Exploring Style: 5 Influential European Fashion Bloggers

Today I’d like to take Luevo readers on a style venture through Europe. This may be the little girl in me who’s always wanted to travel throughout the UK but I just feel like Europe is such a beautiful place with countless beautiful countries. That’s why today I’ve compiled 5 amazing UK-based bloggers that I know you will love and definitely want to follow for all your Europe-inspired outfits needs.


We arrive in France and the first person you need to meet is the girl behind Frassy, also known as Audrey Leighton. Make sure you take the time to peruse her personal style story, as she likes to call it, every day for great fashion & lifestyle posts to inspire and embolden your own wardrobe.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Next we stop in Italy and come across the wonderful Melanie Galea from The Street Muse. Along with being an excellent blogger who captures the essence of Italy in each of her posts, she is a talented photographer and a creative director to several lovely fashion editorials. Have some lunch while you scroll through her impressive collection of style posts.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Then we get to meet Rebecca Laurey of Raspberry & Rouge. Her style diary captures her favourite outfits, her favourite places and everything in between. She is a freelance stylist, writer and consultant with a fabulous fashion sense so make sure you glance over each category in between snapping picks of the wonderful scenery.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Now we land in beautiful Spain and get together with the adorable Priscila Betancort from My Showroom. Her blog is a stylish compilation of fashion week reviews, beauty tips, fashion inspiration, the list goes on! Our trip is almost over but let’s enjoy this dinner with one hand while we look through more of Priscila’s blog.

Influential European Fashion Blogger



Last but certainly not least, we bid farewell to Viktoriya Sener of Tie Bow-Tie but not before taking one last look at the collection of fashion and lifestyle posts she’s put together for her readers. Ensure you really appreciate the Turkish style she has incorporated into every post before you hop on a plane to head home.

Influential European Fashion Blogger


I hope you enjoyed this exploration of European fashion from United Kingdom to Turkey. Now look up from your device and enjoy the beauty of wherever you are!

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This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

Pinterest and Fashion: 3 Pinteresting People

Pinterest is new domain for me but the concept is great because I love taking and looking at beautiful pictures. I haven’t gotten around to making my personal Pinterest account but in my time at Luevo I’ve come across a couple keepers to follow for when I do.

Here is a collection of Pinners who I love and some of my favourite boards from each:

Liz Marie is a happily married 26 year old blogger and interior designer with really pretty and clean Pinterest boards. She is currently based in North Carolina with her husband, Mr. LMB and her shitzus Bella and Bear. You can check out her blog here but don’t forget to check out my favourite boards of hers, too. These include: Fashion Love for trendy street style outfits, All Things Beauty for great hair and makeup tips, and yummy food for delicious recipes that are sometimes even really healthy for you, what more could a girl ask for?

Pinteresting Pinner Blogger

Bewolf Fashion

Katia Nikolajew is a young entrepreneur who managed to turn her little side project into a respected online shopping destination called Bewolf Clothing . This is a great shop for well-crafted vintage and grunge apparel but Katia has also put together almost 70 Pinterest boards to inspire us fashionistas even further. Her style seems to be very edgy but some of her other styled boards include: Mini Fashionistas for the young ones at home, Boho//Fashion Inspo for effortlessly beautiful looks, and Prints//Fashion Inspo for those looking to add some flare to plain outfits. There are also plenty of other styled boards so make sure to take a look for yourself and get inspired.

Pinteresting Pinner Blogger


Success Dress

Success Dress is a huge compilation of stylish and creative outfit ideas. If inspiration is what you’re looking for, make sure to check out these boards: Street Fashion for eye-catching street wear, Fashion Accessories for unique bags, jewelry and watches, and Footwear Obsession for shoes that are absolutely to die for. There are almost 40 other boards that also have beautiful fashions so don’t forget to take a look at her page for yourself and let us know which boards are your favourites.

Pinteresting Pinner Blogger

Pinterest is all about compiling everything you’ve ever wanted to be a part of your life into one page with tons of boards so it’s really important to find the right pinners to follow to make sure it stays the big source of inspiration that it currently is.

Who are some of your favourite pinners? Let us know by tweeting @LuevoFashion

This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang

YouTube Vloggers to Watch (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our compilation of YouTube vloggers we think you should subscribe to.

They started off by making silly videos in their bedrooms, moved on to making some money whenever someone clicked on the ads before their videos and now  they write books, have their own clothing labels, appear on television, attend red carpet events, win awards and much, much more. These are the most sought after YourTube vloggers with an interest in fashion, styling and beauty.


No, you’re not seeing things; this Pretty Little Liars TV star has recently started her own YouTube channel where she features her favourite outfits, workout routines, healthy recipes, etc. It’s no secret that Shay is absolutely gorgeous but did you know that she’s also incredibly fearless and stylish? She’s only uploaded 7 videos as of this post but in them you can clearly see her laid back but way cute clothes. Her style ranges from high class, lavish to styling, thrift finds and that’s why we love her.





I’ve been subscribed to Zoe Sugg for as long as I had my current YouTube channel and am always impressed by the stylish outfits, great ideas and funny videos that she comes up with. Her career has advanced so much that she even wrote a book based on stories similar to her own called Girl Online . All her fans absolutely loved the book and I’m sure I will too once I’m allowed to open my Christmas presents! She’s also participating in Vlogmas  so check that out to see what she wears and gets up to on a daily basis this season.




I  have been happily subscribed to Bethany Mota’s DIY projects, seasonal lookbooks and favourites since the early years of YouTube. If you recognize her name, it’s because she’s won awards, made it to Dancing With The Stars finale night and took the opportunity to launch her own clothing line  available at Aeropostale. Keep your eyes opened and you may see some more Youtubers making it big.

It just goes to show how you can do anything you put your mind to. You’ll never know what life’s going to throw at you so find your passion and and ride these waves we call life. Be bold fashionistas!


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This article was written by our co-op student extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.



Must Have Items for your Fashion Wishlist!

Wishlists are made for numerous occasions. We make them for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers and everything in between. The wishlist I am focusing on is a fashion list.  What are the must-have items that you would love to make your own? To help answer this question I looked to a selection of bloggers who were happy to share what items topped their fashion wish lists.

First up with her fashion wish list is fashion blogger Bri Thomas of the GLiTTer & LiFe. Bri started her blog in January 2012 to share her crazy-beautiful adventures, glittery outfits and accessories. She has covered events such as New York Fashion Week for Fashionably Austin.

Dusty Roads Duffel Bag(Nasty Gal)-Bri Thomas

Nasty Gal Dusty Roads Duffel Bag, “to keep me on the go and organized” – Bri $65.00

Love Culture High Neck Sleeveless Lace Top

Love Culture High Neck Sleeveless Lace Top-which will look great under a leather jacket this winter. $18.95

Next blogger is Teiler Robinson the founder of Jett-Set Fashion with some of the items featured on her fashion wish list.  If you are looking for the right mix of luxury and high fashion then head over to Jett-Set Fashion. You can follow Telier and Jett-Set Fashion on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, be sure to check out Jett-Set Luxe  for your personal shopping needs.


Christian Louboutin “So Kate” $675.00

Cartier Love Bracelet in White Gold

A stack of Cartier Love bracelets. Available in Yellow, White and Pink Gold Price varied.

Canadian Fashion and Beauty Blogger Caroline Topperman, founder of the blog Style On The Style shared the following items from her fashion wish list. You can find more amazing fashion inspiration from  Style On The Style on Facebook , Google Plus and Instagram.

Smythson of Bond StreetMara Collection Diary 2015 Soho  Diary

Smythson of Bond Street Mara Collection Diary 2015 Soho Diary “Because it’s both stylish and will be great for organizing blog posts and events” – Caroline £230.00

Classic pavu00E8 bracelet from JCrew

Classic pavè bracelet from JCrew $125.00

Fashion Blogger & Editor –In-Chief Farrah Estrella of the Estrella Fashion Report chose the following items off her fashion wish list. To stay up to date with the latest fashion news and what’s happening on the Tampa fashion scene, follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Simply Be Skinny Dip Perspex Embellished Clutch

Simply Be Skinny Dip Perspex Embellished Clutch $64.95

IGiGi Ambrosia Plus Size Dress in Midnight Navy

IGiGi Ambrosia Plus Size  Dress in Midnight Navy $168.00

After looking at some of  the items  these bloggers had on their wishlists I was inspired to share my own favorites. 

Betsey Johnson graffiti bubble stick umbrella

Betsey Johnson Graffiti Bubble Stick Umbrella – I have needed a new umbrella and being fashionable is just an added bonus. $15.00

PB Teen Dorm Trunk

PB Teen Dorm Trunk in light blue- It will great for storing my hats, purse and etc. I tend to misplace my hats. $199 Delivery Surcharge: $20

These are just some items on our fashion wish list.  What will be on yours? If you don’t quite have the answer to that with any luck you will find inspiration from ours.

This article was written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter at @TZB86

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