City Style Profile: San Diego

Beautiful San Diego is filled to the brim with incredibly stylish people. This isn’t to say that everyone has the same style, on the contrary, we find San Diego has a beautiful mix of many styles and here, we explore them!

There’s the art majors who visit the Balboa Park museum in admirably smart attire, the thrill-seekers roaming the Belmont amusement park in comfortable fashions and the everyday fashionistas showing off their OOTDs at different events in the San Diego Convention Centre.

With so many things to see, places to go, people to meet, it’s amazing how Nacole, Paulina and Britt have come up with such trendy, cute, and feminine outfit ideas on their respective blogs.

Rich Skinny Pretty

Nacole Gray is all about featuring real women with style that ranges from casual to lavish. Her blog has that high class, stylish feel that is perfect for anybody in search of a trendy wardrobe. On you can find tons of style interviews with influential managers, high school fashion lovers, inspiring founders, etc. You can also find great beauty, cooking, and shopping tips.

City Style

Rich Skinny Pretty Fashion Blog

“Don’t let the name fool you. Everyday women, everyday style”. – Nacole Gray, founder of RSP

Lil Bits of Chic

For fashion blogger Paulina Mo, what started off as a simple, 9-5 stress erasing hobby ended up becoming her passion. At she has conjured up hundreds of great style related blog posts. This blog thrives on subtle fashions which is all anybody could ask for. Even her gifts guides and giveaways include stunning pieces that anybody can use to spice up their own looks. Paulina is also a contributor and founder of , a compilation of all things stylish.

City Style

Paulina Mo, San Diego Fashion Blogger


Finally, we reach fashion enthusiast, sisters Britt and Gretchen Hackmann. They’ve created to be the one spot for fashion forward people to get all the style, beauty, health, love, and travel tips that they could ever wish for. The girly look and styles that they feature on the blog is perfect for those looking for a sweet feminine wardrobe.

City Style

Britt & Gretchen Hackmann, founders

“Helping gals become prettier, healthier, more stylish babes.” – Hackmann sisters, Nubry founders

Whether you’re visiting San Diego or know the place very well, you’ll surely notice its fashion forward citizens roaming the streets with confidence and class. Take a page from their book and don’t be afraid to be unique, if everyone dressed the same the world would be a much more boring place to be!

This article was written by our co-op student-extraordinaire, Samantha Chung Sang.

A journey to Fashion Week San Diego

It all started on September 29th, 2014; Fashion Week San Diego was about to commence. It kicked off with a private event for the Designers and Sponsors at Rappongi in La Jolla. Loads of delicious Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, and of course tons of fashionable people. Of the hosts of people, I was able to meet the FWSD founder, Allison Andrews. She’s got to be one of the sweetest individuals I’ve ever met. I see why fashion week in San Diego has grown so much, she’s a powerhouse!


The first official night of FW, the focal point of the show was hair, makeup, and nails. We were able to see what trends would come about for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. My favorite part of the show was the <em>Ah Couture</em> segment of the Bellis Academy show. I love to see art come alive and it was amazing to see how it was portrayed through hair. Another really cool part was when the able jus professional team came out and did the models’ hair, live! It was sort of like Hunger Games: Fashion Week Style. I got a little hairspray shower, but I didn’t mind, it was a good show. 


On the second day, there was an overload of cuteness on the runway. First, Jessica Lynn showed her tot collection and had kid’s with larger-than-life personalities walking in her designs. Soon after, the annual <em>Haute Dog</em> show took place. So many cute dogs up for adoption strutting their stuff. It was a nice show for a good cause. My favorite show was Responsive Textiles. I loved the knit bottoms; they had sort of a resort feel.  There was this floor length skirt that was floor length with a high slit. I literally wanted to take it off of the model at that very moment and wear it home. I knew I wasn’t alone with that notion because everyone around me gushed at how cute it was. 



*sings* On the third day of fashion week my true love gave to me… swimwear from Laced with B! Southern California designers were in the spotlight as this entire night was dedicated to them. Laced with an showed up and showed out with her sexy swimwear line. She featured one print and played around with the placement of the bikini straps. Sure we’d all have killer tan lines, but who cares because the bikinis were HOT! S. Mckeller, the luggage designer, had everyone in awe of his creations. The quality oozed luxury and style. There were no huge logos all over the bags which is great for a subtle, and classy luxe look. 

The 4th night of FWSD was all about elegance and sophistication. Everyone dressed up and wore their sparkling gems and it was divine! The collection that really caught my eye was Alpaca couture. The pieces were so well made. The dresses flowed beautifully and some of the pieces has some avant garde aspects to them which incorporated the artsy factor of fashion into their show.




On the final day of the runway shows, everyone seemed to have made their fashion week friends and we all had a marvelous time. We closed the week with 9 designer shows and partied on the runway while over looking the harbor. It was quite a sight.

I had so much fun the entire week. I can’t wait to make my designer purchases, because between you and I, I’m a shopaholic and I need my fashion fix! Well, until next time!

Article written by Kat Blanca, a guest blogger that blogs about fashion on her personal blog Katblanca be sure to follow her Twitter at @Katblanca.  Designer pieces from Fashion Week San Diego are available now for pre-order at Luevo.