Luevo caught up with Kristine Rodriguez of Responsive Textiles

Designer, Kristine Rodriguez, moved to San Diego, California in the summer of 2012. She started her career as a freelance Graphic Designer but had a passion for knitwear fashion. Although Kristine did not have “connections” to break in to this tough fashion industry, she made her way onto such a huge platform, called San Diego Fashion Week where she was able to debut her line called Responsive Textiles.

When designing a collection, Kristine usually thinks of a way to answer the question “How do I visually express this idea and keep it functional and beautiful?” Although it’s a lot of trial and error to get the result that she wants, it’s definitely worth it.

I believe a knit machine was the best thing that was ever discovered because now we get to enjoy all of this amazing fashion from Responsive Textiles.

“We believe clothes are our second skin, and they should be as unique and human as we are.” –Kristine Rodriguez

This article was written by Darcel. Follow her on Twitter @DarcelWorld

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