Women’s Trends For Men

In the world of fashion, the women are always the versatile ones. Why? Well, this is because they can turn men’s clothes into their own by just incorporating different elements from women’s trends. They are able to walk down the street with their boyfriend’s shirt with just a short pant and that is a great ensemble already. Being a blogger I have read quite a lot of blogs that feature men’s clothes translated to women’s and have not read anything that is the other way around.  Now, a lot of you guys might already be saying “Is he crazy? What women’s clothes can he translate to men’s? How is he going to do that?” And to tell you as I came up with the idea of writing this… I knew I was digging my own grave and that if this came up with nothing then too bad for me.


Now… women have a lot of clothing to play with. There are different types of skirts; tanks, and shirts and so much more that can be put on. You girls have it all. Men, we only have shorts, long pants, short sleeves, long sleeves, tank, and shirts. Now, isn’t that unfair? I came up with the brilliant idea of taking women’s clothing and using them for the purpose of dressing men. (And no, not drag queen dressing!)

Imagine a guy with short shorts, a cropped tank not to cropped but just above the belly button with a cardigan wrapped around the waist. Weird, isn’t it? But if it was a woman wearing it, she would look cool.

If we take a trend instead of actual womenswear, we are able to see something better looking. One trend that seems to be popular with women is denim. Denim is worn by everyone, not just women. However, women started looking for ways that they can actually wear it at night (as a night piece). If guys were to follow this trend they would look cool in a bar, but not at a black tie occasion. Women can wear denim dresses and men can wear denim jackets to replace their formal ones. Pair it with tight or straight cut trousers and just a white button down shirt, semi-undone from the chest to the neck.



Another trend is wearing pink. Quite a lot of men are still sticking to the motto that pink is for girls. However, you can wear pink with blue jeans, or blue shorts, black shoes and white belt. You sir, will be good to go.

One great trend that seem to be popping up again is grunge. Females now have the term glam-grunge (or grunge gone glam). If you think of grunge boys, they are not the most fashionable of the group. But if the guys put two opposite things together, then they might have that glam-grunge to them. Semi-skinny jeans (or skinny) with a formal shirt, topped with a leather jacket, paired with black formal shoes. Too much?



Men can pull things women pull off really well. A trend that they pulls off really great is the mini-skirt trend. Men don’t have mini-skirts but we now do have short shorts (slightly shorter short pants just above the knee or a little bit more). Pair that with Toms, a cool short sleeve button down shirt, and then finish it off with a trench coat.

This is all about understanding trends that women enjoy but men can also explore. Why be stuck to what the norm says if you could be a little bit Gaga-esque?

Article written by Jeakeen, the blogger behind Be sure to follow him on Twitter @fashionbyjhake!

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