Influential European Fashion Bloggers

Exploring Style: 5 Influential European Fashion Bloggers

Today I’d like to take Luevo readers on a style venture through Europe. This may be the little girl in me who’s always wanted to travel throughout the UK but I just feel like Europe is such a beautiful place with countless beautiful countries. That’s why today I’ve compiled 5 amazing UK-based bloggers that I know you will love and definitely want to follow for all your Europe-inspired outfits needs.


We arrive in France and the first person you need to meet is the girl behind Frassy, also known as Audrey Leighton. Make sure you take the time to peruse her personal style story, as she likes to call it, every day for great fashion & lifestyle posts to inspire and embolden your own wardrobe.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Next we stop in Italy and come across the wonderful Melanie Galea from The Street Muse. Along with being an excellent blogger who captures the essence of Italy in each of her posts, she is a talented photographer and a creative director to several lovely fashion editorials. Have some lunch while you scroll through her impressive collection of style posts.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Then we get to meet Rebecca Laurey of Raspberry & Rouge. Her style diary captures her favourite outfits, her favourite places and everything in between. She is a freelance stylist, writer and consultant with a fabulous fashion sense so make sure you glance over each category in between snapping picks of the wonderful scenery.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Now we land in beautiful Spain and get together with the adorable Priscila Betancort from My Showroom. Her blog is a stylish compilation of fashion week reviews, beauty tips, fashion inspiration, the list goes on! Our trip is almost over but let’s enjoy this dinner with one hand while we look through more of Priscila’s blog.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Last but certainly not least, we bid farewell to Viktoriya Sener of Tie Bow-Tie but not before taking one last look at the collection of fashion and lifestyle posts she’s put together for her readers. Ensure you really appreciate the Turkish style she has incorporated into every post before you hop on a plane to head home.

Influential European Fashion Blogger


I hope you enjoyed this exploration of European fashion from United Kingdom to Turkey. Now look up from your device and enjoy the beauty of wherever you are!

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This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.