808 state Hawaii and fashionable swimwear

Hawaii is a place synonymous with swimwear and warm weather, but the designer of Bikini 808 Hawaii, Lucia Peterson has created a collection that stands out from the multitude of bikinis that fashionistas can choose from. Peterson’s background as a professional body boarder and a lover of water sports has given her the insight needed in making functional, beautiful swimwear.


Lucia Peterson hails from Brazil as a professional body boarder whose major love for water sports made it natural for swimwear to be part of her lifestyle. Her talents in design continued with the passion to see more women like her in the action sports industry, especially in water sports. This passion fueled her to create pieces for athletes and any women that want fashionable pieces to run around the beach in.

Her Spring/Summer 2015 collection shows modern patterns and fits, stemming out of the theme of love. This love includes many things and are embodied in her designs: a love for life, beauty, nature, sport, and fashion. These combine into fun swimwear that inspires women to stay fit and be beautiful on the land and sea. There’s a lot to influence Peterson in the beautiful 808 state of Hawaii and a lot of support for the small grassroots entrepreneur as she continues to improve her designs with the positive feedback she receives. What really makes her collection special is the use of handmade Brazilian and high quality materials.




For Peterson, ‘making it’ is an ongoing process as she oversees a constant evolution and building of her designs. Born in Brazil, the bikini and swimwear is a tradition and essential part of the fashion world. In making fashionable and functional swimwear for extreme conditions, Peterson hopes to help women find active, healthy lifestyles and feel beautiful in them.