Memoirs of Melissa Nepton – WMCFW S/S2014

It’s fashion week season and last week it was finally Toronto’s turn. We were so happy to be invited to Melissa Nepton’s show and I couldn’t ask for a better viewing seat! Armed with our passes we were sat in our front row seats. At that point I realized that I’ve never been on that side of the curtain before. Yes, I’ve been to runway events before, but I’ve always participated either as a model or as an organizer. Throughout the event, I couldn’t help picturing myself walking the runway in Melissa’s outfits and I was submerged into the concept behind her collection. You see, a show is not just about the designs, it is about the designer’s choice in models, in make-up and styling, it is about the music and the lighting, as it all comes together in those minutes on the runway.


The first model walks out and Melissa just stole my heart. Inspired from the Japanese culture and Nipponic fashion trends, her pieces reminded me of Kirigami, the Japanese art of paper-cutting. Cut-out dresses and tops are made for the confident woman that has nothing to hide. I also noticed a lot of playful geometrical patterns that bring out the inner child in the beholder. The models wore Kabuki inspired make-up and shoes that brought a pop of colour to the runway. It seems that the black and white trend will continue into next year’s spring and summer seasons, but be generous when applying that blush ladies!


Melissa created the perfectly balanced collection. Her wearable pieces are both minimalistic and bold with clean-cut lines and découpes. A glimpse of the designer at the end of the show and months of hard work were over just like that, but I am happy to have participated at one of the best shows that Toronto Fashion Week offered.

Melissa Nepton is one of the most promising Canadian fashion talents and she has proven it by winning The Target Emerging Designer Award earlier this year. You can shop Melissa’s current collection in over 60 boutiques across Ontario and Quebec and also on her own online store at


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Bri Seeley

LA Fashion Week: Bri Seeley Raises Runway Pre-Orders

After moving from Seattle to Los Angeles, fashion designer Bri Seeley knew that she had to do something different to make her brand stand out. And with that, an idea was born— give the fashion world’s loyal followers exactly what they want: the chance to own it first.

“It just makes sense. If someone sees something on the runway, they should be able to buy it immediately,” says Seeley. “Fashion weeks weren’t created for normal people, they were created for buyers. But nowadays, they’ve become a chic and hip thing for people to do.”

Harnessing the buzz from LA Fashion Week, Seeley will be teaming up with Luevo to launch a 30-day campaign to raise pre-orders for her spring/summer 2014 collection. During the runway show, photos of Seeley’s entire collection will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a direct link to purchase any item from the collection exclusively on Luevo.

While larger brands like Top Shop and BCBG have incorporated pre-ordering systems into their shows, Seeley is one of the few independent designers to do so. After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign last year for her Style Fashion Week show, she realized how effective it could be.

“Last time I raised more than I had anticipated. I was giving out handwritten thank you notes to anyone who gave me money. This time it’s better— they get product with it,” says Seeley. “If I could sell out my whole collection before I go onto manufacturing, that would be an ideal world.”

With her spring/summer “Silence Collection” ready to hit the runway during Phoenix Fashion Week on Oct. 4 and LA Fashion Week on Oct. 10, Seeley is preparing to unveil a new line up of covet-worthy pieces reflective of her modern feminine design aesthetic.

“I didn’t move to LA to be like every other fashion designer here,” she says. “I’ve had a lot of people come up to me say, ‘We don’t understand why we can’t buy your stuff as soon as you put it on the runway.’ This is a good way to give people that opportunity. It’s instant gratification.”

Bri Seeley

 Bri Seeley

Article written by Julia Eskins.

Julia Eskins is a Toronto-based writer and features editor at FAJO Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter at @juliaeskins

Montreal Fashion Week: Five Emerging Designers

Montreal Fashion Week: Five Emerging Designers

Fresh off the four-day whirlwind of Montréal Fashion Week, it’s impossible to shake the anticipation for spring/summer 2014’s best pieces and trends. Even more so, it’s always exciting to see what Canada’s emerging designers have to offer – and what better launching pad than the MFW runway? From Sept. 3 to Sept. 6, over 20 designers unveiled their collections. We’ve picked five emerging designers that stood out among the rest this season.

Caroline Constas

Montréal-born, New York City-based designer Caroline Constas proves that a jet set lifestyle can be a major inspiration. After enrolling at Parsons The New School for Design and debuting her line in 2012, Constas experienced a meteoric rise to success. Her spring/summer 2014 collection is inspired by her travels to Greece and France. Using European fabrics and detailed finishes, Constas delivers impeccably tailored separates that beg to be worn on a Mediterranean jaunt.

  CarolineConstas_3 CarolineConstas_2 CarolineConstas_1

Pedram Karimi

Pedram Karimi first caught the fashion world’s attention when he won second place in Telio’s Breakthrough Designer Competition during Montréal Fashion Week in 2011. Fast forward two years later and you’ll find him still garnering praise for modern designs reflective of his diverse background. This season, Karimi opened Montréal Fashion Week with the launch of his fusion line, PEDRAM. Inspired by the playful characteristics of youth, the collection features Karimi’s talent for creating fluidity, movement and volume.

PEDRAM_2013-09-03_16564287_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin PEDRAM_2013-09-03_16561231_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin PEDRAM_2013-09-03_16521359_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin

Mélissa Nepton

Since being crowned the winner of the Target Emerging Designer Award in February, all eyes are on Mélissa Nepton’s next move. While her exclusive line for Target Quebec drew inspiration from the 1960’s, Nepton’s signature spring/summer 2014 collection turns the focus on Japanese culture. Exploring both traditional and contemporary elements of Tokyo, Nepton’s “Pikuseru” collection delivers pixelated prints and a playful approach to Japanese-inspired silhouettes.

MELISSA_NEPTON_2013-09-03_21090450_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin MELISSA_NEPTON_2013-09-03_21102660_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin


Praised for bringing a modern twist to the femme fatal, Montréal -based designers Simon Bélanger and José Manuel St-Jacques can be counted on for daring dresses and structured staples. After interning and working with renowned Canadian designer Denis Gagnon, the duo went on to form their brand in 2011. This season, UNTTLD uses mesh, strategic draping and a black and white print that was created from blown-up images of cigarette butts.

UNTTLD_2013-09-03_22071124_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin UNTTLD_2013-09-03_22051202_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin UNTTLD_2013-09-03_22054313_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin

Martin Lim

Following the launch of their label in 2010 and Mercedes-Benz Start-up Competition win in 2011, design duo Danielle Martin and Pao Lim have continued to capture the hearts of strong striding city girls everywhere. The Central Saint Martins graduates refined their design skills while working with renowned international designers like Christian Lacroix. It’s no surprise that their latest spring/summer collection delivers the goods while blending seaside elegance with urban comfort.

MartinLim_1 MartinLim_3 MartimLim_2


Article written by Julia Eskins.

Julia Eskins is a Toronto-based writer and features editor at FAJO Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter at @juliaeskins

Bri Seeley

Introducing Bri Seeley – L.A. Based Fashion Designer

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Bri Seeley, independent fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Bri Seeley Designs brings you contemporary vintage fashion, modern apparel with a touch of classic and elegance. Bri started designing since she was in high school and she is formally trained in United States and in Italy, where she got her Master’s diploma in Fashion Design from the  renowned Accademia Italiana.

From Minnesota to Italy, from Seattle to Los Angeles, Bri Seeley is one emerging designer to follow! In 2012 she won Emerging Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week. This year, you can see Bri’s newest collection gracing the runways of Phoenix Fashion week and in Los Angeles – at her runway debut on October 10th. The runway event will  kick off a 30-day campaign to raise pre-orders for the entire collection exclusively on Luevo.


In our brief interview with Bri we asked her a couple of questions:


Luevo: What inspires you?

Bri: Femininity


Luevo: If you could go anywhere in the world,where would that be?

Bri: I would go to Bali.


Luevo: What is your personal style?

Bri:  My personal style is simple, feminine elegance.


Bri Seeley’s new “Silence collection” will soon be available for pre-ordering on Luevo. If you want to attend the fashion show on October 10th in Los Angeles please get your tickets here. If you can’t attend, don’t worry, you can still pre-order any product from her new collection, make sure you are signed up on Luevo.

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley

Christopher Bates

Menswear designer Christopher Bates

Toronto-based Christopher Bates is an intrepid designer achieving a meteoric rise in the fashion industry. The  designer trained in Milan at legendary Istituto Marangoni and he is already a favorite designer among celebrities.  The Christopher Bates line is the definition of clean lines, chic designs with a dash of 1950s styling. The line focuses on smart-casual wear, great for transitioning from day to night, or even work to wedding. With both ready-to-wear and bespoke are available, there is a piece for every stylish man to stand out in the crowd.

The garments were featured on the Globe & Mail for showcasing some of the boldest designs on the runway. Toronto Star writers admired the mixture of materials and bright colours and the Edito praised Christopher Bates for continuing their famous wow factor. Other editorials including Frank, Dress to Kill and Urbanebloc had raving reviews of the young designer and his collections.

You can find the Christopher Bates newest collection at Holt Renfrew and exclusive items on Luevo soon. Please sign up at for early access!


Christopher Bates

Christopher Bates

Christopher Bates

Little Men™ by Alastair & Euan, children apparel

Little Men™ is exactly what it sounds like – garments designed for young boys with a sense of style. No longer are kids confined to graphic t-shirts and khaki shorts, there are now more options than ever. Young boys aged 2-12 can be appropriately dressed for summer weddings, garden parties and for a dinner out.

Sofia Trokey is a mother of three and the designer behind the Little Men™ brand. The fabrics she uses are cool and lightweight, typically made from cotton. They are perfect for active boys, as the cotton used is comfortable, fashionable and not restricting for a young lifestyle. The designer is inspired by Liberty London, enhancing a confident attitude by creating clothes with classic styles that are funky, fun and playful.

Little Men is at the forefront of children apparel, offering garments that are like no other.  To see more from this Los Angeles based designer, sign-up on Luevo.

Boys children apparel

Boys children apparel

Boys children apparel

Featuring B.E. Shields

B.E. Shields is an exciting new label that features the creative mind of Toronto based fashion designer, Theresa Ibbetson. Theresa has spent most of her formative years in Europe and drew inspiration from years of travelling to launch B.E. Shields upon her return home in Canada. The designer is formally trained at the prestigious College LaSalle, fashion design program in Montreal.

B.E. Shields is about simplicity, life, family and friends.

B.E.SHIELDS is a line which focuses on understated elegance and originality. With a strong attention to details, fabrics and cuts, Theresa built a brand which is both classic and elegant, which still remains edgy and modern. B.E. Shields’ most recent show was during Fashion Art Toronto week, for which she received raving reviews. We look forward seeing many more from Theresa, and if you want to get a peek into her new collection, make sure you register at

B.E. Shields B.E. Shields B.E. Shields

Introducing Franco Vernica

Franco Vernica is a notable fashion designer, with a passion for exotic animal leather accessories including handbags and shoes. His brand was launched in 2013 and the designer soon became best known for his handmade luxury handbags. The designer remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that define his brand, carefully and ethically sourcing his materials.

Franco is launching his private collection of luxury bags exclusively on Luevo. All of his items are manufactured under the highest quality standards in Italy and they all come with a certificate of authenticity. Details and exquisite craftsmanship can be found in all of the Franco Vernica products.

We are excited to have Franco on our platform, as he brings a legacy of luxury through all his products exclusively to our customers. If you want to be first in line for his exclusive limited-edition luxury bags collection sign-up on for  your personal invitation.

 Franco Vernica Franco Vernica

Going Green: Three Eco-fashion Designers To Know

Over the past year, “fast fashion” has joined the arsenal of buzz-phrases used by eco-fashion followers and style bloggers alike. With every season bringing forth new trends, the demand for throwaway fashion is quickly answered by large retailers— and often at a cost to the environment.

While many shoppers realize that a $10 shirt likely has ethical and environmental ramifications, knowing how to find eco-friendly clothing and accessories is not always clear. Add the fact that many brands have hopped on the bandwagon by using terms like “organic,” “sustainable” and “natural” for marketing purposes, and the quest becomes even more difficult.

There is no single definition for eco-fashion. Sustainability can range from using organic fabrics and creating garments from recycled materials to disposing of production waste responsibly. On the quest for eco apparel, investigating every aspect of production is essential. Many of the top sustainable fashion brands, including People Tree, Edun and Carrie Parry are also fiercely committed to ethical business practices.

Environmentally friendly fashion isn’t new. In fact, it first garnered popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s with designers like Martin Margiela and Stella McCartney. What’s changed is that it’s no longer just considered a fad. With Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver inspiring other cities to follow suit, it’s safe to say green isn’t just the new black; it’s here to stay.

For those ready to venture into the world of environmentally friendly style, we’ve rounded up the three eco-fashion designers to know:

Elroy Apparel

Vancouver-based Leanne McElroy is leading the pack of eco-friendly designers in Canada. The company uses an ethical business model by supporting fair trade markets in Indonesia’s developing communities. Elroy’s line features chic and feminine pieces made from organic cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp, tencel, wild silk, in addition to other organic, sustainable and upcycled materials.

Stella McCartney

Earning the Designer of the Year accolade at the 2012 British Fashion Awards, Stella McCartney continues to prove that leather and fur aren’t always necessary on the runway. In addition to her commitment to being cruelty free and vegan, McCartney uses sustainable fabric technology to produce her high-end collections.


Loomstate may be mass-produced, but the New York City-based company uses environmentally friendly fabrics and practices. The brand was founded in 2004 by design duo Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn. Loomstate strives to eliminate manufacturing waste and uses 100 per cent organic cotton while also promoting a closed-loop product life cycle. Plus, the effortlessly chic garments from their 321 collection can be worn up to five different ways.

Stella McCartney Stella McCartney Stella McCartney


Images from Stella McCartney’s autumn 2013 campaign; Featured image: Elroy Apparel (Fall 2013 look book)

Article written by Julia Eskins.

Julia Eskins is a Toronto-based writer and features editor at FAJO Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter at @juliaeskins

Featuring Alex Koutny

Based in New York City, Alexander Koutny designs stunning garments with clean cut lines, drapey designs and raw cut hems. The clothing he creates are both sophisticated and edgy, smart and definitely make great topics for bloggers and fashion editors around the world.  The Alex Koutny pieces are great for a layered look in the fall or wearing solo in the spring, making these garments not only fashionable but versatile and seasonless. The designer uses high quality fabrics such silk crepe de chine, silk organza, and poly with stretch mesh for an airy summer look or textured fall feel. His pieces are developed out of a study of the interaction between urban function and an alternative style of the present .

There is no doubt that Alex Koutny is paving the way for a new era of chic and timeless look  and we are excited to be part of his journey. Sign-up today to get a peek into the latest Alex Koutny collection and be the first in line to pre-order their products.

Alex Koutny Alex Koutny Alex Koutny