Taking a Dive into Hawaii ’s Fashion Scene

On the heels of national recognition of Hawaii’s ability to incubate designers into full-on style stars with Kini Zamora’s third place finish on Project Runway, Hawaii Fashion Month is set to make its own splash. A whole month dedicated to fashion in one area might seem like a lot but, all November long, a variety of events will take place such as the first-ever Honolulu Fashion Week, pop-up shops, panels and presentations. What’s even better is the backdrop, beautiful scenario and exquisite clothing that’s synonymous with Hawaii Fashion Month.

The month aims to bring attention to up-and-coming and stalwart designers making waves in the Hawaiian and worldwide fashion scene. Unlike other fashion weeks where runway shows are the main focus, Hawaii Fashion Month hones in on some of the most important people involved in the fashion industry today: the community. It goes without saying that bloggers have become some of the most important people in the fashion community; they help to get new designers names out to the public, and they give the world a bird’s eye view into fashion that they might not otherwise get. Hawaiian bloggers are sure to make a showing during Hawaiian Fashion Month. Here’s who we expect will pop up at various events:

Summer Shiigi of Summer Style

Summer is a stylist, personal shopper, blogger and all-around Renaissance woman by anyone’s standards. She’ll surely be out at various events throughout Hawaii Fashion Month. We can’t wait to see what she wears (and which events she styles).

Blogger1Photo credit:

Natalie Schack of Lei Chic Blog
Natalie is the associate editor of Lei Chic, a daily blog that posts about the latest Honolulu fashion news, deals, and trends. She’ll be covering events like the Honolulu Fashion Week launch event on Thursday, November 6.


Malie Moran of Hawaii Red Style
Hawaii Red Style is bringing street style shots and fashion news from the Hawaii beaches and streets from island to island. Malie Moran, Hawaii Red Style founder, recently co-wrote a book featuring the unique fashions of Honolulu. Wear your best street style bait to, and you may be featured in a blog post.

Honolulu Streetstyle

Not sure of what events to attend? Be sure to follow the bloggers we’ve highlighted here and also don’t be afraid to take a dip (or dive) into the Hawaiian fashion waters to experience all that the paradise has to offer when it comes to innovative style.

This article was written by Kurie. Follow her on Twitter @kuriefitz

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Style Fashion Week LA: Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Miss Kinsman Swim

Put down the donuts and muffins right this second. We have to prepare for Summer vacations and weeks laid out on the beach. With that being said, Skinny Bikini Swimwear and Miss Kinsman Swim and Resort have us covered in the swimsuit area.


The first look from Skinny Bikini had me, and the rest of the audience, on the edge of our seats. High waisted two-piece, fire engine red, with python side panels. As if we didn’t already really like the retro cut and style of the high waist bikini, she went and added python; a killer animal for a killer body. What’s good about the cut of this bikini, is that it covers any insecurities we may have with our midsection. It isn’t necessarily a one-piece, which can be cute but the primary reason why we wear them is because we want to cover up our imperfections. Face it, a strappy bikini bears ALL, but this particular piece is sexy all while maintaining our confidence. Plus you don’t feel as naked.


A recurring theme with Skinny Bikini Swimwear, I noticed, was the frilled bikini tops and frilled one-pieces, all with pastel colors. Pink, seafoam green, etc. If you’re feeling a little “Spring-y”, go for this trend. Nothing says spring like a sunny day in LA with a swimsuit that matches those Life-Savor candies during Easter.


My favorite part of the Skinny Bikini show was the embellished kaftans. There was a wide variety of perfection. From the aforementioned trendy pastels, to jungle print (leafy and leopard). The length ranged from right below the bum, to full length. My personal favorite was the all black, sheer, floor-length cover-up with the white-silver embellishments. Usually, kaftans are brightly colored with some exotic print, but this particular one, with its simplicity and glamorous gems, is the complete opposite of the norm. In other words, expect to have all eyes on you when you walk around that 5-star pool.

Miss Kinsman SWIM took a different approach to this season’s swimwear. The bikinis looked almost as if it could be skin tone, but it had a gold finish to it. The great thing about Miss Kinsman’s swimsuits is that it works with just about ANY skin tone.


The navy blue swimsuit caught my eye because the color was so rich. Again, this piece can work with any skin tone. You’re always going to get a different look with different people. Not only with the obvious different body types, but the suit accentuates even the palest and the deepest hues. That, in my opinion, is what has been missing in many swimwear collections; versatility amongst women.


Beauty: Miss Kinsman SWIM models sported long, beachy mermaid waves. Their skin glistened with a gold, dewy finish. I loved the shell and pearl accoutrement as they added that finishing touch to the dreamy mermaid models.

P.S. You can pre-order everything online through Just visit their website and follow the directions! Exclusivity never looked so good.

Article written by Kat Blanca of Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Style Fashion Week LA: Altaf Maaneshia

Altaf Maaneshia. I’ll let the name resonate in your mind for a moment.

Ladies and gents, when I tell you that I started to go crazy when I met him, I mean it. From the fanning of the face to the overtly powerful hugs, to the welling of the tears. Altaf is one of my favorite designers and when I tell you that he delivers, I mean he does it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I fell in love with this designer, now my friend, when I saw his last collection. His clothes scream class, sophistication, power, and of course style.

Altaf Maaneshia (two ‘A’s’, look him up) is, in my opinion, the new Chanel (the classic Chanel, not the latest). When you think of a business suit, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Boring, dark blue or black, ill-fitting pencil skirt, and an ugly jacket to pair with it, yes? Well let’s change that perception shall we?


Altaf incorporates one thing that I absolutel loved with his pencil skirts…fur. No one ever forbid fur skirts in the workplace right? So why not up the ante in the skirt game?

What’s great about Altaf’s collection is that it is versatile. You can wear every single piece from day to night. It all depends on how you style it. Let’s take the ankle length skirt for instance, probably one of the most difficult pieces to wear without looking like a nun. Attack it head on with a pair of killer shoes. Whether you dress it up with pointy-toed or sky high platform heels or if you’re feeling a little quirky, pair it with some vintage sneakers for a retro 90s look.


The issue with classic womenswear is that some designer often create bland pieces. The word “classic” is often misconstrued and portrayed as simple and boring, respectively. The thing is, year after year, with ever changing styles and more lenient and fashion forward workplaces, designers have more and more space to create an edgier, more fashionable piece. Altaf Maaneshia does exactly that with his F/W ’14 collection.

His line represents the powerful woman. She’s strong, takes chances, doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and she has style; all in all, she’s a superwoman, at ANY age. At 21 you can rock the mini dress with the killer thigh high boots or the leather zip up pants. At 34 you can wear the ruffled top or the knee-length pencil skirts. At 52, we can pull out those long fur coats and full A-line dresses. Or, if you’re like me, we can pull them out right now.


I was, and still am, in love with Altaf Maaneshia’s designs. What’s next for the designer? I can’t wait to see.

Written by Kat Blanca of Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Ina Soltani F/W ’14 Collection

Style Fashion Week has begun! Now imagine me saying that as the MC with the blue hair from Hunger Games. And let’s congratulate SFW for becoming the OFFICIAL fashion week of Los Angeles. What a historical feat! We kicked off Fashion Week with Ina Soltani premiering her F/W ’14  collection, and might I say, it was enthralling. Known for her beautiful red carpet creations, she is one to look out for. This season, she hit us with leather, tough girl looks for the inner bad ass cat woman in all of us gals.

Ina Soltani

The look that caught my eye was the black leather “freakum” dress (thanks Beyoncé). With it’s plunging neckline and high hem line, this daring dress can turn a lackluster woman into a GLAMazon goddess. I love the way Soltani included shoulder pads; they draw the eye straight to the collarbone which is, in my opinion, the sexiest asset on a woman.

Soltani incorporated a series of blazers and jackets in her collection that could start a trend revolution. Leather studded blazers? Sign me up! The leather jacket with the half sleeve sort of reminded me of a vintage tweed jacket from Chanel. I love the modern twist she put on it. Quilted leather detail and a fringe on the edges. What got me was Ina’s attention to detail. Once the light hit the jacket just right, the fringe shimmered a bit. I love hidden assets in clothing, it adds much more value to the piece.

Ina Soltani

This high slit dress is calling my name. Because of the high neckline, the slit has the ability to show just the right amount of skin before sexy becomes too revealing. The back of the dress shows cut outs, lined with, you guessed it, leather. A woman’s back also eludes sex appeal which is why Soltani is right on point with this dress. The jersey knit gives it the perfect amount of movement while simultaneously hugging your body in all of the right spots.

Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani’s collection called for high slick pony’s to add a polished finish to the look. The model’s eyes were lined in dark liner while the rest of the face were made up to look more natural. Definitely a tough girl look.

Trend report: Leather. Leather. Leather! We’re getting down and dirty with the biker boys, but keeping it sexy and feminine.

What do you think? Are you ready to let out your inner cat woman?

Article written by Kat Blanca of Be sure to follow Kat on Twitter and Instagram


Bri Seeley

Introducing Bri Seeley – L.A. Based Fashion Designer

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Bri Seeley, independent fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Bri Seeley Designs brings you contemporary vintage fashion, modern apparel with a touch of classic and elegance. Bri started designing since she was in high school and she is formally trained in United States and in Italy, where she got her Master’s diploma in Fashion Design from the  renowned Accademia Italiana.

From Minnesota to Italy, from Seattle to Los Angeles, Bri Seeley is one emerging designer to follow! In 2012 she won Emerging Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week. This year, you can see Bri’s newest collection gracing the runways of Phoenix Fashion week and in Los Angeles – at her runway debut on October 10th. The runway event will  kick off a 30-day campaign to raise pre-orders for the entire collection exclusively on Luevo.


In our brief interview with Bri we asked her a couple of questions:


Luevo: What inspires you?

Bri: Femininity


Luevo: If you could go anywhere in the world,where would that be?

Bri: I would go to Bali.


Luevo: What is your personal style?

Bri:  My personal style is simple, feminine elegance.


Bri Seeley’s new “Silence collection” will soon be available for pre-ordering on Luevo. If you want to attend the fashion show on October 10th in Los Angeles please get your tickets here. If you can’t attend, don’t worry, you can still pre-order any product from her new collection, make sure you are signed up on Luevo.

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley