Introducing Kenneth Shep of Underground Market Clothing

For Kenneth Shep, the passion for designing clothes started at the age of eleven. More recently, Kenneth has begun turning those designs into tangible fashions fr his line Underground Market Clothing. He draws inspiration for his designs from his love of cultures from all over the world. It’s this interest in international fashion and his sharp imagination that makes Shep’s designs so beautifully unique.

 “Being a designer for me is way to express myself as an artist. It’s my way of getting out my vast range of ideas and emotions. Clothes are my canvas!”

Underground Clothing Market

Like many fashion designers, creating a successful brand didn’t come easily for Shep. Lack of funding, facing homelessness and theft are only some of the many obstacles he faced while starting his line. Constant practice, and a passion for the industry though helped him overcome these obstacles and become the talented, internationally known designer he is today.

 “I create from the heart. Whatever I’m passionate about at the time I use it as fuel to create my next piece or collection.”

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Kenneth impressed Fashion Week Brooklyn guests with his new collection “Kenneth Shep Resort Collection” for the Spring/ Summer ’15 shows. He describes the collection as “revolver” symbolizing how we all evolve, over and over again, constantly reinventing ourselves.

For this collection, Kenneth strived to stay away from the basic black and white, standard fashion that he had been seeing while traveling through London and Paris. Instead, he created a line that played on these trends while still adding his unique flare to each piece.

If you got the chance to see Underground Market Clothing’s new collection, or want to view the collection, click here  to browse the looks and pre-order the fashions straight off the runway!