We take you to Toronto Fashion Week S/S15

Last week Toronto was buzzing with the sound of thousands of fashionistas and the click clack of fabulous stilettos could be heard around every corner. Toronto Fashion Week ( or World Master Card Fashion Week as it is officially known) took place last week where many Canadian designers showcased the best of their work. All of the designers brought their own style and story to their pieces while setting the trends for the upcoming spring season. They all gave us something to look forward to while we endure another blistering winter! These flowy and romantic pieces added a new level of sophistication that we can all hope to achieve for spring. Some key designers were highlighted for their excellent use of colour, patterns, and overall themes that truly encompassed the key trends for the warmer months we are already yearning for. Here are just a few below…

Hilary Macmillan

Toronto based designer Hilary Macmillan’s classic use of lady like silhouettes really hit it off at fashion week. Her use of a more romantic and loose look nods to the bohemian trend we can’t expect in Spring. Flowing garments that are both comfortable and sophisticated allow the wearer to exude an effortless type of style. The clothes literally speak for themselves. Another trend that was very prevalent at fashion week was the use of colour blocking and mixing and matching. Bold colours and patterns paired together to create looks that had great depth and dimension allows the wearer to keep it classy while still being fashion forward.


hilary mcmillan 1

hilary mcmillan


Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser’s collection is all about the fun and flirty while still having an edge. She eluded to the cropped midriff showing trend that has come around and it looks like it’s here to stay. The midriff bearing clothes can be a bit daunting but Hayley’s use of the subtle flash that nods to the cropped trend makes it much more wearable. Again we see the mixing of patterns where one must find a unifying theme among two different patterns to create a solid look. Hayley did this beautifully.



Christopher Bates

Men’s fashion is certainly coming a long way and with designers like Christopher Bates producing such wearable adaptable clothing, our boys can step it up! Christopher’s collection has a modern take on safari and we see a new colour palette for him with the use of sand coloured tones, khaki and off white. Christopher was inspired by the movie “The English Patient” and he was so moved by that palette and interpreted it into this collections. Also big thing for spring is the more formal wearable shorts for men. Much for tailored for all occasions.


christopher bates 1

Elan Castor

Leah Antoinette’s dreamy and romantic collection named “Regeneration” was a breath of fresh air indeed. The feeling of renewal and freshness was definitely present in this collection. Her use of a lush palette of fuchsias, turquoises and deep purples along with intricate knits nodded to the bohemian trend once again. This collection is very laid back, cool, and effortless. The knits in her collection were inspired by her grandmother who taught her to knit and the deep appreciation could definitely be seen in every thread. The collection also nods to the nautical trend. Stripes come and go, but according to this collection they will never be more relevant than now!

elan n castor

elan n castor 1

Matthew Ghallager

To me, Matthew Ghallager was the star of the show. With his feminine, sophisticated silhouettes and clothing that fit beautifully, really compliments a woman’s silhouette. His use of a pastel colour palette can be described as nothing but pretty, soft, and beautiful. I know I was not the only one who was left speechless by the truly beautiful pieces he had to offer.

matthew ghallgher

matthew ghallagher


This Article was written by Angie.  Follow her on twitter @Unngie

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ZOFF Review: Arts and Fashion Week Toronto

Heaven was walking on the runway on Wednesday evening at Fashion Arts Toronto 2014. Crisp white and basic black minimal pieces, and yet more elegant than ever, ZOFF’s effortlessly chic collection had us falling in love. Classic pieces with a contemporary twist, we are absolutely enamoured by the entire collection. Crusader capes, pencil skirts, pleated dresses; the mix of designs of this collection is endless.

daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-15 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-11 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-9

Mesh is known for its athletic aesthetic, but there was nothing sporty about the white mesh skirts of this collection. We have seen the mesh trend take over the runaway, but ZOFF’s mesh silhouettes were breathtaking.

We also adored the metal wire sculptures aligned in the centre of the runway. Not only did they add an urban feel to the ultra-delicate collection, but also they nicely complimented the metal statement necklaces worn by the models. It is hard to narrow down our favourite piece from the collection because we simply loved them all, but there are two that stood out the most.

daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-13 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-5 daytwo-zoff-via-jonathanhooper-12

The first standout is a white, relatively loose dress paired with a mesh floor length skirt. Pairing the skirt’s transparent fabric with the dress’s solid white fabric, gave the perfect balance for a lady-like design. Adding a feminine touch to the ensemble is the bow at the front of the skirt. This piece is also a great alternative for those brides that want to steer away from the conventional wedding dress and wear a contemporary, yet elegant design on their special day. The second piece that left us speechless is the final piece; a romantic, pure white tulle gown.

Well-placed details and delicate fabrics, the ZOFF collection introduces the modern trends, but preserves the grace of the past.

This article was written by Eleni.

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World MasterCard Fashion Week Runway Trends

We’re three days into Toronto Fashion Week and we’ve seen 12 amazing collections, including VAWK, LINE Knitwear, Sid Neigum and Mikhael Kale who kicked off the week in true style. The busy streets of Toronto have been full of stylish fashion lovers and they’ve all come together to admire the beautiful designs of some of Canada’s greatest talent. World MasterCard Fashion Week runway trends that we’re seeing are a lot of oversized pieces, exquisite details, lower hemlines, punk rock looks, and lots of black.


VAWK designer, Sunny Fong, incorporated dark hues, like black, leather and sheer fabrics also. A few of the looks were high-low which had the trains floating behind the model as they walked down the runway. The details in the garments, like the understated statement collar, inverted triangle patterns and fur panels, created visual interest for plain silhouettes.


With winter showing no signs of letting up, even though it’s (almost) spring, Line Knitwear would be the perfect collection for Torontonians to be wearing to keep warm. The LINE Knitwear collection is for the stylish modern woman. It features head-to-toe looks that are feminine and plays with different textures. Even though the typical fall colours are dark, the designers threw in some pink and blue hues to brighten the looks.


Sid Neigum’s runway show featured a string performance and designs that were captivating. The collection was full of bold, metallics and architecturally detailed dresses, coats, and capes in an autumnal palette. It was all about transforming two dimensional into three and this was done with lazer cutting and mathematical pattern design.


Mikhael Kale treated the audience to a whirlwind of colour and ruffles in the form of an edgy and feminine collection. Lavish patterns, luxurious layers, studded trenches and fantastic bomber jackets came down the runway. Leather jackets are definitely a must for next Fall.

Written by Tianna Alexandre, Editor. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

Mercedes-Benz Start Up Competition 2013

Mercedes-Benz Start Up is an annual competition for start-up fashion designers hosted at World Master Card Fashion Week and it is focusing on talented fashion designers across Canada. With the promise of ongoing mentorship, a solo catwalk during fashion week next season and editorial support in FASHION, one of Canada’s leading magazines, the grand prize is highly sought after. It was obvious there was no shortage of talented participants for the competition, as each of the eight lines presented were exceptional in their design and execution. At the end of the show, the grand prize was awarded to two winners instead of one for the first time in the competition’s history.


The first winner, Malorie Urbanovich, is an Edmonton based designer who showcased not only beautiful easy to wear pieces, but nostalgic 90s throwbacks. Malorie Urbanovich has given us permission once again to find love layering simple silk dresses with boxy plush cardigans and sweaters. The outfits were reflective of design as a whole in architecture and interior design, with a minimalist, comfortable and unpretentious feeling. Any of her pieces would be a timeliness addition to any wardrobe for Spring 2014.


The second winner, Celine Raizonville, hails from Montreal with her urban chic line Matiere Noire. During the show, Celine presented soft, feminine boxy pieces from her Spring 2014 line in soft solids and bold horizontal striping. The neutral colour palette of  black, white and oatmeal often had a punch of plum, a colour usually reserved for darker fall colours. The colours were a refreshing change for a Spring collection. Her collection was rounded out with quirky visors and a youthful socks-with-heels look.
For all of the reasons listed, it is clear why a deadlock took place between the judges. Each line encompasses a perfect balance of fresh style paired with favourite attributes from fashion past. Any piece from either collection not only support Canadian fashion, but independent fashion designers as a whole.


Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine

Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine


Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine

Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani, Fashion Magazine


Article written by guest-blogger @Bhreigh


Sid Neigum’s collection at WMCFW

It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be invited at Sid Neigum‘s fashion show as part of Toronto’s recent WMCFW festivities. The collection surpassed my expectations, simple but elegant and it still had the shock factor, this time found in the choice of boots!

I really enjoyed the geometry of Sid’s designs, as well as the peek-a-boo cut-outs and the overall clean look. I noticed a very limited palette of colours, but that made the collection even more so elegant. And of course, everyone was buzzing about those boots as if the models were walking out of a sci-fi movie. Surprisingly, but there were no casualties among the gracious models as they paraded down the runway.  Speaking of the models, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful they all looked! With their angel-like faces, perfect and simplistic make up they were picture-perfect!

Everyone came out to see Sid’s latest collection, including celebrities such as model Stacey McKenzie. Overall, I think it was a great mix of people, and I really enjoyed the vibe of excitement and anticipation.

I hope you enjoy our exclusive photography of the show. Remember if you want to use these you need to get permission from


Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid NeigumSid Neigum Sid Neigum Sid Neigum

Memoirs of Melissa Nepton – WMCFW S/S2014

It’s fashion week season and last week it was finally Toronto’s turn. We were so happy to be invited to Melissa Nepton’s show and I couldn’t ask for a better viewing seat! Armed with our passes we were sat in our front row seats. At that point I realized that I’ve never been on that side of the curtain before. Yes, I’ve been to runway events before, but I’ve always participated either as a model or as an organizer. Throughout the event, I couldn’t help picturing myself walking the runway in Melissa’s outfits and I was submerged into the concept behind her collection. You see, a show is not just about the designs, it is about the designer’s choice in models, in make-up and styling, it is about the music and the lighting, as it all comes together in those minutes on the runway.


The first model walks out and Melissa just stole my heart. Inspired from the Japanese culture and Nipponic fashion trends, her pieces reminded me of Kirigami, the Japanese art of paper-cutting. Cut-out dresses and tops are made for the confident woman that has nothing to hide. I also noticed a lot of playful geometrical patterns that bring out the inner child in the beholder. The models wore Kabuki inspired make-up and shoes that brought a pop of colour to the runway. It seems that the black and white trend will continue into next year’s spring and summer seasons, but be generous when applying that blush ladies!


Melissa created the perfectly balanced collection. Her wearable pieces are both minimalistic and bold with clean-cut lines and découpes. A glimpse of the designer at the end of the show and months of hard work were over just like that, but I am happy to have participated at one of the best shows that Toronto Fashion Week offered.

Melissa Nepton is one of the most promising Canadian fashion talents and she has proven it by winning The Target Emerging Designer Award earlier this year. You can shop Melissa’s current collection in over 60 boutiques across Ontario and Quebec and also on her own online store at


We hope that you enjoy our pictures! Please note that these images are the property of and you can’t use them without their permission.
DSC_2516 DSC_2519
DSC_2554 DSC_2558

DSC_2575 DSC_2576 DSC_2581

DSC_2605 DSC_2623

Featuring B.E. Shields

B.E. Shields is an exciting new label that features the creative mind of Toronto based fashion designer, Theresa Ibbetson. Theresa has spent most of her formative years in Europe and drew inspiration from years of travelling to launch B.E. Shields upon her return home in Canada. The designer is formally trained at the prestigious College LaSalle, fashion design program in Montreal.

B.E. Shields is about simplicity, life, family and friends.

B.E.SHIELDS is a line which focuses on understated elegance and originality. With a strong attention to details, fabrics and cuts, Theresa built a brand which is both classic and elegant, which still remains edgy and modern. B.E. Shields’ most recent show was during Fashion Art Toronto week, for which she received raving reviews. We look forward seeing many more from Theresa, and if you want to get a peek into her new collection, make sure you register at

B.E. Shields B.E. Shields B.E. Shields

Designer of the day – Dylan Uscher from Dylanium Knits

Dylan Uscher of Dylanium Knits is seriously revolutionizing the way people view knitted fashion. Reclaiming knitted goods from the seniors home, Dylan makes hand made pieces and custom made knitwear. Beautiful knitted sweaters, scarves and socks as well as less conventional knitted items such as rings (yes, knitted rings!), skirts, shirts and bracelets. The fall collection is an assortment of muted colours with bold designs, easy to incorporate seamlessly into any fall wardrobe. The talent Dylan possesses and unique view of knitted goods allowed him in 2009 to become ‘the knitwear guy’ which eventually led to him launching Dylanium Knits in 2010.

In such a short time, Dylanium Knits has been recognized in FAJO Magazine, FASHION Magazine, CBC News, The Globe and Mail Online, Front Row Mag and on the Fashion Arts Toronto Blog – just to name a few. Dylan is continuing to showcase his talent and designs in the 10th Annual White Cashmere Collection, where he will be the only designer to ever knit an entire dress in the event’s history.

Dylanium Knits Dylanium Knits Dylanium Knits

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Article written by Bhreigh Gillis. Featured photo by Polk Liang.

FAT – Fashion Art Week in Toronto

A giant warehouse, an oversized lumberjack style plaid shirt, top-notch street style and great music could only be all at FAT Fashion Week. Well, that is what I have been led to believe since moving to Toronto. You see I’ve never had an opportunity to attend FAT being from the east coast, but so many people love this ‘alternative fashion week’. I was wholeheartedly not disappointed. I had the opportunity to attend the Thursday night events on April 25th and watch six runway shows out of nine.

What FAT really specialized in was bringing the art scene back into fashion. Of course that seems obvious by the name, but if you’ve ever attended other fashion events you would quickly learn that it is not the case. I had to notice that fashion and art here was really at its core. There wasn’t a ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ feeling of pretention and ‘that’s so last season’ that you may expect. Instead, it was a venue for people who love fashion as an art form and use it as an expression as ones self, not as a status symbol. It was everything fashion should be and it was beautiful.
FAT - Arts and Fashion week Toronto

The patrons at FAT for the most part did not wear high-end big brands, but really rocked the more rare pieces from smaller designers. I’m used to opening conversation with somebody during Fashion Week by commenting on a person’s newest big designer item, but at FAT, you would have instead asked where they purchased the item as so many people were wearing indie. Because of so many unique brands and styles being put together, FAT has amazing street style. Even between fashion shows, you were treated to unique pieces, wearable art and many beautiful combinations. When attending a previous fashion event earlier this year, I noticed that while yes, everybody had beautiful style and a chic way to wear items the event was lacking on the street style front. Where was the fashion and beauty that inspired street style blogs and popular photographers like The Sartorialist? Where are those people who love to mix high-end fashion from decades past with local favourites? If you don’t know Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, you should check it out here. You won’t regret it. It was of course the shows themselves that displayed the most creativity, but the patrons attending were a close second. FAT bar-none had the best street style.

The runway shows were also a great mix of art and fashion. The first three shows of the evening had an edgy rocker and sometimes-gothic theme. Many of the pieces were wearable, but of the first three shows they each sported something that was un-wearable and simply for art. The next set of three shows featured more wearable pieces that focused more on beautiful tailoring. These shows made you anticipate what you would like add to your wardrobe more than shock value. Below is one of the better shots I had taken, evidently with my favourite piece of the night from the emerging independent fashion designer B.E. Shields.

Fashion art Toronto B.E. SHIELDS

For better quality images, have a look at the FAT blog on their official website and you’ll get an idea of the creativity that takes over the runway.

Guest Blogger: Bhreigh Gillis, Intern Community Manager at Luevo, Fashionista and sailor enthusiast.
Twitter @Bhreigh
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3 Tips for the Emerging Fashion Designer

Yet another week of fashion extravaganza stormed through our city, and many emerging fashion designers have had the opportunity to mingle, network or even launch their collections.

I am a big follower of everything that moves in the fashion industry: bloggers, stylists, designers, fashionistas and pretty much anyone that cares and is involved in the local fashion scene. I lived every moment of the fashion week by digesting Twitter feeds , Instagram pictures and Facebook posts.

And here is tip #1: If you are an aspiring or emerging fashion designer – you must stay connected to your local fashion influencers! Twitter is a good place to “stalk” them and stay up-to-date with latest news and events in the fashion industry. Find bloggers, stylists, fashion publications and organizations that will surely overload you with the latest fashion news.

Indeed, during fashion week it can be a little overwhelming with all the media hype around the big established designers and the runway shows. But learn to listen and filter to what is of real value to you

Tip #2: Attend smaller events where you can get valuable networking done.

Best part of fashion week is the high concentration of fashion influencers, but you will have to find the appropriate event to network with them. One of these opportunities was the speed-networking event organized by Fashion Group international and Fashion Takes Action. This event is typically sold-out, and you can meet with potential clients, HR recruiting firms specializing in fashion, bloggers, boutique owners and mentors. I recommend these types of events to anyone starting up in any kind of industry, and make sure you bring tons of business cards!

Tip #3: Enroll in industry specific organizations before the fashion week.

You are very lucky to be able to start a fashion business in a city like Toronto. Bigger metropolitan cities typically have fashion hubs that come with non-for-profit organizations, incubators, and an abundance of mentors. Being part of these will give you access to latest news, reduced ticket prices to fashion events and more networking opportunities.
Here is a short list of organizations that as an aspiring or emerging fashion designer in Toronto you should seriously consider:

Toronto Fashion Incubator – an innovative and highly respected non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and nurturing small business entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

Fashion Group International – global non-profit organization of executives, designers and entrepreneurs in more than 30 chapters around the world. Toronto is their only Canadian chapter.

Fashion Takes Action – Canada’s premier non-profit organization that focuses on sustainability in the fashion industry.