Talking Skinny Bikini with Aida Takyrbasheva

It is officially spring! This means it is time to shop for shorts, skirts, sandals and all that other good stuff. During winter we work hard in the gym and keep at our diets for this moment. To flaunt our summer body and feel confident in our own skin. While you prepare for that vacation or just for the summer in your city, you begin searching for a bikini that is just right for you. Skinny Bikini is a swimwear line that is sure to embody everything you are looking for in a bikini.

Aida Takyrbasheva and Kelly Mi Li are the founders of Skinny Bikini. A glamorous, daring, sexy and edgy type of fashionista is what they had in mind when they founded the swimwear line. Skinny Bikini is known for their sexy cuts, and their original bold prints and designs. All this and the impeccable fit is why Skinny Bikini has attracted so many women to date. I had the pleasure of speaking with Aida about their line and their new collection, Jet Set Glamour 2014.

Can you tell us briefly about how you got started with Skinny Bikini Swimwear?

For years I have been in search of a perfect bikini that would not only enhance my figure, offer incredible comfort and support target areas, but also be an expression of my individuality, high-fashion taste, and sensual style. Travelling from a young age, has evoked feelings of love and appreciation for a diverse palette of colors, designs, culture, and multi-faceted people. In addition, being raised by such powerful, strong, inspiring women such as my grandmothers and mother allowed me to develop an immense appreciation for beauty, the art of fashion and expressing a personal sense of femininity and uniqueness from the inside out.

Aida from Skinny Bikini

It is with this dream in mind that I have become so passionate about designing my very own line of swimwear. Skinny Bikini represents a confident woman, show-stopping jetsetter with an immeasurable sense of individuality who loves to have fun. A Skinny Bikini customer is daring and edgy, provocative yet elegant, and appreciates a comfortable fit without having to sacrifice a sexy look.

Describe Skinny Bikini. What sets this a part from other swimwear brands?

With our attention to detail, hand crafted precision, unique designs, and dedicated team of employees, we raise the bar for designer swimwear transforming our products into luxurious, sophisticated pieces. Our end products speak for themselves with their “second skin” fit and comfort. At the end of the day, no matter how beautiful a swimsuit is, if it doesn’t fit properly and accentuate a woman’s figure she won’t buy it. Versatility is also a big factor that sets our line a part. Many of our pieces have detachable accessories that are easy to dress up or dress down for a more casual setting.

Skinny Bikini

What’s your design background?

Years of travel, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and admiration for the richness of different cultures have allowed designer AidaTakyrbasheva to experience a fascinating life journey and served as inspiration in founding Skinny Bikini Swimwear. The brand sky rocketed a year into business when partner Kelly Mi Li, a successful entrepreneur, came on board adding great synergy to the established team. The interesting people, treasurable moments of love and exotic places served as a road map to inspiration for the 2014 Jet Set Glamour Collection. This collection is dedicated to bold, confident, unique women who are passionate about life, strong in their sense of individuality, worldly in their outlook, and classy in their etiquette. They aspire to look fabulously luxurious while collecting new experiences on their adventures.

What has helped you come up with some themes for your collections? For example, your From Russia with Love Collection.

I believe that inspiration comes in all shapes and forms if you aspire to inspire. Look around you it is everywhere: it is in the colorful details of a gorgeous sunset, it is in the early blossom of spring flowers,  it is in the experiences and people that you meet when travelling and it is also from within one’s soul.

Our 2013 Collection: “From Russia With Love” is a sneak peek into the ever so rich, bold, extravagant, gaudy world of glamour. There are many layers to the Russian culture due to the abundance and diversity of cultural history. My goal with the new collection was to show our audience the intricate details, powerful colors, and opulent statement pieces that you can rock from the runway to the beach. I also wanted to push the traditional boundaries of the swimwear industry and sex it up a notch!

What’s your favourite type of swimwear to wear? One piece or two piece? colour?

It depends on the occasion and my mood. I believe in dressing for your body and how you feel. Let’s face it we don’t always wake up feeling like a super model ready to strut around the pool. Sometimes we just want to be the girl next door and slip into something more comfortable while lounging at the beach. So it all depends on the day. We’re women and we’re unpredictable, so it’s good to have lots of options!

What do you think the 2014 swimwear trend will be for this summer?

2014 will be about combining different fabrics, textures, and pushing the limits. Lots of geometrical shapes, fun laser cut outs, custom printed fabrics.

I’ve been on some cruises and gone to some pool parties, but I can never find a great outfit to pair with my bikini! In your opinion how do you make your bikini stylish with your whole outfit for a party, the beach or on a cruise?

My advice would be to find 2-3 staple swimsuits of your wardrobe and dress them up with accessories. I’m not big on mixing and matching tops/ bottoms but if you invest in a nice one piece, bandeau bikini and triangle top bikini you are set. Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and work with your favorite pieces and switch up your cover ups, incorporate hats and other accessories. We have a variety of different styles on that will satisfy all of your fashion needs!

Skinny Bikini

Be sure to keep up to date with Skinny Bikini and connect with them on theirFacebookInstagram,  Twitter and Tumblr!

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Style Fashion Week LA: Altaf Maaneshia

Altaf Maaneshia. I’ll let the name resonate in your mind for a moment.

Ladies and gents, when I tell you that I started to go crazy when I met him, I mean it. From the fanning of the face to the overtly powerful hugs, to the welling of the tears. Altaf is one of my favorite designers and when I tell you that he delivers, I mean he does it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I fell in love with this designer, now my friend, when I saw his last collection. His clothes scream class, sophistication, power, and of course style.

Altaf Maaneshia (two ‘A’s’, look him up) is, in my opinion, the new Chanel (the classic Chanel, not the latest). When you think of a business suit, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Boring, dark blue or black, ill-fitting pencil skirt, and an ugly jacket to pair with it, yes? Well let’s change that perception shall we?


Altaf incorporates one thing that I absolutel loved with his pencil skirts…fur. No one ever forbid fur skirts in the workplace right? So why not up the ante in the skirt game?

What’s great about Altaf’s collection is that it is versatile. You can wear every single piece from day to night. It all depends on how you style it. Let’s take the ankle length skirt for instance, probably one of the most difficult pieces to wear without looking like a nun. Attack it head on with a pair of killer shoes. Whether you dress it up with pointy-toed or sky high platform heels or if you’re feeling a little quirky, pair it with some vintage sneakers for a retro 90s look.


The issue with classic womenswear is that some designer often create bland pieces. The word “classic” is often misconstrued and portrayed as simple and boring, respectively. The thing is, year after year, with ever changing styles and more lenient and fashion forward workplaces, designers have more and more space to create an edgier, more fashionable piece. Altaf Maaneshia does exactly that with his F/W ’14 collection.

His line represents the powerful woman. She’s strong, takes chances, doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and she has style; all in all, she’s a superwoman, at ANY age. At 21 you can rock the mini dress with the killer thigh high boots or the leather zip up pants. At 34 you can wear the ruffled top or the knee-length pencil skirts. At 52, we can pull out those long fur coats and full A-line dresses. Or, if you’re like me, we can pull them out right now.


I was, and still am, in love with Altaf Maaneshia’s designs. What’s next for the designer? I can’t wait to see.

Written by Kat Blanca of Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Ina Soltani F/W ’14 Collection

Style Fashion Week has begun! Now imagine me saying that as the MC with the blue hair from Hunger Games. And let’s congratulate SFW for becoming the OFFICIAL fashion week of Los Angeles. What a historical feat! We kicked off Fashion Week with Ina Soltani premiering her F/W ’14  collection, and might I say, it was enthralling. Known for her beautiful red carpet creations, she is one to look out for. This season, she hit us with leather, tough girl looks for the inner bad ass cat woman in all of us gals.

Ina Soltani

The look that caught my eye was the black leather “freakum” dress (thanks Beyoncé). With it’s plunging neckline and high hem line, this daring dress can turn a lackluster woman into a GLAMazon goddess. I love the way Soltani included shoulder pads; they draw the eye straight to the collarbone which is, in my opinion, the sexiest asset on a woman.

Soltani incorporated a series of blazers and jackets in her collection that could start a trend revolution. Leather studded blazers? Sign me up! The leather jacket with the half sleeve sort of reminded me of a vintage tweed jacket from Chanel. I love the modern twist she put on it. Quilted leather detail and a fringe on the edges. What got me was Ina’s attention to detail. Once the light hit the jacket just right, the fringe shimmered a bit. I love hidden assets in clothing, it adds much more value to the piece.

Ina Soltani

This high slit dress is calling my name. Because of the high neckline, the slit has the ability to show just the right amount of skin before sexy becomes too revealing. The back of the dress shows cut outs, lined with, you guessed it, leather. A woman’s back also eludes sex appeal which is why Soltani is right on point with this dress. The jersey knit gives it the perfect amount of movement while simultaneously hugging your body in all of the right spots.

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani’s collection called for high slick pony’s to add a polished finish to the look. The model’s eyes were lined in dark liner while the rest of the face were made up to look more natural. Definitely a tough girl look.

Trend report: Leather. Leather. Leather! We’re getting down and dirty with the biker boys, but keeping it sexy and feminine.

What do you think? Are you ready to let out your inner cat woman?

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Bringing the Drama with Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani is a Los Angeles based celebrity designer best known for her flare for dramatics. She has dressed countless household names including Margaret Cho, Katy Perry and Alassandra Ambrosio, just to name a few.  I had the privilege of getting to know Ina and what makes her tick, as well as talk to her about her new Fall/Winter 2014 collection called 2ND SKIN. She recently showcased her new line at Style Fashion Week on March 9th, 2014, and it is as daring and bold as ever, exuding sheer confidence and strength, two characteristics that every woman should  have in my opinion.

Ina Soltani knew she wanted to be a designer as early as she can remember.  She described to me that she “She knew as early as she knew herself.” From the time she was a young girl in Sarajevo Bosnia, she would make little dresses for all her dolls.  Designing was clearly engraved into her mind  from a very tender age.  Her passion has taken her from lovingly dressing little dolls in her room, to confidently dressing  celebrities on red carpets everywhere.  The journey has not been easy of course.  Ina articulated that “She had to build thick skin on criticisms she received, but ultimately she stayed firm and true to her vision, whilst keeping in mind that it was crucial to make her art form a profitable business.”

What was the turning point in your career that made you say “Yes I’ve finally made it”?

The turning point for me was when I was voted as a finalist for the prestigious Rising Star Award by Fashion Group International. This is a family that has honoured Jason Wu, as well as Tory Burch , and it is a family of leading designers in the world. To enter that family was a true honour and a great validation as a designer.

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani

What inspired you to create this new collection?

This point in my life inspired this collection. It shows a readiness to risk and believe in my choices. Just like the women that will go for it.

How would you describe your process of inspiration? What do you do to keep your ideas fresh and interesting? 

I always say that inspiration and imagination finds me, verses me finding it. I am the explorer, a person that is always intrigued by something new. New culture, new art, new friends, and this is what keeps it all fresh in the expression of oneself.

If you could describe your new collection with one word, what would it be and why? What would you say the overall theme of this collection would be?

Confident. Because it takes a confident woman to exhibit it. It has formfitting, clean lines, it’s daring and it’s leather. The theme and collection is titled 2ND SKIN because that is the way it makes you feel. In regards to this collection, leather is the new cloth.

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani

You have dressed countless people, from Margaret Cho to Alassandra Ambrosio, who would you say you were most excited to dress in the span of your career?

Margaret was great fun, she is such an attractive woman with a great body. Glamouring her up was absolutely great . Of course working with the diva herself JLo! What a fantastic and stunningly gorgeous woman. And must add Miley Cyrus, she is a great talent and an expressive young lady who looks just perfect in my clothes.

Who would you say would be your dream person to dress (if you have not dressed them already)? Maddona. Madonna is an ICONIC woman of power and originality. She is a risk taker with a distinctive sense of style that is truly memorable and trend setting. This is the epitome of what the Ina Soltani woman should be!

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani

What are three pieces in your closet that you simply cannot live without?

Comfortable and chic white pumps, a fabulous bag, and my very own INA SOLTANI motorcycle leather jacket.

Apart from designing, what other passions do you have?

Traveling and exploring different cultures and art is my constant inspiration. Film is a definite passion of this life time for me, which I know I’ll revisit sometime soon.

How has your background in Film influenced your design career?

Film is a great outlet of storytelling, which in a way goes hand in hand with fashion. Fashion is the same shape, just a different form. Both are narrative fields, for the original vision to come alive. I  have deep appreciation for film, which has certainly influenced my dramatic and colourful approach to everything I do.

ina soltani

You can follow the dramatic and talented Ina Soltani on Twitter and Instagram @InaSoltani

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Talking Skinny Bags with Elena Sibiryakova

Creating pieces true to that one person can be real tricky. However, founder and CEO of Skinny Bags Elena Sibiryakova has done just that. Elena has created a small leather bag that women can wear for any occasion. These bags come in different colours and can be customized to add your own personal touch.  She founded the leather hand bag company last year and has since seen it grow into the new year. I had the opportunity to ask Elena a few questions about the company and herself.

Can you tell us how you got started with Skinny Bags?

I’ve always had that idea to run my own company. With Skinny Bags it all got started once my husband and I moved to Los Angeles. We fell in love with the Californian creative spirit, and that’s how we got the idea to create our handbag line. My husband and I combined fashion and engineering experience together to create an outstanding product. I am very happy with the results we have! Every Skinny Bag is a bold statement piece, while very durable, reliable and practical. We are very proud that all our handbags are made in the USA.

Skinny Bags

Why custom leather bags? What intrigues you about a leather bag?

As many other girls, I am obsessed with bags! And I do believe that a high-quality bag is one of the best investments! I mean you can be wearing a simple dress, but once you pair it with a statement, high-end purse, it immediately makes you look more classy and chic! For Skinny Bags we use only genuine leather because the quality is very important for us.

Skinny Bags

What are some of your interests that have helped in the creation of the brand?

Obviously, reading, fashion and travelling! Plus, as I said I have always been a very business-oriented person. Working as a fashion buyer requires a lot of different skills. You are in charge of the whole process of creation, production and sales, starting from the analysis of the trend for the collection till the actual product in the store. All my previous experience helped me a lot while creating Skinny Bags!

Skinny Bags

I read in one of your interviews that because of you being a fashion buyer you had the opportunity to travel to many different places. Can you tell us which place impacted you the most in terms of serving as inspiration for Skinny Bags and your own designs?

While traveling a lot, I was thrilled by how many amazing, beautiful and absolutely unique places are out there. Every place has its own attraction and charm. The same thing with fashion. I feel like many people are getting tired of mass market and fast-fashion products, and they are hunting for something new, rare and unique. But as I said, the biggest inspiration behind Skinny Bags was the city of Los Angeles.

What would be on your custom Skinny Bag?

My Diary is a kind of my own custom bag, because it’s very personal for me. Also, I would probably go with my initials or some sweet nicknames that I got from my husband. I love working on custom Skinny Bags because it’s such a wonderful way to express yourself! At the same time, it is so amazing when men contact me asking to create a custom Skinny Bag for their sweethearts! That is the best one of a kind gift ever. It is very stylish and practical! I should probably share this idea with my husband.

Skinny Bags

What is next for Skinny Bags?

We are currently working on our new collection, which will be all about fresh colors. Also, we are already going worldwide. I am so proud to say that Skinny Bags are is available not only in Los Angeles, but in the very heart of Moscow, Russia. You can find them in the amazing boutique close to Red Square called Podium Market.  We are so also excited about our launch with Luevo, which starts on March 13th. We hope this will help us bring Skinny Bags closer to many fashionistas all over the world.

You can find Skinny Bags here at Luevo on March 13th. Make sure to keep up with them from their Twitter, Instagram , Facebook and the company website.

Let us know what your favourite Skinny Bag is @LuevoFashion

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Up Close with Mika Kari of Black Teal Brick and Steel

Mika Kari is the designer and founder of Black Teal Brick and Steel. I had the pleasure of getting to know her better, and learn about her new collection that recently premiered at Philly Fashion Week. After speaking with Mika, one would be able to see how much love she has for life and for the experiences it brings. It is those two very important factors that help create this line. She founded Black Teal Brick and Steel in 2013 after doing freelance work. Having the freedom to create whatever she imagined is what pushed her to launch BTBS.

Why did you decide to have a designer name and is there any meaning behind the name Mika?

I like to keep my designer persona separate from my personal life. Hence, I go by two different names. My family knows me as Mandee, but the runway calls me Mika Kari. The name “Mika” is Japanese. Japanese street fashion was a world I uncovered in high school, and it was a big part of the reason I became a fashion designer. The culture inspired and intrigued me. I took the name Mika (美 (mi) “beautiful” combined with 香 (ka) “scent”) because my spark for designing began with Japan. I found the name to be fitting.

Black Teal Brick and Steel

How did you start your design journey? 

I started my design journey with my Grandmother when I was very young. She was a factory seamstress, and my love for designing really began with her. She will always be my inspiration. I did go to college, VCU Arts, for fashion design as well, and shortly after graduating I created my brand “Black Teal Brick and Steel.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your new collection? Why did you choose to take it “back to the basics”?

As I see the world around us become more and more complex and difficult, I wanted to be able to bring forth a collection that was simple. A collection that focused only on what was necessary and stripped down designing to its most raw form. It was a new concept for me, and a challenge that I was excited to take on.

Black Teal Brick and Steel

What was your inspiration for this collection? Did the fabrics and colours play a roll in terms of your inspiration and theme?

Raw simplicity inspired me for this spring collection. My inspiration carried straight from the designs into the fabrication and color palette. What says simple better than knits? I wanted to make this collection completely from knit fabrications. I chose ponte knits, viscose knits, and variations of jersey knits to create the entire look. I also wanted to keep the color palette natural, focusing on grey and brown shades. I added a nice pop of coral to the colors, to keep the spring feel for the collection.

Why did you choose to premiere this new collection at Philly Fashion Week?

Philadelphia is a city that I call home. I think it’s a great place with a lot of fashion talent brewing, so I love being a part of the fashion week here. I wanted to stay connected to my roots, so I chose to debut the collection at Philly fashion week this season.

Black Teal Brick and Steel

On your Twitter I saw that you went to a U-Kiss concert. I am also a Kpop and drama fan. I would like to know who you like in the Kpop world? Does their style or the Korean fashion style play a role in your fashion sense and the way you design?

This is so exciting! I love meeting other Kpop fans. The Korean pop culture scene has played a MAJOR role in how I design and see fashion. I really admire how they push the envelope and are always at the forefront of fashion. There are so many people and musical acts in the Kpop world that are very dear to me. Of course Ukiss is my favorite kpop group, but there are many artists that I find to be inspiring. I’ve recently been listening to Vixx a lot more. I love a group that changes concepts and pushes their musical and fashion boundaries. I think Vixx and girl the group After School do that very well. My favorite vocal singer though would have to be K.Will. His voice is fantastic and I listen to his albums often. I have to at least mention Big Bang if we’re talking fashion icons in Korea. They are such a major influence in the Korean fashion scene. The list could go on forever. When I discovered Kpop music 5 years ago, I felt that I had finally found my fashion utopia. Their design aesthetic fit me so perfectly that I know I was born on the wrong side of the globe. Korean fashion and pop culture will continue to fuel my inspiration for designing. Also, watching Korean dramas as I sew helps pass the time. I usually watch an average of 4 seasons of kdramas while sewing my collection every season.

You say you design for women who are culturally conscious. For yourself is there anywhere that you’ve been that has had a big impact on your design aesthetic and why?

I haven’t had many opportunities to travel yet in my life, so I know there will be numerous places in the future that will impact me strongly. If I had to pick somewhere, I would have to say the city where I went to college, Richmond, Virginia. I feel it was there that I had the opportunity to meet so many people of different backgrounds and cultures all in one place. Living in Richmond for 4 years really educated me on other people of the world. Our campus also had a sister school in Qatar, which continuously opened my eyes to new experiences and interactions with people of other cultural backgrounds. I came from a very diverse high school, but it wasn’t until college that I was able to really put the world into perspective.

All photos taken by FBH The Agency. All photos are from the spring  2014 collection of BTBS on the Philly Fashion Week runway.

To learn more about BTBS visit their website and be sure to keep up with Mika on Instagram and Twitter.

Article Written by Jonika. You can follow her at @JonikaJun

Introducing White Space Jewelry

Jewelry can be timeless and meaningful for many. For Khadijah, founder and creator of White Space, she works at creating those pieces for women who are looking for a distinctive yet everlasting look. The growing jewelry line based in Seattle was created by designer Khadijah Fulton in 2012. All the pieces are hand made and designed by Khadijah. With how much love and care she puts into this line one can easily feel that through her designs. I had the chance to ask her a few questions about White Space Jewelry and about her creative process.

Why the name White Space?

I have always had an appreciation and thirst for so many different things creatively that I feel like with my work I’m looking to create the “new” in the spaces in between my inspirations and experiences. I loved that “White Space” has multiple uses (design, tech, business) but in all of those things it’s an element that can be undefined, but is important and essential.  It’s not there, but it’s SO there. I felt that was a fitting way to give a name to the type of jewelry I was making.

I find it very interesting that you studied metal smith work. Is that something you took interest in when you decided to design jewelry or before?

I’ve designed jewelry with beads and stones as a hobby for years, but never had the time to really delve deep into metalwork until I was out of the corporate grind. I always found it interesting from a distance, but it wasn’t until I had a little break after the birth of my son that I was able to pour all of my creative energies into developing a whole new skill set with tools and materials that are so different from what I’d worked with in the past.



Has the birth of your son changed your design aesthetic? If so, in what way?

It has given me yet another opportunity to connect with other women, made me appreciate that shared experience of motherhood and all the craziness that goes along with it.  You are still who you were, but you’re also forever changed.  You never have enough time and you need quality pieces that can really move with you through that aforementioned craziness while still highlighting your beauty and individuality. So it has pushed me in a cleaner, more minimal direction that is just as focused on versatility as uniqueness.

How was it making that transition from clothing designer to designing jewelry for your own line?

I’ve learned that clarifying your individual creative voice and being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging and rewarding things one can do. It will expose every little quirk you have (good and bad). The learning curve is immense, but what you discover about yourself and how you stretch yourself and connect with others in the process is priceless.  In terms of moving from apparel to jewelry, I am always learning new techniques from masters of the craft and people I work with who have deep wells of knowledge about gemology and metalsmithing.  That aspect is so exciting – I’m constantly learning new skills, which keeps every day interesting, but I also enjoy the freshness I bring to it by not being bound by traditional “rules” of making jewelry.


You’ve said your goal with this jewelry line is to create clean pieces that embrace the power of subtlety. Do any of your jewelry designs have another meaning? Or is it solely designed out of simplicity? 

There are some pieces for which the symbolism of shape comes into play, for example, in my diamond pendant series, the tusks derive from the gentle strength of elephants, and also the belief in them as a symbol of good luck that was instilled in me by the women in my family.  Also, the pendulum speaks to ancient shapes that can be found in African and Peruvian goldsmithing, and the full and half moon pendants echo the lunar phases – all things celestial are endlessly fascinating.  But for the most part I like to explore shape and textural interaction more so than representative symbolism.

SS-lg-tusk-diam-stone-1 INFINITY_RING_BLACK_GOLD


With there being such a high demand for big and flashy jewelry designs what do you feel makes your line stand out?

I make jewelry for women like myself – we’re not as drawn to the big flash, and more to quality of materials and the quietly interesting; pieces that help us broadcast our individuality to the world with a distinctive elegance that prompts a second or third look, a “where did you get that?”, a little unexpected visceral pleasure for ourselves and those around us. 

To learn more about the line or see many more of these amazing pieces go to the White Space’s website or the  White Space Facebook page

Article Written by Jonika. You can follow her at @JonikaJun

Interview with AEON Attire

Well known in the urban scene for their talent in professional breakdancing, these B-boys, Weiming Yuan, Wei Dong Yuan, and Patrick Lum are the creative minds behind the newly yet rapidly growing fashion label, AEON Attire. Making waves on the global fashion map, AEON Attire is already located in 30 boutiques across Canada and the USA. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Wei Dong Yuan to talk about their story and journey in fashion.

How did your interest in fashion and design come about? 
From the beginning, I was always interested in fashion. I was interested in the aspect of how you can change a person’s perspective and how they express themselves in a unique way. As professional break-dancers, I think there are a lot of overlap between dancing and fashion, which are both self-expressive.

How did AEON Attire form? 
My brother and I met Patrick in the breakdancing scene, and we were in a crew for a couple of years. After doing professional performances, we wanted to take it to the next level, which was creating a company for fashion accessories and products. Through street performances and private events we used our dancing to make money and put our dream into reality. For our first street performance, we took out a boom box, rolled out linoleum flooring and put out a bucket that read “free smiles”. Not having an educational background in fashion we purchased sewing machines and taught ourselves everything we needed to know by watching YouTube videos and asking our friends.

AEON Attire dancing

In a few words how would you define the AEON brand? 
Fashion, function and timeless. Not only do we want our accessories to be fashionable, but we also want them to be functional to serve a purpose that will make them valuable. Our accessories also have a timeless aspect; the word AEON is a Latin term that actually refers to a lifespan and eternity, which essentially refers to timeless.

Do you have a specific lifestyle and consumer in mind when you design? 
In the beginning, the AEON Taper was an inspiration that came out of the dance community. We saw that dancers were aiming for a more slimming fit on their pants when they danced; it wasn’t an in- style to dance with baggy pants. We wanted to solve this problem and we knew that dancers are always looking to express themselves in new and unique ways. In both ways we wanted our product to function, like taper the pant leg to be slimmer, but also to function as a form of expression.

AEON Tapper AEON Tapper

In terms of our others accessories – Beanies, 5-Panel Hats, Circle Scarves, Sunnies, gloves, belts – we do have a clear target market. Our target consumer we envision exists as a hybrid a hybrid between a styling of Club Monaco and Urban Outfitters. Something that isn’t too outrageous and something not pretentious, we design for a fashion that can be relatable to someone. We want our consumers to stand out yet also fit in.

AEON lifestyle

Why does AEON focus on accessories? Will you expand? 
Beginning as a small company, we wanted to create items that could be worn by anybody and transcend the boundaries of sizing for the most part. We felt that accessories were something that we could really make an impact in, and eventually dominate that market. While, we do have tank tops, currently we are looking to expand in the accessories market. Accessories are a great way to accessorize, and we feel the details are what make life worth living.

What is next for AEON Attire?
Currently, we have been focusing on our Touchpoint Glove campaign, and we are lucky to have such support. While, we are going to be expanding our Beanies, Circle Scarves and 5-Panel Hats, our main focus after the glove campaign will be watches.

AEON glove and watch

What do you recommend for emerging aspiring designers? 
When we started we didn’t know anything, not even the fundamentals of how to turn an idea into reality. We were just brave enough to go out and do it. Rather then waiting, just go out and do it but of course have a team that you can rely on, as Drake says, “it’s hard to do these things alone”.

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Article written by Raylin Grace aka the Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin at@raylingm

Menswear designer Jenny Schwarz

Menswear designer Jenny Schwarz

There’s something mysterious and intriguing about a rebel, making us wonder in excitement. UK based menswear designer, Jenny Schwarz, has us wondering no more. Her most recent collection, SS14, is all about neutral tones that define a chic, effortless look. The colour simplicity allows for the style, shape and detail of her pieces to stand out. Jenny’s SS14 collection is inspired by the post-war Circa WWII motorcycle gang and the men who were part of it.


Menswear by Jenny Schwarz

Jenny Schwarz combines couture and ready-to-wear menswear into eclectic pieces. Her outstanding tailoring and attention to style has helped her brand remain noteworthy and successful in the fashion industry.Many of Jenny’s designs have a vintage touch while still maintaining its relevance. This makes for a unique approach to everyday modern menswear. Jenny’s pieces can sometimes be seen with additional accessories, mainly shoes. The shoes that are paired with her clothing adds to the rebel theme. Whether it’s a tattered combat boot or smart dress shoes, Jenny’s collection is made for every occasion.

An ongoing trend for the SS14 collection is the use of paneling- not only on the jackets and shirts, but also on the trousers. The stand out piece for me is the sand cotton jacket with padded paneling and mother pearl buttons as seen in the above photograph. Although the exquisite tailoring is reason enough to fall in love with the jacket, I also find myself drawn to the vibrant colour that allows the jacket to look incredibly rich.

Overall, the diversity of this collection is what makes it refreshing. All of the pieces can easily be paired with something that compliments a certain look. This collection shows that Jenny focuses on creating timeless yet stand alone pieces. Although, the pieces and their looks have a laid back feel, you can see the detail, thought and passion that went into designing these high fashion looks.

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 1.52.55 PMMenswear by Jenny SchwarzMenswear by Jenny Schwarz

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Photography: Michael Furlonger

Article written by fashion guest blogger Jonika Lewis. You can follow Jonika at @JonikaJun

Sid Neigum’s collection at WMCFW

It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be invited at Sid Neigum‘s fashion show as part of Toronto’s recent WMCFW festivities. The collection surpassed my expectations, simple but elegant and it still had the shock factor, this time found in the choice of boots!

I really enjoyed the geometry of Sid’s designs, as well as the peek-a-boo cut-outs and the overall clean look. I noticed a very limited palette of colours, but that made the collection even more so elegant. And of course, everyone was buzzing about those boots as if the models were walking out of a sci-fi movie. Surprisingly, but there were no casualties among the gracious models as they paraded down the runway.  Speaking of the models, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful they all looked! With their angel-like faces, perfect and simplistic make up they were picture-perfect!

Everyone came out to see Sid’s latest collection, including celebrities such as model Stacey McKenzie. Overall, I think it was a great mix of people, and I really enjoyed the vibe of excitement and anticipation.

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Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid NeigumSid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum