Introducing Leighel Desiree

Leighel Desiree is a woman with many gifts and talents. Not only is she a fabulous fashion designer, she is the author of a great book called “A Closet Full of Clothes & Nothing to Wear”, and the CEO and Head Designer of Leighel Desiree House of Fashion. Clearly this woman is a queen when it comes to multi-tasking.

It seems like Leighel was hard wired for the fashion industry from a young age as her design journey began at the age of 8. She would make her favourite Barbie dolls their very own unique dresses, unable to stand the thought of her Barbie’s looking like everyone else’s. From there she continued to grow as a young designer, designing her own graduation dress at the age of 12 on a mere toy sewing machine! Leighel amazed herself and those around her by her natural ability to design and create.  Leighel’s story is characterized by someone who knew exactly what they loved to do and attending the High School of Fashion Industries and the Fashion Institute of Technology further enabled her to enhance her passion and skills.

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Leighel’s favourite thing about being a designer is watching the expression on a woman’s face when she is wearing one of her designs. The excited, empowering feelings they get feed Desiree’s need to create more. There was never a question as to what she wanted to become and she says she owes that to her mother. She saw the talent and desire at an early age and kept her focused on the path to achieving her goals. When you have found something you love to do, it doesn’t feel like work and therefore you stay hungry for it.

In her new collection, Leighel was inspired by the beautiful colour combinations in fabrics. The oranges and purples reminded her of the evening sky on an exotic island which inspired the name “Exotica” for the collection. Imagine yourself walking on the beach of a beautiful tropical island, sharing kisses in the moonlight and dancing the night away, and you have Desiree’s collection. She uses fabrics, colours and textures as sources of inspiration, rather than simple resources for her designs. All of the meaning and depth in her designs are in the fabric themselves. The special ones that calls out to her saying “Make me into something beautiful” are the ones that make the cut.

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  1. Kathi Muhammad says:

    Leighel Desiree works magic with her designs. Her creations are beautiful. Whenever I wear one of her pieces, I receive an abundance of compliments and long glances that say ” You look fabulous.” Her designs are what every women needs in her life.

    Thank You Leighel. I will be back for more!

  2. Michelle-Renée says:

    Leighel Desiree is an exceptionally talented artist.
    She really takes the time to know each client personally in order to “Best” dress them. She makes you feel so incredible in her special tailored designs.
    I love her,
    I love her works, &
    I really love the way I feel in her designs.

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