Say adieu to those darks and opt for bright this winter season!

Goodbye blacks!

Winter does not mean you have to fill your wardrobe with all blacks and dark browns. If you want to play a bit with color, then go ahead!

Here are a couple of tips that can help you get started!

Day 109D-Michelle

Add a bright item to your dark wardrobe!

There is quite a bit of chance your wardrobe is already filled with those blacks and dark navy blues and browns, do not throw them away! What you can do is that you can add a bright yellow colored coat to an all black outfit or bright pants to a black shirt and black coat outfit.

There is also an option of patterned pants or tights, as these are quite in this season.

Add brightly colored accessories!

You can also add a range of vividly colored accessories. For example, you can find cheap scarves in bright hues that will instantly brighten up any outfit they are worn with. You can add a bag, some shades and a high heeled boots, all in the same color and you are good to go!

This season, neon colors are very much in fashion, with almost every designer incorporating out these colors. So if you feel bold enough, you can try on neon yellow or blue and look fabulous!

 Enjoy the attention!

Of course you will stand out from the crowd of people who are wearing those dull clothes day in and day out! When people see you dressed in a beautifully colored wardrobe, who can resist that? Enjoy all the attention you get, ladies!



Author Bio: Melody Wilson is a freelance writer and has worked for a number of academic writing agencies previously. Currently, she is working for Instyle Jackets as a content writer for their fashion blog. Her passion is to write so she loves to write on new and a diverse range of topics. In her free time, she loves to read books and write short stories. Image courtesy of ClosetSpace Magazine.