Must Have Items for your Fashion Wishlist!

Wishlists are made for numerous occasions. We make them for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers and everything in between. The wishlist I am focusing on is a fashion list.  What are the must-have items that you would love to make your own? To help answer this question I looked to a selection of bloggers who were happy to share what items topped their fashion wish lists.

First up with her fashion wish list is fashion blogger Bri Thomas of the GLiTTer & LiFe. Bri started her blog in January 2012 to share her crazy-beautiful adventures, glittery outfits and accessories. She has covered events such as New York Fashion Week for Fashionably Austin.

Dusty Roads Duffel Bag(Nasty Gal)-Bri Thomas

Nasty Gal Dusty Roads Duffel Bag, “to keep me on the go and organized” – Bri $65.00

Love Culture High Neck Sleeveless Lace Top

Love Culture High Neck Sleeveless Lace Top-which will look great under a leather jacket this winter. $18.95

Next blogger is Teiler Robinson the founder of Jett-Set Fashion with some of the items featured on her fashion wish list.  If you are looking for the right mix of luxury and high fashion then head over to Jett-Set Fashion. You can follow Telier and Jett-Set Fashion on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, be sure to check out Jett-Set Luxe  for your personal shopping needs.


Christian Louboutin “So Kate” $675.00

Cartier Love Bracelet in White Gold

A stack of Cartier Love bracelets. Available in Yellow, White and Pink Gold Price varied.

Canadian Fashion and Beauty Blogger Caroline Topperman, founder of the blog Style On The Style shared the following items from her fashion wish list. You can find more amazing fashion inspiration from  Style On The Style on Facebook , Google Plus and Instagram.

Smythson of Bond StreetMara Collection Diary 2015 Soho  Diary

Smythson of Bond Street Mara Collection Diary 2015 Soho Diary “Because it’s both stylish and will be great for organizing blog posts and events” – Caroline £230.00

Classic pavu00E8 bracelet from JCrew

Classic pavè bracelet from JCrew $125.00

Fashion Blogger & Editor –In-Chief Farrah Estrella of the Estrella Fashion Report chose the following items off her fashion wish list. To stay up to date with the latest fashion news and what’s happening on the Tampa fashion scene, follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Simply Be Skinny Dip Perspex Embellished Clutch

Simply Be Skinny Dip Perspex Embellished Clutch $64.95

IGiGi Ambrosia Plus Size Dress in Midnight Navy

IGiGi Ambrosia Plus Size  Dress in Midnight Navy $168.00

After looking at some of  the items  these bloggers had on their wishlists I was inspired to share my own favorites. 

Betsey Johnson graffiti bubble stick umbrella

Betsey Johnson Graffiti Bubble Stick Umbrella – I have needed a new umbrella and being fashionable is just an added bonus. $15.00

PB Teen Dorm Trunk

PB Teen Dorm Trunk in light blue- It will great for storing my hats, purse and etc. I tend to misplace my hats. $199 Delivery Surcharge: $20

These are just some items on our fashion wish list.  What will be on yours? If you don’t quite have the answer to that with any luck you will find inspiration from ours.

This article was written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter at @TZB86

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Luevo caught up with designer Marcus Andrews


We asked Marcus Andrews, what is his favorite thing about being a designer? He said “seeing people enjoy my product and cherish it in the same way that I do.” We know Marcus’ work is definitely cherished, since many people are recognizing his amazing line called M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection. From professional athletes to everyday people in Marcus’ community, he is creating an amazing momentum and excitement in menswear.

From suits to ties and shoes, M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection has something for you. Just visit Marcus has the amazing talent of creating classic and timeless styles for men. His collection stands by the quote, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” –Gucci

Marcus told Luevo that he stays inspired by knowing that he is building a legacy based on his creativity. We are just thrilled that we get to experience his creativity in creating fine menswear.

Getting to Know Jose Luis Rocha

Freedom. The freedom of knowing that age is what allowed designer Jose Luis Rocha to realize that everything is possible. It gives him a completely relaxed mood when creating the next pieces for his collection. With no board to please, guidelines, and not needing to “sell to eat” liberates him from a pressure most designers have.

“When I finished design school and came back from Europe I was very exited to create “Mexican” designs that will have something to do with culture, geography, and materials available in the country but I was crushed to see that most of the manufacturers just copy whatever is coming from Italy or Spain. They would go to the trade shows and asked us to copy styles, I hated that! Now I control my factory completely and I am finally happy to have the creative freedom to do what I want.”


The creating process without a doubt is Rocha’s favourite part of being a designer. He enjoys that he can translate visions into products.

“It is very transcendent when an idea, a feeling, or even an aroma becomes a wallet, jacket, or shoe. I find it challenging to mix different medias, experiment with tanneries, and explore new processes always respecting the traditional designs.”

At what Jose likes to call “old age” he has other business interests. One of them allows him to have a view on interior design for the hospitality industry. This gives Jose the chance to furnish fixtures, furniture, and equipment for the highest hotel brands with properties in Mexico. He is a designer no matter what.


Being humble and proud at the same time are a result of being the first Mexican shoe designer to get into the USA market. Everyone that has tried, purchased, or reviewed Jose’s products have had great things to say about quality, fit, and forward design.

Obstacles from perspectives, more than realities, are what Rocha has had to face. Once Jose started coming to trade shows with his brand, retailers frowned upon the “Made in Mexico” portion of the Jose Luis Rocha logo.

“There is no way I would ever do that. I am a proud Mexican and I am completely behind the quality of my designs and processes. I respect Italians and Spaniards as my equally. No more, no less.”

Jose’s has invested his family’s money into his adventure and has all their support and belongs. That scared him but he is sure he will be a success.


The elegance of the past. Rocha firmly believes that trendiness is a phase and elegance is a virtue. He sees well-dressed men on the street wearing their own fashion, whether they are casual looks or formal. Many times, he is unable to identify the brand or quality of fabric they are wearing, but he knows they look amazing. That inspires him. The new Jose Luis Rocha collection is about to giving you the tools to get your style, not his. The fact that he is taking his family name and making something beautiful that is both accepted and cherished by the public, makes everything worth while.

To Jose, life is a chain of accomplishments and there is always more to conquer. One of the high points in Jose’s career is when bloggers and people that work for other venerable shoe brands ask for his shoes. It makes him happy and drives him to move forward.

Introducing Jaime Elyse of Couture Bridal

Having a successful fashion brand is in no way easy. For Jaime Elyse of Couture Bridal, goals are a large part of growing and keeping her label moving forward. So far, the goals that Jaime is most proud of include over 16 featured covers, editorial spreads with an international reach. She started her career at a young age that she doesn’t remember having any other professional interests other than being a mother.

“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be both.”

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It is believed that everyone has a gift. Elyse has always been able to look at a design or a piece of clothing and see the construction as a puzzle; how the pattern is cut out and the way the pieces are put together. Early on in her career, she would often go to bargain stores to purchase items she planned to tear apart, just so she could see the inner workings of construction. While doing so, Elyse learned how each textile moulded, flowed and added to the designs. This really helped her become the designer she is today.

“I chose wedding couture because I loved the fairy tale that most brides dream of. Much like a wedding, owning a successful brand doesn’t just get a happily ever after. There are many obstacles, long nights, failed attempts that involve starting over and a clear direction almost always has different roads. I work hard every day and although some days are harder than others I love the feeling of success, even if it means there are some missteps along the way.”

Elyse enjoys having a bold of fabric and watching it become a beautiful gown. The details and texture that it involves is in many ways magical.

“I enjoy working for my clients and designing for their perfect day, but when it comes to my collections, many times I just let the material speak to me and that is when I fell in love with the gowns.”

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For Elyse, and many other designers, funding has been her biggest challenge. She has built a great brand on limited resources. All profit built is put back into the company. As she prepares for her upcoming Fashion Week experience, she is proud to say that she has done her best to build a brand and product that she is proud of.

Each of Elyse’s previous collections have had many different inspirations. Most of her inspiration is taken from the brides that she works with on a daily basis. She knows what brides are looking for. This new collection is inspired by a recent trip to Lake Tahoe in Northern California.

“As I sat on the lake watching the trees and waves move with the wind, I wanted to create texture and movement within my collection. I was inspired by the strength and texture of the forest and protection they offer the creatures that live within it. I wanted to create a collection that would be empowering.”

Having clients walk into her boutique because they saw a gown and thought, “I have to have it” is the best feeling to Elyse. She enjoys being able to share her designs and talent with other people and to see the joy in their eyes when they wear a piece from her collection or a piece that she has custom designed for them. To sum it up in three little words, “It is priceless.”

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Strength. That is the only word that can be used to describe Elyse’s new collection. She loves a structured bodice with texture and definition. When Elyse was inspired for this new collection, she found materials that seemed strong and powerful on the bolt and moulded them into wedding couture to add depth, texture, and volume. Clients aren’t just looking for romance anymore, but strength and confidence in the designs.

Successfully finishing LA Style Fashion Week was the point that Elyse realized that her hard work has paid off. The experience was truly an amazing one. After her show, Elyse sat backstage, with a Pepsi in hand, and silently watched all the hustle and bustle of the other amazing designers displayed.

“The emotional feeling was one that I will never forget. Now to be invited to grace the runway during New York Fashion Week is truly a dream come true.”

Written by Tianna Alexandre, Editor. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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The Road to DC Fashion Week: LaEsha Barnes

When you think about fashion what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many people the answer is individuality and signature style. This is the case with LaEsha Barnes the woman behind LaDeChe DCB. Her collection consists of a colorful palette, eclectic tones and daring prints. This collection accommodates the woman who does not mind standing out while still possessing a level of style and class. Barnes draws inspiration from abstract art or children, color and paint.

LaEsha Barnes got a head start in her design journey. At a young age Barnes played dress up in her mom’s closet. From there she got her true start by sketching in her mom’s kitchen on her work papers and bill envelopes. Her new collection has an overall eclectic and expression theme. It also has a very vibrant and classy feel. What is interesting is how all these elements interlock together.



One major accomplishment in LaEsha’s career is participating in the upcoming DC Fashion Week. Although, Barnes is still an up and coming designer this career achievement is a step in the right direction. Despite battling through self-doubt and facing obstacles, LaEsha remains determined. Possessing this type of work ethic has allowed Barnes to achieve her career goals of presenting in fashion shows as well as selling pieces to the general public.

LaEsha Barnes designs with a certain woman in mind. She is distinctive, not afraid of color, diverse and classy. In her latest collection she has provided women an assortment of pieces that are sure to appease even the most demanding of style. As a designer Barnes enjoys the process of thoughts in her head becoming a reality. She believes what makes the hard work and creative process all worth it is seeing the final product before your eyes. Be sure to check out LaDeChe DCB by LaEsha Barnes when she shows at the upcoming DC Fashion Week.

Written by freelance fashion blogger Tamarah. You can read her blog here!

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Getting to Know Portland Designer Nelli Millard

Being a great fashion designer takes a certain type of person and unique inspiration. Not only do you have to be confident in your designs but you have to be confident in yourself. For Portland, Oregon’s 2013 Designer of the Year, all of this comes naturally to her. 

Her name is Nelli Millard, a Russian born designer that lets her inspiration and love lead her to places many wish they could be. Her love of designing started in Russia as she learned how to sew and design from her mother. 

She brought those valuable lessons and her passion for designing to the U.S and has become one of the best designers you may not have heard of yet. Expect to see and hear more from Millard as her clothing line, Nelli Millard, is becoming one of the hottest in the Northwest. 

Millard’s inspirations for her designs are truly unique and powerful. Whether she is getting her inspirations from a Chinese horoscope or a world famous violinist’s “Euphoria” performance, Millard delivers the perfection that people want to wear.  

Madelyn 2014

non fabric dress (1)

We were fortunate enough to speak with Millard and get inside of that great mind of hers. We thought our readers would love to hear what she has to say almost as much as they’ll love wearing her clothes. 

Luevo: What goals have you accomplished that you are most proud of thus far, when it comes to your label?

Millard: Honestly, I don’t know yet…. Being fashion designer is a hobby for me. I don’t make a goals, I just enjoy what I do.

Luevo:  What is your favorite thing about being a designer? What path would you have followed, had you not become a designer?

Millard:  Being a designer for me is a way to express myself as an artist. It is my favorite hobby of life, which brings me joy and inspiration. My other path in life is very much related with a clothing design. I’m a specialist in the custom garment industry.

Luevo: What do you think has helped you most with your designing to date?

Millard:  I work every day to improve my professional and artistic skills, by self learning new trends and technologies.

Luevo: What obstacles have you had to face and overcome to get where you are today?

Millard:  My biggest obstacle is the market. It’s not easy to be in the competition with big garment corporations with cheap prices.

Marmaid dress

non fabric dress

Luevo: What inspirations did you draw on to create this collection?

Millard: To create this collection, I draw my inspiration from violin music “Euphoria” performed by World famous violinist Vanessa May.

Luevo: What is the thing that makes all this hard work and effort worth it for you?

Millard: The biggest thing to work for are results: when I see a person wearing my garment, and she looks beautiful, stunning and empowering – that’s the thing worth working for.

Luevo: What was the turning point in your career that made you say “Yes I’ve finally made it”? 

Millard: My career turning point was the day I was recognized as a designer of the year of 2013 in Portland OR, but I think the sky is the limit.

Luevo: How would you describe your process of inspiration? What do you do to keep your ideas fresh and interesting? 

Millard: The process of the creating of new collection is a combination of many things: my vision, prospect, mood, and environment. I can say it’s a sort of meditation form for me.



Luevo: If you could describe your new collection with one word, what would it be and why? What would you say the overall theme of this collection would be?

Millard:  My new collection “Euphoria” shows my emotional felling combined with happiness and overwhelming sense of contentment.

Luevo: How did you start your design journey?

Millard: Since I was a child I had a pretty good idea of who I wanted to be, because I grew up in a fashion sewing atmosphere. My mom was a professional tailor and I got it from her.

As you can see Millard is not only an inspiration to many future designers, but she in an inspiration to anyone wanting to reach their dreams. She is proof that if you love something enough and are willing to chase your dreams you can achieve them. It also doesn’t hurt to be really good at your craft like Millard. 

Written by Elias Trejo; writer for AskMen, BleacherReport & owner of The Raider Nation Times. 

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