B.E. Shields

Featuring B.E. Shields

B.E. Shields is an exciting new label that features the creative mind of Toronto based fashion designer, Theresa Ibbetson. Theresa has spent most of her formative years in Europe and drew inspiration from years of travelling to launch B.E. Shields upon her return home in Canada. The designer is formally trained at the prestigious College LaSalle, fashion design program in Montreal.

B.E. Shields is about simplicity, life, family and friends.

B.E.SHIELDS is a line which focuses on understated elegance and originality. With a strong attention to details, fabrics and cuts, Theresa built a brand which is both classic and elegant, which still remains edgy and modern. B.E. Shields’ most recent show was during Fashion Art Toronto week, for which she received raving reviews. We look forward seeing many more from Theresa, and if you want to get a peek into her new collection, make sure you register at www.luevo.com.

B.E. Shields B.E. Shields B.E. Shields