Fashion Branding – the case of Patagonia (part 1)

What is branding?

Branding is creating a unique name and image for a product or range of products in the consumers’ mind. Branding focuses on influencing the perception of customers as an image or impression is built in the mind of customers. The idea of branding came up when the product itself was not enough in the midst of many competitors. Branding gave more options for the customers to choose from: the brand was an added value to the product. Customers could recognize their set of values through the brand. (Read our Intro to Branding here)

Your logo and identity have more impact than you think, they tell the customers what you stand for, who you are, and who you are talking to. Branding also has a lot of impact on your sales. A great design without good branding will not get noticed in the crowd of up-and-coming fashion designers.

And being noticed is what you are looking for in order to achieve your sales.

Your brand has to be built around your own unique vision, but at the same time make sure to set it up in terms of meaning, values and visual aspect. These 3 points also have to be respected all along the brand life to remain coherent and meaningful to your customers. Poor branding or poorly managed branding communication can go against the purpose of branding and can lead to failure.

In order to better understand how branding can drive the success or the failure of a fashion company we’ll go through a case study and discuss the main concepts of brand visuals, coherence and recognition.


A bit of history

Late 50’s, Yvon Chouinard, ardent rock climber, does not find satisfying climbing gear to his level and technique. From there, he decides to produce himself tools and equipment under the name of Chouinard Equipments. The idea is simple, he needs reliable gear in order to follow his passion, but he also needs money to sustain it. Chouinard Equipments becomes the solution, 6 months working and producing for 6 months of climbing.



In 1964, his first mail ordering catalog is out. The foreword of all the offers is quality. Why quality? For security. Faulty climbing gear is dangerous. As Yvon Chouinard was himself a customer, his own life was on the line. Second focus was: perfection, taking his motto from Antoine de Saint Exupéry : ” In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away, when a body has been stripped down to its nakedness”.

The business started to grow, little by little more of Chouinard friends came on board. Because they lacked  competition (the market was not very profitable at that moment), Chouinard Equipments became the largest supplier of climbing hardware in the US by 1970. Next step for him was to go into clothing.

So the clothing line Patagonia was born in 1973.

The challenge was to maintain the same focus of quality and perfection. Another concern was raised: environment.  Chouinard started to worry about the damage climbers did to the rocks as rock climbing became increasingly popular. That’s when  he came up with the idea of producing  products that would have the least impact on the rocks and on the environment was born.

From the get-go the brand had 3 values to stand by: quality, perfection and environmental. And with that in mind we will evaluate their branding in the second part of this article. Stay tuned!


This article was written by Alexandra, fashion consultant. Follow her on Twitter @Stylindublin

Getting to know fashion designer Elizabeth Castellon

As I continue to highlight emerging fashion brands and designers I thought about who would be my next choice. I decided on Menswear and Womenswear designer Elizabeth Castellon. She also happens to be a fellow Academy of Art University alumni. After seeing her 2014 Fall Menswear collection during AAU’s runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014  I decided to reach out to her. As a big fan of menswear her collection was one that stood out to me. I was fortunate to catch up with Elizabeth and asked her to share some of her designer journey.

Elizabeth Castellon Image ppearscourtesy of Fashion School Daily

As a designer of both womenswear and menswear which do you find to be more challenging?

Elizabeth Castellon: I find menswear to be more of a challenge, because there’s only so much you can design in menswear compared to womenswear. I think in womenswear you have more freedom to explore. With menswear you are limited, you have to follow the concept of functionality.

Fall 2014 Menswear lineup Image appear  courtesy of Fashion School Daily

Fall 2014 Menswear lineup
Image appear courtesy of Fashion School Daily

You presented your fall 2014 menswear collection at the Academy of Art University runway show during last year’s NYFW. How was that experience?

Elizabeth Castellon: It was a memorable experience. After working so hard on my collection for several months, then watching my designs go down the runway; and knowing that this experience was coming to an end was bittersweet.


Elizabeth Castellon Fall 2014 collection4

Elizabeth Castellon Fall 2014 collection2

Elizabeth Castellon Fall 2014 collection3

What is one thing you draw inspiration from when designing?

Elizabeth Castellon: I draw inspiration from photographs and images of what men wore during a specific time period. I examine the images and look at what the men were doing, their surroundings and their demeanor. From there I create a character, with a back story, that embodies the man of that time.  I use this character as a tool to help me focus my research for more inspirational images. When designing, this character and his story keeps me inspired and helps me to visualize my designs.

Do you have a signature design or style that identifies your brand?

Elizabeth Castellon: I would say my style is combining classic tailoring elements with sportswear.

What is some of the best advice you received during your career?  What is your advice for emerging designers?

Elizabeth Castellon: Someone once told me “We are our worst critics. Try not to second guess yourself.” When sketching I tend to think “does my design needs something more? Does it need something to make it interesting?” But I have to keep in mind not to over design; that simple, is ok. My advice for emerging designers is to trust your instincts.

Lastly, where can people get in touch with you?

Elizabeth Castellon: Email: My work is posted on Instagram at @castebycastellon.

This article was written by our guest blogger Tamarah Brown. You can follow her on Tumblr and Twitter. Elizabeth Castellon Fall 2014 Menswear Runway Images appear courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Image of Elizabeth Castellon is courtesy of Fashion School Daily.

How to Mix Patterns and Prints

Polka dots, floral, tribal, stripes, cheetah, zebra, snakeskin; the list of stylish prints seems to go on infinitely. On the contrary, sometime styling them into a proper outfits can become a daunting task, even more so if you want to try to mix patterns. It’s not impossible but be warned that this can either make or break an outfit.

What to Remember:

1. Colour is probably the most important thing to consider when mixing busy patterns because if you can find two prints with the same colour palette, or the same background colour, there’s a great chance that the look can unify itself.

Mix Colour Patterns

Fausto Puglisi Pre-Fall 2015

Mix Colour Patterns

Emanuel Ungaro Pre-Fall 2015

Mix Colour Patterns

Fausto Puglisi Pre-Fall 2015


2. Belts are your best friend if you’ve tried the first step and see the potential but are unsure of whether the look really works. Try buckling a belt–of common colour between the two prints–on top of both layers, ensuring that the patterns show through, to really pull them together.

Mix Belt Patterns

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2015

Mix Belt Patterns

Marni Pre-Fall 2015

Mix Belt Patterns

Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2015

What to Try:

1. Monochromatic- Try pulling together an outfit of two-toned patterns with two different pieces and you’ll be surprised at how chic it can turn out. You can also experiment with matching or complimenting textures like sheer, wool, etc. This trend should be taken advantage of more!

Mix Monochrome Patterns

Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2015

Mix Monochrome Patterns

Emanuel Ungaro Pre-Fall 2015



2. Dots and Stripes- This may be a combination that really throws people off but when put together well, it can really finish off a great look. Again, just make sure that the two colour palettes of each print are similar. Also ensure that the palette is distributed well meaning, if you find that the look doesn’t work, try focusing the darks on the bottom half and the lights on the top half or vice versa.

Mix Dots Stripes Patterns

Fausto Puglisi Pre-Fall 2015

Mix Dots Stripes Patterns

Marni Pre-Fall 2015

3. Stripes on Stripes- This may be another risky one but what’s fashion without risk-taking? Try mixing the sizes and orientation of your prints, in this case, stripes. A large-striped top could look amazing with a tightly-striped bottom if a matching belt can pull the two together and vice versa.

Mix Stripes Patterns

Marni Pre-Fall 2015

Mix Stripes Patterns

Marco de Vincenzo Pre-Fall 2015

Mixing prints is definitely something that can be quite scary at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself feeling much more comfortable in the clothes you wear. It’s all about accentuating a focal point, colour, or aspect in the pattern. Just make sure that your colours agree and remember the power of the belt!

What are some of your favourite prints to mix? Tweet them to us @LuevoFashion.

This article was written by our coop student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

Instagram – Lessons from 2014 for emerging fashion designers

Simply Measured recently released their 2014 Q4 Instagram Study. The study included over 6,000 posts from 82 brands active on Instagram (from Interbrand 2014 top 100 brands),  and over 129,000,000 likes. Basically – think of it as a study of the most successful brands on Instagram. In this post I will summarize their key findings  and how they relate to you, the emerging fashion designer.

If you are a fashion brand, should you care about yet another social media platform?

YES, and here is why Instagram is important:

  • Over 300,000,000 monthly active users
  • Over 2.5 Billion likes per day
  • 86% of brands are already on Instagram
  • Brands have a very high engagement rate on Instagram
Instagram statistics Simply Measured



Some of the most interesting findings of this study:

  • The brands in this study are posting more and more on a regular basis
  • Post engagements are steadily growing for these brands
  • The average caption length is 141 characters long – including hashtags
  • But they couldn’t find any direct correlation between caption length and engagement rates
  • Posts that mention another user in the caption get 37% more engagement
  • Top brands have on average 3 hashtags per post
  • Geo-located posts see 50% more engagement

 What should you do?

  1. Post consistently (Experiment and find the right balance for you: maybe it is once a day, maybe it is once a week, but be consistent)
  2. @Mention other users in your posts ( you can do this to show appreciation to partners such  as MUA or to your clients)
  3. Tag the location of your posts (for example if you are at a fashion event)
  4. Focus on content not length of the caption
  5. Filters don’t have a correlation with engagement rates, in fact most brands post with no filters
  6. Don’t go overboard with hashtags; stick to 2-3 per post

Instagram is a very powerful social media platform, remember an image is more than a thousand words! This is why you should use good quality images, use the right hashtags, engage with your fans  and just be creative and have fun with it! If you have any questions about Instagram or your social media strategy, let us help you!


This article was written by our co-founder Ana Cara, marketing consultant and social media professor.



Exploring Style: 5 Influential European Fashion Bloggers

Today I’d like to take Luevo readers on a style venture through Europe. This may be the little girl in me who’s always wanted to travel throughout the UK but I just feel like Europe is such a beautiful place with countless beautiful countries. That’s why today I’ve compiled 5 amazing UK-based bloggers that I know you will love and definitely want to follow for all your Europe-inspired outfits needs.


We arrive in France and the first person you need to meet is the girl behind Frassy, also known as Audrey Leighton. Make sure you take the time to peruse her personal style story, as she likes to call it, every day for great fashion & lifestyle posts to inspire and embolden your own wardrobe.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Next we stop in Italy and come across the wonderful Melanie Galea from The Street Muse. Along with being an excellent blogger who captures the essence of Italy in each of her posts, she is a talented photographer and a creative director to several lovely fashion editorials. Have some lunch while you scroll through her impressive collection of style posts.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Then we get to meet Rebecca Laurey of Raspberry & Rouge. Her style diary captures her favourite outfits, her favourite places and everything in between. She is a freelance stylist, writer and consultant with a fabulous fashion sense so make sure you glance over each category in between snapping picks of the wonderful scenery.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Now we land in beautiful Spain and get together with the adorable Priscila Betancort from My Showroom. Her blog is a stylish compilation of fashion week reviews, beauty tips, fashion inspiration, the list goes on! Our trip is almost over but let’s enjoy this dinner with one hand while we look through more of Priscila’s blog.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Last but certainly not least, we bid farewell to Viktoriya Sener of Tie Bow-Tie but not before taking one last look at the collection of fashion and lifestyle posts she’s put together for her readers. Ensure you really appreciate the Turkish style she has incorporated into every post before you hop on a plane to head home.

Influential European Fashion Blogger


I hope you enjoyed this exploration of European fashion from United Kingdom to Turkey. Now look up from your device and enjoy the beauty of wherever you are!

Which continent should we venture to next? Let us know by tweeting us at @LuevoFashion

This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

Pinterest and Fashion: 3 Pinteresting People

Pinterest is new domain for me but the concept is great because I love taking and looking at beautiful pictures. I haven’t gotten around to making my personal Pinterest account but in my time at Luevo I’ve come across a couple keepers to follow for when I do.

Here is a collection of Pinners who I love and some of my favourite boards from each:

Liz Marie is a happily married 26 year old blogger and interior designer with really pretty and clean Pinterest boards. She is currently based in North Carolina with her husband, Mr. LMB and her shitzus Bella and Bear. You can check out her blog here but don’t forget to check out my favourite boards of hers, too. These include: Fashion Love for trendy street style outfits, All Things Beauty for great hair and makeup tips, and yummy food for delicious recipes that are sometimes even really healthy for you, what more could a girl ask for?

Pinteresting Pinner Blogger

Bewolf Fashion

Katia Nikolajew is a young entrepreneur who managed to turn her little side project into a respected online shopping destination called Bewolf Clothing . This is a great shop for well-crafted vintage and grunge apparel but Katia has also put together almost 70 Pinterest boards to inspire us fashionistas even further. Her style seems to be very edgy but some of her other styled boards include: Mini Fashionistas for the young ones at home, Boho//Fashion Inspo for effortlessly beautiful looks, and Prints//Fashion Inspo for those looking to add some flare to plain outfits. There are also plenty of other styled boards so make sure to take a look for yourself and get inspired.

Pinteresting Pinner Blogger


Success Dress

Success Dress is a huge compilation of stylish and creative outfit ideas. If inspiration is what you’re looking for, make sure to check out these boards: Street Fashion for eye-catching street wear, Fashion Accessories for unique bags, jewelry and watches, and Footwear Obsession for shoes that are absolutely to die for. There are almost 40 other boards that also have beautiful fashions so don’t forget to take a look at her page for yourself and let us know which boards are your favourites.

Pinteresting Pinner Blogger

Pinterest is all about compiling everything you’ve ever wanted to be a part of your life into one page with tons of boards so it’s really important to find the right pinners to follow to make sure it stays the big source of inspiration that it currently is.

Who are some of your favourite pinners? Let us know by tweeting @LuevoFashion

This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang

City Style Profile: Toronto

I couldn’t help but notice the unique styles of individual Torontonians, in the downtown area especially. Toronto is known for its fluctuating weather so of course it becomes a challenge to look good and stay warm at the same time. Often, there are many people wearing the same basic apparel simply because they’ve given up on Toronto style but here, I hope to highlight some of the ones doing it right.

Of course, we all have to dress according to the weather but today I bring you three Toronto-based fashion bloggers with great style tips for remaining fashionable in this great but unpredictable city I call home.

Suburban Faux-Pas

We love Krystin Lee’s way of surviving the Toronto weather, “In the winter months, you’ll find a fashion emergency kit in my car which contains Hunter boots for the snow, an embellished toque, gloves and tinted chopstick for the cold!” She recommends a Mackage winter jacket to stay chic and cozy this winter and admires the unique culture of the city, in all aspects.

“With cooler temps dominating most of our year, you’re forced to layer in ways you never thought possible to stay warm but also make your own personal statement.”

Fashion Blogger Toronto Style


Sasha’s Satisfashion 

Sasha Xiao is always looking for new ways to stay warm and fashionable so she recommends a nice pair of over-the-knee boots since they can be incorporated into many different outfits. She understands Torontonians’ reliance on comfy and conservative clothing but she favors layering and has fun with it because it frees you to take something on or off accordingly.

“The fashion industry [in Toronto] is not crowded just yet, so we still have a chance to build something amazing here.”

Fashion Blogger Toronto Style



Stefania Yarhi says we’ve made some progress in terms of fashion sense. “I mean the downtown kids really bring it and there are so many talented people with amazing creative eyes and style.” She has many favourite designs to shop like Ewanika and Pink Tartan but wants to remind us that Toronto is home to many amazing vintage stores like Life of Manek and The Cat’s Meow , as well.

“Embrace the changes! Canadians are so adept at layering, in a day it’s not uncommon to have several different types of weather and you just learn to roll with it.”

Fashion Blogger Toronto Style


Do you have any tips for wearing fashionable outfits in Toronto? Let us know at @LuevoFashion!

This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

New Year-New Designers

Here we are at the start of a new year. This is the time of year when people will attempt to keep their resolutions.  One resolution that always seems to appear is changing your look.  Now I am not going to focus on changing your whole appearance, but rather how to add new things to your wardrobe.  I narrowed it down to a few emerging designers that not only can help make this happen, but are also the ones to watch this year.

I visited several websites before I found a set of emerging designers that caught my attention on StartUp Fashion.    What sets them apart from all of the others are their products and overall brand that are truly unique.   It wasn’t only their unique style that drew me in, rather the influential message behind their brand.  You will definitely want to make sure to keep an eye on them this year.

The first emerging designer I want to highlight will help fashionistas who are looking for truly distinctive handbags, backpacks or wallets to add to their 2015 wardrobe.  Chiyome is the brand for you.  Since launching the brand in November 2011, Creative Director & CEO Anne Lynett Moss incorporates solid artistic roots into her designs courtesy of her maternal Japanese ancestry. The brand is also committed to source materials from minority-owned located preserve of leather work in NYC.  If you are looking for a minimalist,yet chic high-quality leather handbags, backpacks and etc. then you should check out Chiyome. You can find CHIYOME at their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest .


The next emerging designer is perfect for those looking to stock up on beachwear and are concerned with animal protection at the same time.  Created in July 2013, Misha Mendicino Designs offers beautiful, yet effortless designs that will be perfect for your beach days in 2015.  Mendicino was also crowned the Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week 2014.   On the philanthropic side, they are dedicated to the protection of elephants.  Not only do they have a Signature Elephant Logo Print , but they also partnered with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  In addition, Misha Mendicino Designs donates 5% of all sales generated to secure a future for elephants.   To find out more about Misha Mendicino Designs check out their website.

Misha Mendicino Designs phoenix-design-week

If are looking for traditional sophistication with a touch of contemporary design to add your look in 2015, then Ryu Ryu is the emerging label you’ve been seeking.  Ryu Ryu consists of clean lines, a soft color palette, and is extremely luxurious when it comes to the designs.  The designs ranging from tops to their signature designs are sure to satisfy the taste of the sophisticated woman. One of my favorites from the line has to be the Strappy Racerback Dress  which can be dressed up or down.   Outside their designs Ryu Ryu also likes to give back.  A portion of their sales are used to feed children in North Korea.  To find more about Ryu Ryu  visit their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

RYU RYU Strappy Racerback Dress

I am confident that these emerging designers will help you add hot items to your attire this season for a whole new look. I have a feeling we will be hearing from each of these brands and designers in 2015, so keep an eye out for them!

This article was written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter at @TZB86

Are you looking for a new writing opportunity? Perhaps you have style tips that you would like to share with the world? We value new fashion trends and are always looking for talented guest bloggers. If you’re a blogger or writer, this is the place for you to get noticed. Can you see yourself as a part of our blogging team? Apply here!

Must Have Items for your Fashion Wishlist!

Wishlists are made for numerous occasions. We make them for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers and everything in between. The wishlist I am focusing on is a fashion list.  What are the must-have items that you would love to make your own? To help answer this question I looked to a selection of bloggers who were happy to share what items topped their fashion wish lists.

First up with her fashion wish list is fashion blogger Bri Thomas of the GLiTTer & LiFe. Bri started her blog in January 2012 to share her crazy-beautiful adventures, glittery outfits and accessories. She has covered events such as New York Fashion Week for Fashionably Austin.

Dusty Roads Duffel Bag(Nasty Gal)-Bri Thomas

Nasty Gal Dusty Roads Duffel Bag, “to keep me on the go and organized” – Bri $65.00

Love Culture High Neck Sleeveless Lace Top

Love Culture High Neck Sleeveless Lace Top-which will look great under a leather jacket this winter. $18.95

Next blogger is Teiler Robinson the founder of Jett-Set Fashion with some of the items featured on her fashion wish list.  If you are looking for the right mix of luxury and high fashion then head over to Jett-Set Fashion. You can follow Telier and Jett-Set Fashion on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, be sure to check out Jett-Set Luxe  for your personal shopping needs.


Christian Louboutin “So Kate” $675.00

Cartier Love Bracelet in White Gold

A stack of Cartier Love bracelets. Available in Yellow, White and Pink Gold Price varied.

Canadian Fashion and Beauty Blogger Caroline Topperman, founder of the blog Style On The Style shared the following items from her fashion wish list. You can find more amazing fashion inspiration from  Style On The Style on Facebook , Google Plus and Instagram.

Smythson of Bond StreetMara Collection Diary 2015 Soho  Diary

Smythson of Bond Street Mara Collection Diary 2015 Soho Diary “Because it’s both stylish and will be great for organizing blog posts and events” – Caroline £230.00

Classic pavu00E8 bracelet from JCrew

Classic pavè bracelet from JCrew $125.00

Fashion Blogger & Editor –In-Chief Farrah Estrella of the Estrella Fashion Report chose the following items off her fashion wish list. To stay up to date with the latest fashion news and what’s happening on the Tampa fashion scene, follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Simply Be Skinny Dip Perspex Embellished Clutch

Simply Be Skinny Dip Perspex Embellished Clutch $64.95

IGiGi Ambrosia Plus Size Dress in Midnight Navy

IGiGi Ambrosia Plus Size  Dress in Midnight Navy $168.00

After looking at some of  the items  these bloggers had on their wishlists I was inspired to share my own favorites. 

Betsey Johnson graffiti bubble stick umbrella

Betsey Johnson Graffiti Bubble Stick Umbrella – I have needed a new umbrella and being fashionable is just an added bonus. $15.00

PB Teen Dorm Trunk

PB Teen Dorm Trunk in light blue- It will great for storing my hats, purse and etc. I tend to misplace my hats. $199 Delivery Surcharge: $20

These are just some items on our fashion wish list.  What will be on yours? If you don’t quite have the answer to that with any luck you will find inspiration from ours.

This article was written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter at @TZB86

Are you looking for a new writing opportunity? Perhaps you have style tips that you would like to share with the world? We value new fashion trends and are always looking for talented guest bloggers. If you’re a blogger or writer, this is the place for you to get noticed. Can you see yourself as a part of our blogging team? Apply here!