIN. She recently showcased her new line at Style Fashion Week on March 9th, 2014, and it is as daring and bold as ever, exuding sheer confidence and strength, two characteristics that every woman should  have in my opinion.

Ina Soltani knew she wanted to be a designer as early as she can remember.  She described to me that she “She knew as early as she knew herself.” From the time she was a young girl in Sarajevo Bosnia, she would make little dresses for all her dolls.  Designing was clearly engraved into her mind  from a very tender age.  Her passion has taken her from lovingly dressing little dolls in her room, to confidently dressing  celebrities on red carpets everywhere.  The journey has not been easy of course.  Ina articulated that “She had to build thick skin on criticisms she received, but ultimately she stayed firm and true to her vision, whilst keeping in mind that it was crucial to make her art form a profitable business.”

What was the turning point in your career that made you say “Yes I’ve finally made it”?

The turning point for me was when I was voted as a finalist for the prestigious Rising Star Award by Fashion Group International. This is a family that has honoured Jason Wu, as well as Tory Burch , and it is a family of leading designers in the world. To enter that family was a true honour and a great validation as a designer.

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani

What inspired you to create this new collection?

This point in my life inspired this collection. It shows a readiness to risk and believe in my choices. Just like the women that will go for it.

How would you describe your process of inspiration? What do you do to keep your ideas fresh and interesting? 

I always say that inspiration and imagination finds me, verses me finding it. I am the explorer, a person that is always intrigued by something new. New culture, new art, new friends, and this is what keeps it all fresh in the expression of oneself.

If you could describe your new collection with one word, what would it be and why? What would you say the overall theme of this collection would be?

Confident. Because it takes a confident woman to exhibit it. It has formfitting, clean lines, it’s daring and it’s leather. The theme and collection is titled 2ND SKIN because that is the way it makes you feel. In regards to this collection, leather is the new cloth.

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani

You have dressed countless people, from Margaret Cho to Alassandra Ambrosio, who would you say you were most excited to dress in the span of your career?

Margaret was great fun, she is such an attractive woman with a great body. Glamouring her up was absolutely great . Of course working with the diva herself JLo! What a fantastic and stunningly gorgeous woman. And must add Miley Cyrus, she is a great talent and an expressive young lady who looks just perfect in my clothes.

Who would you say would be your dream person to dress (if you have not dressed them already)? Maddona. Madonna is an ICONIC woman of power and originality. She is a risk taker with a distinctive sense of style that is truly memorable and trend setting. This is the epitome of what the Ina Soltani woman should be!

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani

What are three pieces in your closet that you simply cannot live without?

Comfortable and chic white pumps, a fabulous bag, and my very own INA SOLTANI motorcycle leather jacket.

Apart from designing, what other passions do you have?

Traveling and exploring different cultures and art is my constant inspiration. Film is a definite passion of this life time for me, which I know I’ll revisit sometime soon.

How has your background in Film influenced your design career?

Film is a great outlet of storytelling, which in a way goes hand in hand with fashion. Fashion is the same shape, just a different form. Both are narrative fields, for the original vision to come alive. I  have deep appreciation for film, which has certainly influenced my dramatic and colourful approach to everything I do.

ina soltani

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Article Written by Angie. You Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Unngie.