Dress for Winter

The temperature has fallen and the snowfall has begun. If you’re anything like me you detest winter. During this time of year your style is completely dependent on the weather. However, you have nothing to fear my fellow readers! I have a few tips that will keep you looking as chic as possible while staying warm.


We’re all looking for a signature piece to brighten our dull winter outfit or jacket. Dylanium Knits has created their very own line of knitted infinity scarves that will not only keep you warm, but also add a little “oomph” to your outfit. This chic oversized möbius cowl is a standout winter pick for me. There are a number of different ways to style this scarf, making it versatile and ready to wear for different occasions.


Finding a balance between being comfortable, warm and stylish can be difficult. This is a challenge many of us can attest to, but Skinny Sweats allows us to feel as comfortable as possible while looking fashionable. Their grey trouser sweats are just one of many featured on the site. Combining this with a pair of casual heels and a blouse makes for a chic workplace outfit that still feels more like a lazy Sunday. The fun thing about these trousers is the stylized patch pockets. It gives these trousers a little edge while still managing to keep it appropriate.

Skinny Sweats

The best way to keep warm this winter without losing your sense of style is by layering. Layering not only adds more life to an outfit, but it also keeps you snug while facing the cold. A sheer blouse, vibrant knitted scarf and oversized blazer, paired with a pair of comfortable trousers can liven up any winter outfit.

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Article written by fashion blogger Jonika Lewis, follow her at @JonikaJun