The story behind that Longchamp Le Pliage tote

We’re taking you back in history to visit the street style scene in Paris just before the 1920s. Mashable posted an article titled “1910-1920: Fashion at the Parisian Races”. The title is self explanatory and the article explores the beautiful trends of the period leading up to the 1920s. The famous horse races at the Longchamp Grand Prix was also the venue for stunning fashion as shown by these photos.

As you could imagine, World War 1 was a bleak time for Parisians and the end of the war signaled a move towards a hopeful future. Exuberance and lightness marked the period and women had more freedom than ever after the war. This affected their dress as corsets loosened and freedom allowed for bare legs and shorter hemlines. It wasn’t just about women having the freedom to wear whatever they chose, but the breakdown of constraints on women that started with women’s roles in the war.

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To define it simply, this period could be described as a fashion revolution with iconic designers like Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret making political and social statements about women through their designs. We decided we would take look at how these trends have continued more 100 years to today’s street and celebrity style. One accessory that has become an icon with these events are hats.

The large brimmed hats lasted the test of time.  No matter if they are have large bows, feathers or oversized floral accessories, these hats allow you to express your style while still keeping up with the trend!

We love these hats from Woodbine Racetrack, the bright and bold hats add a beautiful splash of colour to any outfit!

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Queen’s Plate at Woodbine Racetrack – Courtesy of

If you love the sophisticated and classic look of the veil that was often worn to these types of events, take a page from Rihanna’s style book to try it out yourself! We love how effortlessly RiRi incorporates this classy net veil into her outfit. So chic and so cute!

Rihanna Veil

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The fascinator look might be more difficult to pull off in your day-to-day outfits, but if you ever have a wedding or other formal occasion, they add a classic and flirty touch to what you’re wearing.  Now who can rock the headpiece better than royalty? We are looking to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for inspiration on this trend.

kate middleton

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The Longchamp Grand Prix was one event that attracted and displayed the great French fashions of the time. We can see why the iconic French brand Longchamp took inspiration from this history and we’re thankful for the fabulous style that these women wore and changed for fashionistas of the next generation.