We take you to Toronto Fashion Week S/S15

Last week Toronto was buzzing with the sound of thousands of fashionistas and the click clack of fabulous stilettos could be heard around every corner. Toronto Fashion Week ( or World Master Card Fashion Week as it is officially known) took place last week where many Canadian designers showcased the best of their work. All of the designers brought their own style and story to their pieces while setting the trends for the upcoming spring season. They all gave us something to look forward to while we endure another blistering winter! These flowy and romantic pieces added a new level of sophistication that we can all hope to achieve for spring. Some key designers were highlighted for their excellent use of colour, patterns, and overall themes that truly encompassed the key trends for the warmer months we are already yearning for. Here are just a few below…

Hilary Macmillan

Toronto based designer Hilary Macmillan’s classic use of lady like silhouettes really hit it off at fashion week. Her use of a more romantic and loose look nods to the bohemian trend we can’t expect in Spring. Flowing garments that are both comfortable and sophisticated allow the wearer to exude an effortless type of style. The clothes literally speak for themselves. Another trend that was very prevalent at fashion week was the use of colour blocking and mixing and matching. Bold colours and patterns paired together to create looks that had great depth and dimension allows the wearer to keep it classy while still being fashion forward.


hilary mcmillan 1

hilary mcmillan


Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser’s collection is all about the fun and flirty while still having an edge. She eluded to the cropped midriff showing trend that has come around and it looks like it’s here to stay. The midriff bearing clothes can be a bit daunting but Hayley’s use of the subtle flash that nods to the cropped trend makes it much more wearable. Again we see the mixing of patterns where one must find a unifying theme among two different patterns to create a solid look. Hayley did this beautifully.



Christopher Bates

Men’s fashion is certainly coming a long way and with designers like Christopher Bates producing such wearable adaptable clothing, our boys can step it up! Christopher’s collection has a modern take on safari and we see a new colour palette for him with the use of sand coloured tones, khaki and off white. Christopher was inspired by the movie “The English Patient” and he was so moved by that palette and interpreted it into this collections. Also big thing for spring is the more formal wearable shorts for men. Much for tailored for all occasions.


christopher bates 1

Elan Castor

Leah Antoinette’s dreamy and romantic collection named “Regeneration” was a breath of fresh air indeed. The feeling of renewal and freshness was definitely present in this collection. Her use of a lush palette of fuchsias, turquoises and deep purples along with intricate knits nodded to the bohemian trend once again. This collection is very laid back, cool, and effortless. The knits in her collection were inspired by her grandmother who taught her to knit and the deep appreciation could definitely be seen in every thread. The collection also nods to the nautical trend. Stripes come and go, but according to this collection they will never be more relevant than now!

elan n castor

elan n castor 1

Matthew Ghallager

To me, Matthew Ghallager was the star of the show. With his feminine, sophisticated silhouettes and clothing that fit beautifully, really compliments a woman’s silhouette. His use of a pastel colour palette can be described as nothing but pretty, soft, and beautiful. I know I was not the only one who was left speechless by the truly beautiful pieces he had to offer.

matthew ghallgher

matthew ghallagher


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